Sunday, 28 July 2013

Avengers Assemble S1Ep05 Blood Feud Review


Spoilers this episode contains vampires like that is not obvious from the title or from the villains Easter eggs from end of The Avengers Protocol Part 2 (Doctor Doom was in the last Episode,Dracula is in this so i am quesing that Attuma will be next  ).

This week the Avengers are taking on Dracula.

No,not this Dracula
Dracula is not stranger to Marvel comics ,at some in time he had his own ongoing series ,he has appeared before in some Marvel cartoon and he was the main bad guy in Blade III: Trinity under the name Drake.
In the Marvel comics continuity he faced almost everybody from X-men,Spiderman,Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer to Apocalypse and the Hulk in  Fear Itself. And had  team-up in Generation X / Dracula '98 yeah so he has a log history with the Marvel Universe.

Now let's see how they treat him now.

Warning Spoilers ahead.

BTW this is a pretty good episode go watch it.

Watch it Here

Friday, 26 July 2013

Ultimate Spider-Man S2Ep18 Guardians of the Galaxy Review


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Warm Bodies (2013) Review

I have to be honest when I heard  the concept of the movie  about a Zombie and Girl love story i thought Twilight Rip-off

I mean in Twilight we had Vampire/Girl love story (he is probably underage and the vampire is like 100 or so) this is kinda pedophilia then we had a Werewolf/Girl love story this is kinda bestiality and now a corpse zombie /girl so this means necrophilia so yeah now we have all the fuck up shit ever

Then I saw the movie trailer and I was super impressed with the presentation and the humor so i decided to give a change.

So I watched the movie last night and it is very good the concept is interesting the humor is good (in my opinion)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kamen Rider X Kamen Rider Wizard Fourze Movie War Ultimatum (2012) Review


This movie is freaking awesome !!!!!

I mean all Kamen Rider movie wars are awesome but i think that this is one of the best if you haven't seen the movie be careful this post contains spoilers and go see the movie.

Like all movie war it is separated into 3-4 parts(if you count the introduction)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox (2013) Review


Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox is an adaptation of the Flashpoint event from DC Comics that resulted in the New 52 reboot of the Dc Universe.
I read the original Flashpoint event and it was pretty good but I read it when it was 1st released and unfortunately, i don't remember many details but I do remember the main plot.

According to ComicVine Flashpoint had appeared in 74 issues  and some of those issues were made to explore the world to see you bad thing where in that timeline and there were a few issues called Road to Flashpoint

which sadly are not present in the movie :(

Monday, 22 July 2013

Beware the Batman Episode 2 Secrets Review


This week we another villains that i know nothing  about Magpie i a way this is good because you know this guy/gal and you won't know what he will do next
now don't get me wrong i like the classic Batman villains  from the TAS

but i think that they would have been to predictable for this show.
 I mean Poison Ivy episode would probably be something ecological related
,The Penguin's would be about stealing something valuable this also goes for Catwoman.

I think that the Joker is the only unpredictable villains from  TAS but i think that they won't overuse the Joker in the series

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Avengera Assemble Cartoon (2013) Impression

So I just watched the first episode of Avengers Assemble cartoon and I tough to share my opinion with you guys.
So how is the show first I was I bit against the show because of the cancellation of EMH and getting replaced with this one.

The cartoon kinda follows the movies continuity with all the characters being from the movie this kinda okay to me still i prefer the ones from EMH but there are no major changes except for Falcom who will be the stereotypical new guy/comic relief.
Want to set  "Avengers Assemble" as his ringtone

The episode's plot is kinda silly at times but it has some good twists, good animation the characters are a bit wired at time I am guessing that they will improve over time but still it is kinda weird because they are reforming a team so they did this before.
See the Similarities

Friday, 19 July 2013

Some list of tv show,movies,animes,cartoon that i have watched and some games that i played ;) Enjoy

These are my IMDB lists enjoy 

All the thing that i have watched and played:
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Some web series that I watch
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A list of games that  i have played and still play 
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Iron Man Rise of Technovore (2013) Review


I just saw Iron Man Rise of Technovore.

It was better than the 2010 Iron Man Anime but weaker than the Avengers 2012 movie.

And apparently this take place after the Avengers movie(and with all of Marvel Cinematic Universe) and I think is canon with the first anime and with the Avengers Movie

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pacific Rim 2013 Impression/Review(After seeing it for the 1st time)

Pacific Rim is one of the best live action giant mecha fighting giant monsters ever and it is made by the awesome director Guillermo del Toro that made a bunch of other awesome films, so check them out.
Okay, there may be some exception but still is pretty goddam awesome.
The visuals are great the mech design is pretty sweet the characters are okay I just remember the main cast.
The monsters designs are good, but they all look alike, but I think that this is only natural and it is a more logical move on the director part.
The fight scenes are good but they overuse some close-up scenes and they place in rain, geez what is it with American monsters in movie the action always take place in the rain like in the American Godzilla (1998)
See rain 
Okay I can’t say anything more without spoiling the rest of the movie if you want to say spoiler free stop reading this go watch the movie is pretty good if leave your brain at the entrance of the movie theater (btw watch in IMAX for maximum awesomeness ) and come back here and read the rest of this (I need views ;) ) and leave in the comments if you agree with me or not
3/5 Kaiju Monsters +Also read the comic book Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero (<-link) the comic shows the origin of the Jaegers

Spoiler Alert !!!! (again)

Beware the Batman Episode 1 Hunted 1st Impression


So just saw the first episode of Beware the Batman
It was good the animation is good kinda resemble the new TMNT cartoon a bit it all CGI but looks good.

