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Digimon: Xros Wars VS Fusion

If you know me from my Youtube days you know that I am a big Xros Wars fan and this comparison was unavoidable.

Don't get me wrong I was happy when Saban got the rights back to Digimon and the announcement that they will dubbing Xros Wars to English but then I saw the 1st episode i was kinda disappointing so i am doing this post pointing out the differences and witch series is better. 

So let's start with the theme song/opening or intro as i called it.
BTW watch the dubbed intro at your own risk I'll explain in a moment.

video video

First off the English intro spoils not 1 not 2 but 3 final forms of the general's digimons, well fucking done I ques that you had to promote those toys right away you couldn't wait for them to make an appearance in the show you had to to turn the intro into a commercial
(  btw if you could make the toys combine like the show I'll buy them 
look at how awesome he is i want him
) Okay where was I ....Oh yeah the intro spoiling things.The problem that i have with this that these form appear near the end of the 1st story arc wow that is a huge spoiler, it could have been worse they could have showed  OmegaShoutmon and  ZekeGreymon.The other they showed in the intro is  DarkKnightmon in the original he is covered in shadows but in the English version they just show him sure he looks awesome but there was point of him being covered in shadows to keep mysterious and to keep people excited of his design.Sure he appears in episode 16 in Xros Wars but i think that they could have keep him a secret a bit longer but Xros Wars has been out for a while so what would be the point.   
And now for the song itself i am not musical expert but that sound like a rap to me dear god this the 3rd rap that i heard in a Nickelodeon cartoon (or at leat air on Nickelodeon) is there someone at Nickelodeon that loves rap songs and said let's put them in all the cartoons to make them hip and cool for those youngsters.

Sometimes it work but other times it bombs and sadly it doesn't work here and plus it feels like it's explaining things to the audience basically treating them like dumbasses.And i have to admit it's a bit catchy thank god it's short it have been any longer I would have hated it ,the original it's better.
I thought that I was the only one that thought but after checking the YouTube comments section of this intro  most people agree the original is better and some of the who like this say that it's better them the original Digimon Digital Monsters theme and  i have to agree with this.BTW they kept that theme for 3 Seasons now i am sure that Saban will change the song  when the second and third arc comes along I mean that kind of idiot will do the exact same thing again surely not Saban.  
yeah right
Now let's talk about the name changes that the dub made.
First off the title they changed Xros Wars to Fusion and may I ask why ? what was the word War to offensive.Now they did replace Xros with Fusion and by replace i mean every sentence that contained Xros was replaced with Fusion like:

Xros Loader->Fusion Loader
Okay they do mention war in the form of Fusion Wars thus confirming my theory that Xros=Fusion
What do they think that people will confuse Xros with Cross and with this cross
BTW DigiFuse is the most used word in the dub version in the intro alone it appears about 3 times.
And digi is overused as a prefix in this series
Digi-deletion apposed to deletion that isn't digi that he use to delete digital files.
Now I've avoided this topic long enough let's talk about ....the characters names and digimon names.

So let's start with Taiki Kudo in the dub version Mikey Kudo
The only changed Taiki to Mikey but kept the Kudo part of his name witch confuses the hell out of me why change just part of him name or why change it all apparently they did 1/2 of job with the name changing (get it get it?).
They change Taiki to Mikey because rime no because they sound alike okay they do sound a bit alike freaking clue why they changed the name.
Story wise he is the same character they didn't change that much of his dialog and it appears that they will kept his backstory. 

Next up is Angie Hinomoto/ Hinomoto Akari again the same thing as with Taiki.
But unlike she does get 1 line that make her look kinda bad
Yes ignore the dying creature that risked his life saving you and go eat ice cream  WTF seriously is this supposed to be joke well it isn't funny and it make her look like an uncaring bitch it this a good lesson for the kids "remember kids if you see an unknown dying creature that saved your life do not help it go eat ice cream " good lesson guys.

Next up is Jeremy Tsurgi/Tsurugi Zenjirou.
Same deal for him he also get a stupid line:
No comment have nothing to say about this.

 Christopher Aonuma/ Aonuma Kiriha this one I really don't get Kiriha sound more badass than Christopher.
I think that he stays the same he has appeared in 1 episode so far.

The next that thing they changed has the name of the name from Xros Heart to Fusion Fighters but they kept the explanation for the name witch makes no sense in the original it about how heartless Kiriha was on treating his teammates  so they name themselves Xros Heart in order to show him their strong bond.The name Fusion Fighters doesn't fit with that idea but it fits with the title and there that.    
I think that they are trying to Americanize Digimon with these changes and plus they are talking about video games and food sound murican to me now joke aside i think that this a 1st major name change in Digimon now I know that they changed some names in the past but it was minor and not to the main characters. 

They even changed some digimon names like Shoutmon X instead of being Shoutmon X2 X3  and so on they changed to Times 2 ,Times 3 and so on.So what are they going to do when they reach  Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode called Shoutmon Times 7 Superior Mode that sound kinda silly to me what do they have against X.

Some other name changers include:


The voice acting in the dub is pretty okay but they did add some unnecessary narration in the beginning no doubt to explain stuff to the dumbasses that watch their show (i think that this how they think they see you as a walking money).
Here let's have a little test I've put bought version down here you tell me witch is better:
video video

BTW is it just me or does Starmon sounds like an Elvis impersonator
BTW good name it isn't like there another Digimon with the exact same name
And speaking of names that need changing what about Greymon witch one ? good question let's find out

They are 2 completely different digimon but they have they exact same name they couldn't change the name or add something to make them different in fact he does have an alternate name Greymon O why not use that ?
Greymon O
  His design reminds me of a virus Greymon that got stuck half-way thru evolution because of the metal head and tail and he kinda reminds me of GeoGreymon in a way
Now I could live this name problem (barely ) but they did it again and to the same digimon meet MetalGreymon

Now when 1st commented on this some people said that it's MetalGreymon is xrosed form, it's good point but it doesn't work like.
So are telling me that the other fusions can be obtained by xros 

So you are telling that you can xros those digimon and obtain those forms ? I think in some special episodes they say that those form are different from Xros.
Why not call him CyberGreymon it avoids confusion with the previous one and it sounds kinda cool in my opinion what about MailGreymon okay this one is kinda stupid but it is indicative of fusion that the dub overused.

Now i know that they won't do these changes they will change what doesn't need changing and kept the same what needs changing life isn't fair.

Now don't get me wrong I don't hate the dub that much but I do love Xros Wars tremendously so will have high strands for the dub I really want to see the dub at it's best  adapting when necessary and changing thing that need changing and leaving things that don't need changing alone.
The first couple of episodes aren't that censored but there will be episode that will censored for those of you know who watched the show will know what I am talking about (ZeekGreymon hint ) and plus there's this:
There no way in hell that this will air in the dubbed version like this, I'm still shocked that this exists in the original.

I really want the dub to work so maybe we get these translated into English:
maybe he can get even this translated in English (I know that it's been translated online by some fans i want something official)
In the end all I have to say is give the Dub a chance but the original is better.
Hope you enjoyed my little vs now don't forget to Tweet and Share and post a link to this wherever you want this is CollectorX ***logging_out***


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