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Re-Animator Trilogy (1985-2003) MiniReview


So I just watched all 3 movies and i am really impressed with the series i really hope for a 4th movie or something that is canon that continues the story.
Well like this
BTW I haven't read these yet.

So i decided that i won't do a full review more like mini review where a look thru all of them and say what i think about each movie and as a trilogy there won't be many spoilers in this review.

Warning Some  Spoilers and Mature Content ahead read at your own risk
Re-Animator (1985)

So let's start with the first movie is supposed to be based on the H. P. Lovecraft story "Herbert West–Reanimator"  but they did change a lot of things from the original story for the better in my opinion
Often this movie is compared with Frankenstein witch was the intention in the original novel.Even Lovecraft admitted that he  wrote the story as a parody of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

The movie is pretty basic Herbert invents the serum the reanimates dead corpses and the tries to perfect because everything that he tested the serum turns into a zombie like creature and they attack people but the humans don't turn into zombies.
And West recruits Dan Cain to help with his experiments and Dan Cain is his landlord and West conducts his experiments in his basement with no respect for others.
BTW Herbert West is kinda insane if haven't figured it out by now he is a genius but also insane.
 And there is this professor who figures West and tries to steal his invention but kills him and bring him back to life
Several thing weren't explained regarding him
  1. how come he kept his intelligence when the rest of the "subjects" lost it?
  2. how come he can control his body when it is not attached to his head ?
  3. how does he control the other "zombies"?
This is a pretty good movie give it a watch.

Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

While the first movie had established the characters and their motives the second movie sees Herbert West and Dan Cain continuing the work on reanimating dead bodies and they have made some important discoveries.
 In the first movie we had only zombie like creatures while here they gotten real creative with the creature/corpses
There are some cool designs of these creatures but the only appear at the end  and they are kinda horrific so i won't show them to you sorry
Btw i think that these creatures led to the creation of the Necromorphs from Dead Space think about living dead corpses with multiples limps from other bodies

While the last movie had a few references to Frankenstein this one is a full of similarities with Bride of Frankenstein i mean even the titles are similar and even the plot similar to some degree i mean they are building a woman from different body parts .
In this movie some of the creatures retain some degree of intelligences witch is not explained how.
And speaking of intelligences remember  that head from the last movie he is back and he is much cooler this time  take a look.
A talking undead head that flies and controls other zombies just awesome we are so dead
This movie is so much better from the original i mean the special effects are better the plot is more awesome.

Beyond Re-Animator (2003)

So the movie starts at the ending of the last one where Herbert West is arrested for his zombies and spends the 13 years in prison but still conducts his experiments.
Unfortunately there aren't many unique zombies like in Bride but we do get some progress for his work witch is impressive considering that he is in JAIL WITH TIGHT SECURITY.
Then a new doctor comes to the prison and wants to work with West and chaos begins.
Like i said before there aren't many unique creature like in Bride but there are some some pretty interesting ideas in this movie like the sort of rip-off from  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and we get so see what happens with a live human if he injects the serum(it not good).
 We the chaos starts in the prison the movie is pretty suspenseful and entertaining.
The movie ends with West escaping in order to continue his research witch make me hop for a fourth movie sequel not re-make don't re-make Re-Animator.
Btw there are some pretty horrifying ideas in this movie and there is plenty of gore if you like that kind of stuff.
Btw the movie ends with this only that they are fighting
the scene is the movie is pretty funny

 Final Thoughts

These movie are pretty freaking awesome i couldn't recommend one movie over another i highly recommend you watch them as a trilogy but if you want to know how i like them in a list here it is:
  1. Bride of Re-Animator: has awesome creatures and the interaction between Herbert West and Dan Cain is awesome they complement each other pretty well and plus the undead bat head that controls several zombies demands it.
  2. Beyond Re-Animator: the prison setting is pretty good for building up tension and you see the consequences for West actions and there are some interesting ideas
  3. Re-Animator: well i had some doubts if should i put it at the bottom of the list i mean it is a good movie but it is kinda weaker because is the first movie in a trilogy and has to set up the characters and the main character.
Btw the guy who plays Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs) his pretty good he has that serious look in all 3 movies he is kinda creepy.
Fun Fact Jeffrey Combs  he is the voice of Scarecrow in The new Batman Adventures
And he played H. P. Lovecraft in H.P. Lovecraft's: Necronomicon (1993)
And he had appeared and did a voice over in Babylon 5,Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero ,ThunderCats (2011),several Star Trek series,Transformers: Prime and many more

Final Score for the Trilogy  4/5 undead flying heads


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