Friday, 26 December 2014



1st of all I want to apologize for not posting anything in a while i was busy with my studies.

My next video review is going be about Naruto and it will going to publish it next year and yes I will start making videos instead of blog posts.

2014 had (at lest for me) 2 major themes.So let's start it the kinda sad one. The endings 2014 brought for me finality with some series ending and with some awesome people dying.

Thank God that this ended.
The long lasting series coming might not be as bad from some perspectives but we've also lost some pretty awesome ,funny and talented people this year and it makes me sad just thinking about it.

So a moment of silence for people who won't be joining us in 2015
Okay moving on to more fun things and the second theme for me beginnings.
Like for instance all of the super hero tv shows that have appeared.
 Click here
And come to think of it this has been a great year for superheroes.Marvel dominated with Captain America Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy while DC just made straight to DVD movies adapting comic book story lines while also setting up the Arrow spin off  Flash and also making Gotham and Constantine.I've seen news about IZombie,Hourman,Krypton and a Supergirl tv series in the works.

So DC is clearly dominating the small screen maybe they will do a reverse Marvel starting small then doing a big movie with character from the movies and the tv shows.
Strangely enough I've haven't heard anything from the competition like Image or Top Cow and they have some really interesting and complex heroes that they could adapt.
Same goes for you Dark Horse.
You and Image need to step up so you won't get left behind.

Especially you Dark Horse since you lost the Star Wars comic rights oh and speaking of the things that we've lost the expanded universe is non-canon (Except for the movies,the Clone Wars cartoons,the Rebels cartoon and the Ewoks movies) now so thanks Episode VII The Force Awakens.Hey at lest you're going be awesome ?

Oh boy this freaking lightsaber has started some many fights and edits that there's nothing more to say.But here I go the new guard is unsafe you might hurt yourself with it.

An argument pro-guard is that it protects the hand witch might be true if he strikes from above but if he does that from bellow you're screwed.Also if you want to add a guard made it from a lightsaber resistant metal those exist in the expanded universe witch is now non-canon.
One final thing that I can say about this new lightsaber is that this is a weapon for the SITH.
Can't wait for this!!!

So this was 2014 mostly good stuff with bad and sad things.

Overall a pretty awesome year for fiction we saw the return of the King of Monsters , the hobbit returned from his quest some tiles where changed adapted from mangas ,the fight for future in the past and we've got stuff that we've expected only more of it.

Can't wait for 2015 hopefully you will hear then.

Oh yeah the Nerd made his movie and it was awesome.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Sunfire & Big Hero 6 01 (1998) Video Review

My Review of the 1st issue of Sunfire and Big Hero 6.And yes, I'm doing this because the movie just came out.

Sunfire & Big Hero 6 01 (1998) Review by thexdatabase

Monday, 27 October 2014

Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron (2015) 1st Impressions (Video)


Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron (2015) 1st Impressions by thexdatabase
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Friday, 24 October 2014

Gotham S01EP01 1ST Impressions

 Due to technical difficulties (and laziness) I finished this so late so enjoy and have mercy on me.

Gotham S01EP01 1ST Impressions by thexdatabase

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Star Wars Rebels S01EP01 Spark of Rebellion Review

When I 1st heard about this series I was a bit excited because it is a Star Wars series that is set slightly in the future.
Yeah, it's still a prequel, but at lead is not going to be like the 2 Clone Wars cartoons where you know that the main characters will survive.
This series isn't ahead in the timeline like Star Wars Legacy but it's past the prequel era.

This cartoon features a bunch a new and interesting cast of characters that we know nothing about.
Too bad that this episode doesn't do a great job of properly introducing them.I don't know, maybe they were saying whole backstory stuff for later, but would have liked to know something about new even if it was just word of mouth.They are a varied bunch witch is pretty awesome.
The cast from L to R Sabine,Jarrus,Ezra,Zeb and Hera.
Before we begin there's one more thing that you need to know this episode is actually a movie.It was the length of 2 episodes.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

Monday, 6 October 2014

Max Steel 2013 S1Ep26 Earth Under Siege Part 2 Review

I have nothing to say in the spoiler free area of this post.I already gave my thoughts about the reboot/re-imagining of the show in my last post or part 1 of this episode.So I'm going to keep this wage:our heroes were tricked by the bad guy in a clever way and failed their mission now Earth is vulnerable but by whom and what is Steel's secret?
Also, I'm putting the intro bellow so you can see it, I won't why, but trust me it will pay off later.

Max Steel 2013 Intro by thexdatabase

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

Monday, 29 September 2014

Max Steel 2013 S1Ep25 Earth Under Siege Part 1 Review

So yeah Max Steel (the early 2000s CGI cartoon) got reboot.I liked that show when was a kid but looking back the CG is kinda ...bad now.

Sure it look pretty impressive back then but now it's kinda outdated.So they decided to reboot the show which is an awesome idea but this is a reboot in name only.
They changed so much from the original show that they could have called anything else.

I might do a comparison between the 2 shows,but it's kinda pointless because they are 2 very different shows the only connection with each other is the name of the characters the story,origin of heroes /villains and Max's powers are totally different.
I would explain the basic plot, but let's watch the Intro because it does just that.

Max Steel 2013 Intro by thexdatabase
by luigiguy54 on deviantart
Actually, I kinda like Max Steel's new powers because they are so inventive and diverse in a way we can have all of a heroes's powers.

