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Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part I


With the 21 season of Power Rangers under way and this month being the celebration when the first season 1st aired  I decided to make this list with ALL the powers/zords/megazords that have survived the show's long run. So with that in mind i've been re-watching the old seasons looking for thing that could apear in Super Megaforce.So I will start Mighty Morphin and go up until Samurai.

And yes i couldn't think of a better title for this list and if you find some spelling errors sorry i've made in a hurry in order to put on time.The connection between the  title and the list is that i want to see all the thing that have survived the end of the season like powers zords and so on.
During some events the Rangers lose their powers  and zords but in later episode(team-up episodes ) they have them back and i wanted to address the continuity issues and show when they didn't lose set zords and powers.

But 1st let's talk bit about Super Megaforce  yeesh the freaking name SUPER MEGAFORCE guess what the name of the current season just guess....well it is Megaforce who came up with this 5 year old ...come to think of it a 5 years old wouldn't be this stupid.I mean i kinda accepted it when they did with Samurai and Super Samurai.

From what i heard they will be merging 2 season (like in Mighty Morphin, season 2 uses mech from a different Sentai series ) why would you do this, I mean think of the characters they act completely different in the Sentai shows.
Or are they afrait that they will screw the team-up episode like they did with the movie Clash of the Red Rangers .
The movie freaking sucked only 1 of the RPM rangers showed up this wouldn't have bother me too much but they used footage from the Sentai footage contained also a team-up with ALL THE RANGERS AND A MEGAZORD TEAM-UP wow Saban from creating your own awesome team-ups to been out-shined by Disney.BTW this aired/was made when the company had some financial problems(from what i heard ) so who thought that this would be a good idea "we are having some financial problems so let's do a special episode that requires less Sentai footage and more actors to pay and more special effects".

I mean Saban actually did their own MEGAZORD TEAM-UP BATTLE and now when the have the footage they don't used awesome just fucking awesome.

If they got that super essay to adapt movie wrong  what  you think  that they will  do with this movie:
BTW is called Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle
That movie uses ALL OF THE SUPER SENTAI TEAMS in one gigantic battle and if that isn't awesome enough they also use all of the old Megazords in the final battle.

Now you know the most likely the reason for the merging of the seasons is that they don't have enough footage for the show.
Power Rangers adaptations started with Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger but in Super Snetai there are like 15 more teams that weren't adapted into Power Rangers and Gokaiger use them a lot (yes I know there is a preSaban adaptation of a show) so yeah they are to cheap to film new stuff.

But one day I saw this on

No comment because well be here till next year

Now you are probably thinking geez  you've been brutal towards the show give it a break it is a kid show after all.Good point but that doesn't mean it have to be stupid and cheap kids are smarter than you think  and good intelligent shows can develop their minds.
So if you are wondering why kids are getting stupider look no further.

Now back to our list:

Please don't get mad if i get some thing wrong i had to look into 20 season to find these things .

Let's start with Season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers part of the Zordon Era

Let's start with the everybody favorite the Red Ranger Jason

He still has the has his powers has seen in Forever Red there is no official explanation how he got his powers back there some fan explanations like Sword of Light can copy powers and not transfer them or there is an explanation in the comics involving Lord Zedd.
I not sure if he kept this forum, but I want to see it on the show

