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Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part II

Welcome to part 2 , here I will be talking about the Zeo/Turbo/Space seasons.

Someone asked me once what is the purpose of this list well the purpose of this list is to inform people about the remaining powers/zords that could appear in Super Megaforce , personally i would like to see all of these things in the show but that's kinda impossible due to the budget of the show.I am just telling what survived and I will try to explain how they can bring things back also because of spoilers i won't be describing how that happened.

Before we move one to Zeo  i have to talk about this idea that i had about the stupid armor that they introduced in season 3 i am talking of course about the Metallic Armor i looked so silly and it added nothing to the ranger's suit.
yes this supposed to be Metallic Armor
This idea could be salvaged (if they appear in Super Megaforce of course )  by using the suits from the movie.Those suits actually look like armor and they where the only good thing in the movie.
I won't talk about the movie anymore because it sucks and other people have already review it.
BTW here is an early production picture of the costumes, I will let the picture speak for itself.
i wonder who could they be? those masks are so good
 Now let's get back to your list and go Zeo
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ended with the destruction of the Command Center but in the 1st episode of Zeo it was reveled that they had back-up chamber called Power Chamber.

 original (outside)
 original (inside)
Power Chamber (inside)
The Zeo powers weren't lost (on screen anyway),when they shifted into turbo in the movie(Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie) there was no indication that the Zeo powers were gone i mean Kat even morphs in Zeo Ranger I - Pink so yeah the Zeo powers still exist.
 You could argue that when the Command Center got destroyed at the end of Turbo they could have lost the powers but in Forever Red Tommy still had his so yeah the other rangers still have the powers.

All of the Zords of this season are still active  well  that is if they weren't stored in the Command Center.

Zeo Zords
Super Zeo Zords
Red Battlezord
Zeo Megazord
Super Zeo Megazord
Zeo Mega Battlezord
Zeo Ultrazord carrier mode
Zeo Ultrazord warrior mode
Warrior Wheel
Auric the Conqueror was an ally of the rangers that wasn't been seen since Zeo and i think that he is powers are still intact and i can presume that he is still in the care of Jason.

Now let's Shift Into Turbo and checkout Power Rangers Turbo

And no I won't be talking about the Turbo movie if you want to see a review of it checkout Nostalgia Critic's review of it and if you want something done by fan checkout Linkara's History of the Power Rangers videos.

As you can see the old Zeo Rangers became the new Turbo rangers except for the blue ranger who is a kid. Well done Zordon put a kid with no training and no experience in warm way (actually i kinda liked  his character he was well written on the show).

The season ended with the rangers losing their powers as well as the Power Chamber and their zords and the Turbo R.A.M.  (R.A.M was a combination of the Turbo weapons).
The official explanation for the rangers losing their powers is that Eltar was captured , in one episode they mention that Eltar was the source of their powers witch is kinda stupid because when you think about it sound like the source of power for this earth rangers should be this alien planet.Or is Eltar the source of power of all rangers like the Alien rangers and the Space rangers sounds logical to be like this but after the capture of Eltar the Space rangers/Alien rangers still had thier powers so it doesn't work like that.I think that the Command Center was the Source of the power for them and by losing it they lost the power.

 Now 2 former Turbo rangers have gotten their powers back:
1st up is Justin the blue ranger
 In the episode True Blue to the Rescue (Power Rangers In Space EP18 ) Storm Blaster (a alien sentient car just roll with it ) came to Justim for help after escaping from the hands of Divatox (she captured the car at the end of the season ) and gave him spare Turbo Morpher.Some fans have speculated that this powers are tied directly into Storm Blaste witch kinda makes sense and btw at the of True Blue to the Rescue he didn't lose set powers.
Storm Blaster
Next up is TJ the red turbo ranger
 As seen in Forever Red TJ still has his powers.My theory is that if  Storm Blaster had a spare Morpher for Justin maybe Lightning Cruiser had one for TJ sound plausible to me and it works.
BTW  Lightning Cruiser can fly so yeah the Morpher part sounds more plausible now.
Lightning Cruiser a transformer in disguise 
As for the rest i guess too bad that they didn't have sentient cars from outer space.

Now for the allies of this season:

First up is the Phantom Ranger who kinda filled the sixth ranger spot on the team.
 He has appeared in 2 seasons Turbo and In Space he still has his powers but during Turbo he lost his Power Ruby (which he got back) which weakened him has seen In Space here he is having trouble fighting some monsters which he easily beat in Turbo.
There where some speculation regarding his identity  some theories said that he was Zordon's son but it was never explained there was a plan to explain his identity  in Space but due to budget cuts this never happened.

The Blue Senturion was another ally of the rangers , he is an intergalactic police officer from the future.

 He still has his powers has seen in Countdown to Destruction fighting along side the Phantom Ranger.

