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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters S3Ep13 Deadlock Review


First off i have to say that i freaking love Transformers and i will done more reviews on them  (i have like 3 film to rip to shreds thank to Bay ).
But i wanted first to talk about this series finale and the overall season for a bit.
Spoilers Alert

Btw this episode is pretty good go watch it

Watch it Here

The name of the season kinda bug i mean why is it called beast hunters when there is only one beast

is this guy Predaking.
And they aren't  actually hunting him they are looking for bones in order to Stop Megatron for making more of his kind (witch he then kills when he finds out that they are actuality intelligent ).
And they are to him prey that fights , no really he is pretty strong.

And having Autobots  ,Decepticons and Predacons on the same timeline isn't a violation of previous established continuity like in
For does of you who don't know the Beast Wars series let me explain very briefly:
  1. It is set in the FUTURE and they traveled  back in time to prehistoric Earth.
  2. It is about the war between the Maximals and the Predacons 
  3. The  the Maximals are the descendants of the Autobots and the  Predacons are, at least in part, descendants of the Decepticons, born from what remained of the original five Predacons.
  4. They have beast modes.
  5. It is  canon with the 1st series Generation 1
  6. It was sequel Beast Machines(witch i will talk about in another time )
Maximal Symbol Predacon Symbol

Btw the main characters for Beast Wars have appeared in Transformers Animated
BTW the name of the episode is Predacons Rising
Maybe the next  season will feature more predacons , i mean it is called  Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.

Now to the episode at hand.

Unfortunately this is series finale and I have to explains some thing to you in order to understand the situation
 So last season Prime was forced to destroy the Omega Lock in order to save Earth and to make matters worst the Decepticons discover the location of their base and destroy it and the Autobots and their human partners are scared around America not knowing if they are alone or not.Needless to say this ending was very reminiscent to beast wars with the bad guy wining and the good guy losing.
To make a looong story short threw a combination of elements they discover a way to rebuild the Omega Lock and with it Cybertron but the formula isn't stable so they Ratchet to perfect it  so they kidnapped him (the episode was awesome btw) and Megatron convinces him to help them for the good of Cybertron but he didn't tell him that he intends to use the Omega Lock on Earth too killing the native life.

And the Predaking find out that Megatron planned the extermination of his species and they fight and Megatron wins of course by being more clever.Now that I've finished with the backstory  let's focus at the episode

So the episode starts with a big fight between the Team Prime And the Deceptions on board their ship.

The Autobots slipup into 3 teams Optimus is attacking the ship from the outside causing a distraction Arcee is leading the stealth team (Smokescreen and Bumblebee ) to secure the Omega Lock and Ultra Magnus and the wreckers ( Bulkhead and Wheeljack) will attack the bridge in order to control the ship and to delay the activation of the device if the stealth team is delayed.
The opening alone is insane looks of action and it is very intense

We get several battles in this episode
                     Ratchet vs Shockwave

 While they fight this guy Knock Out is packing his bags cuz there is a battle and all

I really like Knock Out he is really this when they had zombie kinda outbreak aboard the ship he mentioned "human horror movies" overall he doesn't seem to be all that evil.

Meanwhile Smokescream retrieves and artifact from the deception valut and Soundwave get rid of the Wreckers by relocating them and it is up to the humans to stop him.

Forgot about this don't worry the show hasn't and it is awesome
And yes Jack and Miko take over the bridge of the ship by using Soundwave own tricks against him pretty damn impressive

Nice Ghostbusters !!!
Btw he got Trapped in the shadowzone
And yeah Optimus is fighting Megatron near the Omega Lock , Megatron is kinda cheating using the Dark Star Saber considering that last time they fought he got his ass kicked by Prime.

O purple stuff

 So Smokescreen bring the Star Saber but get shoot down and the fight for sword
Bumblebee knocks out Shockwave in a cool move and get ready to deliver the saber to Optimus but this happens

Btw the scene is slow motion and sad music plays it is super sad but i knew that he wasn't going to stay offline why because he felt in the super energon thing or protomatter i suspected that he will return but it happens to fast in my opinion but still works.

See healing
And he kills Megatron with the Star Saber don't believe me look and i think that he has prime powers now because he couldn't lift the sword before now he stabs Megatron with it.

And he gets his voice back
Come one Bumblebee sing for us now
Now they have control of the ship and they head to Cybertron in order to fix it.
The reaming bad guys escape  and some of them reform into guy (or they try at least )
They are so undead,they are heading toward the planet with the zombie Insecticons and zombie Blackarachnia

Who says that Shockwave doesn't have a sense of humor
So they launch the cyber-matter into the core of Cyberton (hearth of Primus ) and it works

See the blue planet o wait that's Earth kinda explains Megatron's obsession with Earth
And thank for it cuz you are awesome
Btw the Predaking survived being blow into vacuum and the the trip to Cybertron while to the edge of the ship wow he is one tough moter****er

So he's your friend now right he know that he didn't killed his species okay not without the help of the Decepticons of Course right...o boy

So the team decides to go home and help rebuilding the planet but Ratchet stays in order to help the humans Jack ,Miko and Rafael are now agents to keep the Decepticons in check


The fights are great , it is suspenseful it never forgets the characters the actions is all over the place but it is awesome and it is connected every character gets their shining moment or moment of glory.
What more can i say it great the character moments are awesome and well tough out the parting of ways is very touching and sad the dead scene if also very effective.

Final Score 5/5 Reformed Cybetron 
  • awesome action
  • excellent characters moments
  • good continuity
Michael Bay if you are reading this watch this season this how you made a great Transformers story.

But what will happen next ? What the next chapter of this saga? for that check my next post


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