I wonder at some will he be able to combine some of his turbo modes into better forms like Strength Mode +Turbo Cannon Mode or Flight Mode + Speed Mode imagine the possibilities.

In some ways he is similar to Rex (from Generator Rex) they both use tech and they both have cool modes and gadgets I wouldn't mind seeing them in a death battle.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

Friday, 19 September 2014

The Transformers 01 (2009) Comic Review


This series is a direct follow from the awesome series All Hail Megatron where Megatron (duh) defeats the Autobots (sort of) and takes over Earth causing massive destruction and chaos.

So basically this series is the whole humans hate/hunt Transformers from Age Extinction and done much better.

I am not going to spoil that whole series naturally the Autobots come and save but the damage was already done and now Humans hate all Transformers.I have a problem with that scenario (for some very good reasons) but I will talk about when I will (eventually) review that comic series but now to the issue at hand.

Also,if you want to read the events from IDW'S Transformers that lead to this, here's a chronological order of the series. You're welcome.

There also this series,but I don't know here it fits perfectly

So let's start with the comic at hand, but let's analyze the cover. I'll keep it simple it awesome the Transformers look amazing.

It's even better than the movie ones (until Age) look at the detail on them.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

Friday, 29 August 2014

TMNT (2012 Series) S1Ep25-26 Showdown or Booyaka-Showdown Review

First of all I am a fan of the Ninja Turtles I grew up with the turtles (2003 version), and I was kinda excited when they announced the 3rd series, but then I found out that it was going to be made in CGI, and I got a little bit worried. So one day I decided to view 1st episode, and it was sure I still prefer the 2k3 series over this one but the series itself is pretty good.
Which brings me to the episode at hand, I've could have any episode they're not bad or anything they are pretty awesome actually in the end, I decided to do this one 1st because it's the best episode so far (in my opinion anyway).

So let's start the review, but before that I really recommend this episode, it's very accessible, and it explains everything so you won't feel left behind you could actually start with this one if you.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

Monday, 25 August 2014

Power Rangers Super Megaforce My Version Or Rather My Fanfiction Of The Show


So it appears that PR Super Megaforce is at an end, I mean they just showed the teaser for the next one.
Just one question what's with Kamen Rider Wizard will he be in the show?
He's Inside the Kyoryuger mecha
There is usable footage of him.

But that footage might be missed used in Dino Charge since it's from an awesome crossover movie with Super Sentai (Power Rangers) Kamen Rider, Space Sherif and Beetleborgs. Maybe they will add Ultramans in the next one
Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff Super Hero Taisen Z (2013) you're welcome
Also wouldn't be ironic that the new series, Dino Charge will be a better anniversary season that the real anniversary season.

There's footage of MMPR ,Dino Thunder and Dino Charge are working together and some other team that they didn't adapt (Go-Busters).

But I'm getting ahead of myself this is a post about Super Megaforce and how Would I made it better so here's a list of things that I would have improved.
  • Number 1
1st of all I would have left Megaforce to end, or rather the Goseiger story and footage to end. And started fresh adapting the Gokaiger.
  •  Number 2 
After the defeat of the Megaforce bad guys I would have brought the new ones and I would have made them a threat not the winning and stupid (looking at you Vekar) truth that they are now.

They would have been the elite force or something of the Armada (and a better name than the Armada).
Have them be so powerful that they crush the Rangers with ease and Gosei is forced to send the keys to distant corners of the Galaxy and dimensions (wink wink).
  • Number 3
I would have had the new Rangers have been chosen from distant corners of the galaxy like:Aquitar, Karoven( KO-35),Mirinoi and Mercuria.
I know that there 2 spots (Silver and Other) so thought of some alternatives and couldn't decide so here they are:

1) Make them both normal humans
2) Have one of them be a magical creature from Mystic Force
3) He came from the RPM universe (somehow)
4) Have one of them be from Zordon's species, but I want AkaRed to be either Zordon's son or Zordon himself.
5)or have one of them be Triforian and the other a magical creature.

And yes, I would have kept the Silver Ranger human his morpher is the latest prototype from Gosei.Funny how they got that in reverse in Super Megaforce. 
  • Number 4
Every Villains in PR had tried to conquer the world with a few exceptions.

The only ones that thought bigger where the United Alliance of Evil.

How would have I made these guys stronger ? Simple they already conquered the galaxy and now are struggling to control from whom?(that's for later).
 Also the 1st 5 episodes would have been an introduction to the 5 main rangers and a show of how did the Armada conquered their planets. I know that this would have been annoying, but these rangers are the strongest of the power rangers heck they could create their own teams by just using the keys.

There was this guy in Gokaiger  Basco ta Jolokia that could do this.

The Red would have been last and the team will have been formed in episode 6 where they would have found the space ship (Gokai Galleon) along with the Red Ranger and the Bird and a new Alpha Robot that looks like this

 This bot should be the missing  Alpha5 that has been rebuild by AkaRed.
  • Number 5

The format of the show would have been simple the Rangers traveling the Galaxy freeing the planets from the Armada's control while trying to find the legendary rangers in order to unlock their special powers and weapon that could destroy the Armada for good (Z wave).

Also there would have been scenes with the old Rangers that still have powers fighting the Armada back on Earth.

I hope that you enjoyed this nonsense and that this wasn't a complete waste of time. Please tell me that anything of what I've written is any good.

Also, another crossover with TMNT and the Beetleborgs wouldn't hurt.

I know that most of these ideas aren't duable because of cost, but toned down might work I hope.

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