Next up is Adam the Black Ranger
There hints in the episode Always a Chance(Power Rangers In Space )that the powers weren't gone forever and they could repair the Morphers and get the powers back.In that episode we used the damaged morpher to well morph and it work sure his powers where unstable but the morpher worked.
the damaged morpher that still work barely
Adam  returned in Operation Overdrive the episode called "Once a Ranger"
where he had his powers back and got a new morphing sequence.His powers where restored by  Sentinel Knight who is incredibly strong and he restored the powers of other rangers and turned a robot into a human and brought someone from the future, so if the want to restore the powers of all the rangers they should go to this guy.
The episode isn't  if he kept his powers or not but i think that he kept his powers and Alpha 6 online
 Now my favorite ranger of all time the Green Ranger
Okay here things get complicated in the original series Tommy lost his Green Ranger Powers but then got then back and then lost them again.
But in the Return of the Green Ranger (it was 3 part story)(S2EP44-46) in witch the Wizard of Deception creates another Tommy and gives him the Green Ranger powers while the real Tommy had the White Ranger powers at the time and yes they do fight and clone joins the team for the end battle.
At the end of the episode the clone remained in the past (the Wizard send the other rangers in the past ) WITH HIS POWERS INTACT so the powers of the green rangers are still active and ready to be used  unless they explain that Rita found that morpher thus creating a paradox.
Now for the rest of the power rangers they weren't showed anymore but like i said before they could recover the powers if they want to.
They only use the original powers no the Ninja powers because those coins were destroyed .The original coins were damaged but not destroyed so they be repaired.

Now for the Zords:


Unfortunately the original Megazord and the Zords were destroyed and then converted into the Thunder Megazord and the Thunderzords witch also get destroyed awesome (btw these zords where from a different Sentai series )

Now for my favorite Zord of all the Dragonzord this zord was NEVER DESTROYED ,at the end of Return of the Green Ranger(the last appearance ) the Dragonzord return to the sea where it lies sleeping and waiting to activated once more. And with the Green ranger's powers still active he will rise again.

Mega Dragonzord okay this looks silly
The next Zord is White Tigerzord the second Zord for Tommy

Next up is Titanus who like the Dragonzord wasn't destroyed and lays dormant somewhere (and was found by none one so far wow considering how big he is)

The next Zord is Thor another carrier Zord  like Titanus he is dormant somewhere on Earth
Maybe Titanus and Thor could combine into  Ultrazord or something

The Ninja zords were give by Ninjor when they lost the Thunderzords.

When the Rangers lost the Ninja powers they lost the zords as well

The Shogunzords were lost  when time on Earth was reversed and reverted back to normal (don't ask). This is kinda stupid but okay if they said so in the show.

The Falconzord Tommy's 3rd zord was lost when they lost the ninja powers

The final Zords of this part are the Battle Borgs.The Battle Borgs are Zords of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar who helped the rangers when they turned into kids(actually time was reversed by defying some laws of physics but that's powers rangers for you) and i think that they weren't destroyed.


Oh yeah i forgot the Alien Rangers of Aquitar, they didn't lose thier powers as seen in Forever Red (if Aurico still has his powers so do the others).

Now for Power Rangers Allies (Allies that can fight not regular cast members )

First up is Masked Rider they fail attempt to adapt Kamen Rider for American audiences
He 1st appeared in the episode a A Friend in Need (S3EP1-3) the Power Rangers kep mentioning this character in their show but the Masked Rider did no such thing is his show.It is unclear if he defeated the villains of his show or not  (i am not watching it to find out but according to wiki the show has no end [i kinda liked the show as a kid ;) ]) but thanks to the Z-Wave  we can assume that they are gone.

Masked Rider was adapted from not 1 not 2 but 3 Kamen Rider series Kamen Rider Black RX,Kamen Rider ZO and Kamen Rider J and it still kinda sucked.
Well Masked Rider is a topic for another day now let's move on to our next allie of the rangers. 

Ninjor is kinda of a mentor figure  who gave the Rangers the Ninja Powers and Zords he is still active but hasn't interacted with any Rangers team.(mostly because the producers are greedy)

i know that his is the wrong one but i wanted this profile thing to be here
 Ninjor could increase in size and transform into a powered up mode. He used a sword in combat, and shot energy balls.
what a transformation he was a different face
Now that i am done with the first 3.5 seasons of the show i have to take break so stay tuned for Part II.

All the info for this list was taken from these sites:
Now I leave you with some re-imagined versions of the Power Rangers Enjoy


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