Monday, 5 August 2013

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Game Review


The Mutants Genetic Gladiators is free (sort of )to play facebook game and it is very similar with...... well with Pokemon without the world exploration i mean you control a team 3 of creatures and they take turns in battle where you can attack (from what i 've played you can only attack so for no defense or heal or other effects). This also reminds me of Nanovor
only that Nanovor had a more original story it involved computers that pretty original right

okay i am being an ass here Nanovor was pretty unique and had some major differences but i am not here to talk about Nanovor I am here to Talk about the Mutants 

Opps wrong Mutants


Like a said before the game is TBS(turn-based-strategy) where you take attacking with your mutants

And being on Facebook it take full advantage of the "friends system" like for instance Tag-team where you need a friend in order to do this and i am sure that there thing like invite your friend for money or achievement.
Remember when i said  that this is free to play well it looks like i am half -right
there 2 in games currencies Gold and Credits and wow that it so generic

While the credits are very easy to obtain the gold is very hard and if you to get easy you HAVE TO PAY to make matters worst the thing that you buy with gold are super expensive and you do get some gold from missions you get like 1-5.

There are also different types of Mutants :Cyber, Necro, Saber, Zoomorph Galactic, Mythic.
  1. Cyber are androids and cyborgs 
  2. Necro like the name implies are zombies
  3. Saber are kinda the warrior class of the game 
  4. Zoomorph are like wild beasts all based on nature to some degree 
  5. Galactic are well 
    Sorry i had to make this joke
  6. Mythic are well mythical creatures and ancient creatures based of myth 

They are well balanced with attacks effective against 1-2 type and no so effective against 1-2 different from ones that they are effective against (lol)

There only creature that can beat then all

kinda reminds me of Chuck Norris
The graphics are pretty damn awesome the style is great and the battle animation is pretty god
The music is okay it is after all a free game (sort of )

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy TBS games and monster battles and collection set monsters give this game a try.
If don't this game isn't for you
This game is made in Flash (i think ) so unfortunately you can't play on Android devices unless you download something

Final Score 3/5 too money grabber


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  1. "moneygrabber"
    uhhh yea , if you or I would make a game I'm damn sure we would like some profit , its not like you put all that work for nothing , even hosting it costs
    plus compared to other games in this one you can go really really far without buying anything , you just need friends ...

    overall I liked this review , especially the puns :3