Now let's talk about the zords.
the turbo cars next to normal cars for scale
The rangers lost the majority of the their zords (and megazords) but there are some survivors.

Here is a list of destroyed Megazords.
Turbo Zords
Rescue Zords
Turbo Megazord
Rescue Megazord
Rescue Megazord Profile
Rescue Megazord with Artillery Power
Here's a list of surviving Zords.

Robo Racer (yes that is the name of this zord, i know it's stupid) is the zord of the Blue Senturion that isn't a megazord although it change into a giant robot.
The zord was taken by Blue Senturion to Eltar, which was under attack by evil forces. It is unknown if he still has the Zord, or if it was destroyed in battle.

Artillatron is the zord of the Phantom Ranger ,it can transform into a robot and a mobile garage to hold all five Rescue Zords so basically he is like Titanus.
Since the lost of the Turbo powers it lays in storage maybe TJ and Justin can use it.

Fun fact there is  a comic crossover between the Rangers the Beetleborgs  witch is confusing considering that the villains in Forever Red are Beetleborgs or rather the costumes.The comic is called Power Rangers Turbo vs Beetleborgs Metallix and it's kinda bad and i'm not sure if it is canon or not.

 And no you you are not seeing thing that last panel is a fusion between the Turbo zords the the Beetleborgs mechs.
Now let's head-up into space with Power Rangers In Space

Now Power Rangers In Space is my favorite season of Power Rangers the stakes where higher the continuity was excellent and they were fighting a threat that was mention in previous seasons.It had good drama,good character moments ,some pretty awesome team-up and it was a glorious space opera.

 Now let's talk about the powers.
All of the rangers still have their powers as seen in To the Tenth Power (Power Rangers Lost Galaxy EP30) btw the next episode The Power of Pink has a team between the 2 megazords (the footage was made by Saban).

With their powers intact the red ranger still has his Battlized Armor
Unfortunately they lost some zords but got some back i'll explain i a minute.

Let's start with the Astro Megazord it is made-up by 2 things Mega Shuttle and the Astro Megaship.

The Astro Megaship was destroyed in Lost Galaxy  in order to save the people of Terra Venture.
But in Forever Red we see the Astro Megaship Mark II.
I am going to assume that it can turn into the megazord mode.

 Mega Shuttle was never destroyed in Space or in Lost Galaxy so in theory it can combine with the Astro Megaship Mark II in order to form Astro Megazord II.

The Delta Megaship was destroyed granted it is in pieces so it can be rebuild or at lest partially restored.

ship mode
Delta Megazord
Yes it can combine with the Astro Megazord
Astro Delta Megazord
The Mega Winger was badly damaged in the season's finale and at the end of the episode Zhane said that he's going to repair it so yes it still works.

Mega Voyager is the final Megazord destroyed in this season i don't think that this one will be rebuild it was created by Zordon.

Winged Mega Voyager

The Winged Mega Voyager isn't a combination of Mega Voyager and Mega Winger it is just Mega Voyager with the Mega Winger's wings.

I had some second thought about including this zord or not but i decided to include him in the end i am talking of course about Silver Titanus yes read that right  Silver Titanus.
He never appeared on the show from  what i've heard he was supposed to appeared in part 3 of Countdown to Destruction but wait i hear you saying Countdown to Destruction has only 2 parts yes i know that but again according to rumors in part 3 the Phantom Ranger would have appeared with this guy.
I don't know if this guy should appear in Super Megaforce is design in kinda bad  it think that Tor would have better as a space ship a flying mechanical turtle in space sound awesome to me.

Now for my favorite part of this season the  allies.

I already mentioned Adam who returns for 1 episode as the black ranger,Justin as the blue turbo rangers ,the Phantom Ranger and Blue Senturion and the Rangers of Aquitar (calling them alien rangers sound kinda weird to me ) so no point in mentioning them again.

They had 2 more allies this season D.E.C.A. the A.I. of the Astro Megaship (she was destroyed in Lost Galaxy :( ) and Alpha 6.

And now for my favorite team that fought against the rangers (at first) then joined them: the Ninja Turtles and yes i want to see them in Super Megaforce maybe not the ones from Next Mutation but a team of Tutles should meet the new team of rangers.

When Power Rangers In Space was airing Saban also made Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and decided to make a crossover episode between the 2 series and it was a pretty good episode sure the dialog was kinda silly and head-scratching at times but the fights where great.

And with this i close this part of the list and the Zordon era  of Power Rangers it's been a fun ride from Mighty Morphin to Space.But i have to move forward so stay tuned for part III.

All the info for this list was taken from these sites:
Now I leave you with some awesome images of the Power Rangers Enjoy

made by kaijusamurai  on deviantart
made by puzzledperplexity on deviantart

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