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Avengers Assemble S1Ep05 Blood Feud Review


Spoilers this episode contains vampires like that is not obvious from the title or from the villains Easter eggs from end of The Avengers Protocol Part 2 (Doctor Doom was in the last Episode,Dracula is in this so i am quesing that Attuma will be next  ).

This week the Avengers are taking on Dracula.

No,not this Dracula
Dracula is not stranger to Marvel comics ,at some in time he had his own ongoing series ,he has appeared before in some Marvel cartoon and he was the main bad guy in Blade III: Trinity under the name Drake.
In the Marvel comics continuity he faced almost everybody from X-men,Spiderman,Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer to Apocalypse and the Hulk in  Fear Itself. And had  team-up in Generation X / Dracula '98 yeah so he has a log history with the Marvel Universe.

Now let's see how they treat him now.

Warning Spoilers ahead.

BTW this is a pretty good episode go watch it.

Watch it Here

The episode starts with an attack on Avengers Tower by some ninja vampires (just awesome) but they get taken out almost immediately thanks to Captain America who knew the enemy and the twist is revealed

Under UV light and she din't die

that Black Widow use loots of make-up just kidding she is just one of the vampire attackers.
They changed the light in room for normal to UV and killed all the vampires except her why ?I guess that she has main characters shield is the only explanation.

And they respect that stupid rule of vampire have no reflection is stupid

because does that include clothes too i mean when ever they use this rule even the clothes are invisible i mean what makes the clothes invisible.
I hope that this rule is forgotten in end.I mean the only way they could cast no reflection is it for them to be invisible.

then what is this Captain Smartass
Okay they explain that she is not fully transformed into vampire.
And the discussed the myth of Dracula  and some other myths.

nice another reference
Explain this then
And they find out  how she got infected.

Could that castle look anymore stereotypical and btw that's not the real Dracula castle
And like it how iron man tries to find a cure to her vampirism but i am sure he can't i mean he is a genius and all but come one not only that he is good with tech and astrophysics but now biology and genetics there is not limit to his genius.

They decide to go Transylvania in order to find a cure and btw Dracula proposed a deal Captain America life in exchange for Black Widow life so basically

  Hawkeye finally ask Captain America why he is suck an expert on Dracula and Vampires

O Van Helsing reference nice this episode is full of references a few more and i get a bingo.

Captain America then explains that during WWII (of course that during WWII) America and Dracula where allies.This kinda fits well with Captain America and the war i mean they fought all over Europe just imagine how many creatures and mythical creatures has he met.
Hydra Plot to use creatures From Asgard.(EMH)
Wow Captain America and Dracula working together.

How do you know without any tech ?
So they finally reach Transylvania and it looks like the perfect vampire country

A bullshit unless you have some sort  of sun-blocking device in play if you do Mr Burns is suing you ,wow another reference.

So of that that someone does something stupid and they fight and Jarvis analyses the situation and comes up with this

So they fight and they fight.It is a pretty awesome fight after all Avengers vs Vampires.

It is not tech stop doing that
 Of course that super -genius Iron man figures out the "vampire tech ".
And they slipt-up wow that works so well in horror movies and that is not all Hulk and Thor will stay outside and fight the grunts while Hawkeye ,Captain America and the noob Falcon will inside and to find/fight Dracula yeah don't take the heavy to guns to battle Dracula take the noob to fight Dracula.
And he is wearing thank god this is a kid show so he won't die.

Giant D
Needless to say they get captured.

Lol chick magnet
 The after Dracula beats Hawkeye and Falcon he does what all good villains do explains his plans.
He says that he is a war with humanity  and that he want Captain America blood because it contains the super soldier serum that can make him immune to sunlight.
That super soldier serum is like a miracle worker is something that it can't do.

Who wants nightmare fuel?

The rest of the Avengers show up and things get from bad to worse.
Dracula bites the hulk and gets his powers and the Hulk becomes a servant of Dracula .

They are so dead
They are undead
The Avengers fight vampire-Hulk who is stronger than before . But them Dracula gets a case of bad blood with this explanation

You look kinda grean Drac (His talking about hulk's blood)
I think that Gamma Rays are what the writers need them to be isn't that right Doctor

Gamma Lighting
I am not scientist but i am pretty sure that gamma rays are different from UV rays.
So they make the Hulk angry enough in order for this to happen

 No comment but i think that this is impossible even in a story with vampires ,god and gamma monsters.

Then without any explanation this happens

you guys again ?

The ground cracks open and some hands drag Dracula down he is like not his shit again not even Ironman is curios about this.
Just tough of something if Captain America blood will make him immune to the sun then if he drinks Hulk blood will he be immune to his blood as well i mean it has been described as power full as the sun .

 So Dracula castle explodes for some reason

in true Castlevania style the castle blow ups  and bingo

So they leave use Hulk's blood (how did they pierce his skin in order to get the blood ) to cure Widow Red Skull invites Dracula to his cabal (Dracula is regenerating using fresh blood )Dracula accepts unlike Doctor Doom

And the episode ends with a joke

In the end it was a pretty good episode  good fights funny jokes many references that i could think of .Some the concepts /science are kinda stupid

Final Score 2.5/5 Broken Dracula tooth

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