The characters design are good the location are great the bat-mobile kinda screams for attention but i kinda like it.

Alfred backstory in this is diffIrent but i thinks works to a certain degree and a kinda smell some interesting episode regarding him in the future.

The villains in this episode  Professor Pyg and Mister Toad didn't quite do it i mean i know nothing about them and i can't take them seriously and when they were on screen i thought that they were kinda silly

In the end all I have to say is that the show looks great the action is good the detective is kinda weak in this episode so 3.5/5 bats
Give it a watch


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan Episode 2 Impression


Where the 1st episode started with a sense of safety and peace with a little bit doom in it.
The second episode starts with everything in chaos as the Titan come inside the walls and start eating people building are set on fire people are running.
And we see how do people react when there safe is heaven is no more and the situation degenerates where it is everybody for itself and people try to do anything in order to survive.

The Images of a doomed
Free food you guys hurry

Then we see another unique Titan that break down another pair of walls and humanity is pushed down to the final pair.

At the end of the episode we get Eren's motivation 

One thing that I forgot to say last time is that the theme kick-ass

I can’t say any more without spoiling the entire episode  so wrap-up time
+The animation is great
+The action is great
+Great character moments
+Good human nature inside
-Nothing that I can think of

                       Final Score  4.9/5 But you have to watch back-to-back with the first episode  for maximum awesome

Shingeki no Kyojin/ Attack on Titan Episode 1 Impression

The first episode of every series has a difficult job to establish the main characters with traits that will be explored during the season, to establish the world the bad guy and the problems you get the picture.
Attack on Titan does all in the first episode which is 20 or so minutes long.

Crossover Alert!!!

Crossover alert !!!!
So what do you guys thinks awesome paring or doomed to fail                
From this early image look like the the 2 mechs will fuse witch is always awesome to see.
Do this Dynamite Entertainment do this you guys are awesome
And should be considered also as an anime crossover 
I mean both Voltron and Robotech are adaption from Japanese animes like Beast King GoLion  for Voltron (lion team) and acording to is adapted from these animes      The Super Dimension Fortress Macross  , Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross  ,   Genesis Climber MOSPEADA                                                                 
More Information regarding the Voltron Robotech Crossover 

Now You See Me (2013) recomandation


Just saw this movie with some friends.
The plot is pretty strong the characters are good and the magic tricks are f***ing awesome.
I think that this movie is in the categories of the movie which are better to re-watch that just watch.
The twists in the movie are excellent and if you enjoy playing the detective in a film like trying to figure out who is the mastermind what role each character plays to the overall story you will have blast.
Btw the humor is great too and you get to hear  Morgan Freeman awesome voice.

Give it a watch


Avengers Vs X-men Review(Sort of )

I had some doubts if should I post this or not since its been some time that Avengers VS X-men has ended.
For some it will be like dude you're late for the party
AvX isn't the worse thing ever but it has many problems.

For starters, the Avengers are douchebags in this the go Utopia and tell the X-men do give them Hope Summers for safeguarding against the Phoenix Force which is returning to Earth destroying plants in its path.
Captain America thinks that the Phoenix will destroy the earth while Cyclops thinks that it will restore the mutant race the extinction.
Here you have to different points of view where you the reader have to choose sides simple enough but them there is Wolverine who says that he will take care of Hope respecting some promise that they made(killing her).
So at first, you sympathize with Cyclops in his quest.

The reason that I am on the Avengers side from the beginning is that every problem is this event is kinda their fault who attacked first the Avengers (okay Cyclops did attack first but still Avengers then attacked Utopia) who created the Phoenix Five(Cyclops,Emma,Namor, Magik and Colossus) well the Avengers trying top stop the Phoenix.

Plus it is easy for me to sympathize with mutants because let's honest they are treated like crap in the Marvel universe the civilians hate them there's an organization who want them dead and there are some churches that say there an abomination.

So what do they do with their Phoenix like power you ask well they STOP WARS ,FEED THE HUNGRY AND SOLVE SOME OTHER PROBLEMS FOR HUMANITY and what the Avengers do they search for a away to stop them.

And after they get their Phoenix powers and do all that good to the world the Avengers say that Cyclops has gone mad which make me scratch my head about that since he never kills(until the Dark Phoenix) always tries to make the right choice to help the world by doing what i mentioned earlier and heals Hawkeye who by the way TRIED TO KILL HIM.

And plus Cyclops is the bad but not Magik who who literally raise hell on earth and used it as prison for the avengers making them fight an
endless swarm of demons or Emma who thinks that she is a god now and aspects everyone to treat her as such even peeks into their minds to make sure that their thinking happy thoughts about clearly Cyclops is the madman here.

This where the things that i didn't like in the event so what did i like in this well the fight are pretty impressive , the artwork is good , and the plot sort of words i would have liked something different but that is just me.

At least the mutant kind is reborn after this (YEEEES) and apparently hated now more than ever(god dammit)

If can overlook the problems that i stated here give Avengers Vs X-men a read but if don't like the ideia of the Avengers fighting the X-men then this is not for you

Final Score:3.9/5 stars