Friday, 27 September 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1Ep01 1st Impression

So just saw 1st episode of the series and it was good i am not going to do a full review yet this is just speaking my mind after seeing it for the 1st time so let's begin.
BTW one of the thing on my list made it to the the show i won't tell you witch thing so  go watch the show and check out my list.
So the plot revolves around Agent Coulson and his team fighting the strange and the bizarre and keeping the general public unaware of these events. 
Now i have watched enough SF that this idea kinda sound familiar to me but the execution here is pretty well done so no comment.

Now the main differences between this show and the others ^ is the characters and storyline that they kinda set in episode 1.
Some other differences will include the universe that their set and the things that they "hunt".

the cast from Left to Right : Skye , Jemma Simmons , Leo Fitz , Phil Coulson , Melinda May, Grant Ward
The main agents in show don't seem to get along at first witch is understandable  they  just meet and got this assignment they don't know each very much.Some the agents have some pretty big secrets that will be reveled during series (i hope).And every agent was a shining moment in this episode. 
They treat Coulson like a badass in this show unlike some other animated show involving Spider-Man that i know. And speaking of Coulson he is the most funny character on the show, there are echos that the events in Avengers have changed him and the show beautifully reflects this.  
And now for the plot in this episode they are in search of a man that was Luke Cage like powers.They did set-up another 2-3 organizations for S.H.I.E.L.D. to fight in the series one of these organization is responsible for giving this guy his powers and they did that by mixing up every known source of power in the cinematic universe by that i mean every source like gamma radiation,super soldier serum,extremis and  alien tech for good measure needless to say the guy is unstable and they way they solve his problem is pretty unique and good, the exchange that Coulson has with this guy is pretty epic with several ethical implications and you want to know what is the best part about there are no bad guy in this fight just people trying to get by and people doing their job.

a mysterious corpse at a crime scene and analyzing set crime scene this sounds familiar

Now I better wrap this up before I give even more spoilers.

The 1st episode is beautifully done it does well what all 1st episode do: set up the world ,set up characters and set up the theme this episode does it all plus it add some  extra things by adding some mystery to some characters like Phil and May  and they mention the events of The Avengers ,Thor  and Iron Man.It's smart ,well written and funny what are you waiting for go watch it.


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