Monday, 23 September 2013

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Update#1


With the release of a new patch for the game i decided to make this small update regarding the changes and to address some things that i said in my review of this game.

First of all I called this game moneygrabber and it's not actually you can get money pretty easily in game not much money but some.
You get some gold when you level up and some some if you do the daily challenges.
see you get some gold
But wait i wear you saying you have to use accelerate witch involves using gold so yeah you have to used gold in order to get gold.But i have found this useful trick in order to get  some gold use accelerate when it only cost you less than the amount you are about to receive meaning less then 5 how to you  this  well by using accelerate when the task is almost done.
if you use accelerate now it will cost 1 gold
I kinda like this method of their regarding money it doesn't forces people buy gold because they get some in the game and this way it teaches kids responsibility and patience good jobs guys.But still the creatures are too expensive.

2000/4=500 so yeah to the daily challenges for 500 days and you will get that one btw this is the cheapest one
And yes you can get new mutants with cross-breeding 

But the process is completely random and most of the times you will get the same mutant.

Now let's about the other changes in the game.

First of all they added new creatures and they still working on new creature designs.
I don't have all of them yet gotta catch em all yups wrong game

The second thing that they added was a speed setting during a battle.

Now this option is very useful to me because after a while the animations get boring and this option makes then tolerable.

Another important change was the option to give up a battle .

I liked before when you couldn't do this this could be useful.

They even changed the notification icon and added some voice work.

this kinda reminds me of Judge Dredd
Speaking of references what does this reminds you of

Now he really look like Eva Unit 01
These updates shows that the developer cares about this and that they are working to make better than before.I can't wait to see what will they do next time.


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  2. I just got 7000 Mutants Gold from the page below, hurry up and get yours now before they are gone forever