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Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part IV

Welcome to part 4 of my list here I will be talking the about Disney era of Power Rangers witch includes Wild Force, Ninja Storm ,Dino Thunder and much more but i will be talking about those 3 seasons and see witch powers and zords survived and could appear in Super Megaforce (but probably won't :( ).

So let's start with the Wild Force Rangers:

Princess Shayla took their powers at the end of the season if that wasn't enough she even took their civilian uniforms wooww that's cold at least she didn't erase their memories . 

And now for the hardest part of Wild Force(for this list) the Zords oh boy the Zords.
First there are too many Zords in Wild Force so I will list the main ones only and some combinations no all of them.
Second  I not sure if they survived or not in one episode they were destroyed but they returned due to the power of Deus Ex Machina and I'm not sure of they stayed the same or not .

Let's start with Wild Zords (the main ones at least):

If all the Zords survived then all the Megazords and Megazords combinations survived as well.

1st Up is Wild Force Megazord:

Next up the Kongazord:
Moving on to Predazord:

Next up the is Isis Megazord:
The final 2 Megazords are the Animus Megazord witch is sentient and a god or something and the Pegasus Megazord:

And for some other thing that I want to see on Super Megaforce wait for it ...........Serpentera now i have a pretty good theory on who they could bring back Serpentera
1st of all at the end of  Forever Red Serpentera was destroyed by Cole's BIKE WTF, but what if it was a duplicate ?
I mean the  Machine Empire could have anticipated their defeat at the hands of the rangers and decided to use a dummy in order to fool them this could explain a couple of things like why it was destroyed so easily and why it was so small compared to before.

The original is in the left while the new is in the right
They could make a return episode for the Machine Empire and in that episode they could bring a new and improved version of Serpentera
And I have no explanation (story wise ) on why do the villains look like the Big Bad Beetleborgs
To make matters worse there is (like I showed before ) a Power Rangers /Beetleborgs crossover comic.And the plus side I like that  General Venjix is based on a villain from Big Bad Beetleborgs (Shadowborg ), thus this is another part to the Serpentera cover-up maybe the Machine Empire rebuild him in order to fight the Rangers.

So let's move on with Ninja Storm 

The Ninja Rangers lost their powers at the end of their season got them back in Thunder Storm (the Dino Thunder episode ) and them lost them again.
The only one that still has powers is Tori as seen in Once A Ranger.

So let's continue with the Zords
1st up are the Storm Ninjazords and Storm Megazord
Hawk Zord
Lion Zord
Dolphin Zord

Lightning Mode
This Megazord was destroyed in battle it could be fixed but for the time being it's destroyed

Fist there was the storm then there was the thunder so let's check up the Thunder Zords and Thunder Megazord 
Crimson Insectizord
Crimson Insectizord
Thunder Megazord
Thunderstorm Megazord
This Megazord was also destroyed.

The next Zord / Megazord is the Samurai Star
Samurai Star Chopper 
This actually survived the season and now lays dormant , too bad that there no one that can pilot it since the loss of the Green Samurai Powers.

And now for the biggest  Zord of this series the Mammothzord and he froms this series Ultrazord the Thunderstorm Ultrazord.
From what I've gathered this guy was never destroyed it was only defeated so it probably lays in storage somewhere (like all the Zords that didn't get destroyed ).

The one more Megazord combination that I want to talk about.
 Although there was no Wild Force / Ninja Storm team-up episode  their Sentai counterparts had one and it was awesome and they introduced this combination:
Yes that is the Storm Megazord with the Sword and Shield arms from Wild Force I am so disappointed that they didn't do this, now i know the behind the scenes stuff that happened during the transition from Saban to Disney but god damn that was like a Bad Luck Brian moment , you have this awesome team-up here the Megazords fuse together and you can't adapted into English because it costs too much.Now they could use this footage in Super Megaforce somehow.

Now since they created their own powers and zords they could repair them and use them in Super Megaforce and there's an Gokaiger / Hurricaneger team-up episode so there's no excuse for not showing them. 

Now let's see how centuries collide with the power of ages with Power Rangers Dino Thunder 
Okay this is kinda complicated: they lost their powers at the end of their series, they got them back (temporarily) in the S.P.D team-up proving that the powers could be reactivated after that episode they lost them and now Kira is the only one with powers as seen in  Once A Ranger.

 And now for the Zords and Megazords and i will say it right away they lost almost all Dino Zords with some exceptions that didn't get destroyed or at least we didn't get to see their destruction. 

So let's start with the Dino Zords and they take the Wild Force route with many Zords that form new arms configurations for the megazord so i am going to show you just the main ones.
Too bad that they didn't do a Wild Force / Dino Thunder team-up episode i am curious to see if they can mix and match arms from their series ?

Brachiozord is the carrier zord of the season and it wasn't destroyed

The main Megazord is the Thundersaurus Megazord and like i said it was different combinations I won't show all of them but i will show the main one and some of my favorites

The next Megazord is Dino Stegazord (one my favorites) his components survived (Stegazord +Dragozord) so there the megazord mode can still be used.
In the Sentai he was destroyed before the other zords but in Power Rangers his destruction was never showed so yeah i'm calling it he is still active.
Next up the Mezodon Megazord and the Triceramax Megazord since they have the same main zord i decided to give them the same segment.

Unfortunately some of their components (Zords) where destroyed. 

And now for the final Megazord of Dino Thunder (and of this list) the one and the only the Valkasaurus Megazord this megazord is like a fusion of all their zords and it looks awesome
Unfortunately since most of his zords were destroyed he can't be assembled.

If missed some other Megazords Fusions that happened in the Sentai please let me know.
That's all for this part people so stay tuned for part V where I continue threw the Disney Era.

All the info for this list was taken from these sites:

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