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Max Steel 2013 S1Ep26 Earth Under Siege Part 2 Review

I have nothing to say in the spoiler free area of this post.I already gave my thoughts about the reboot/re-imagining of the show in my last post or part 1 of this episode.So I'm going to keep this wage:our heroes were tricked by the bad guy in a clever way and failed their mission now Earth is vulnerable but by whom and what is Steel's secret?
Also, I'm putting the intro bellow so you can see it, I won't why, but trust me it will pay off later.

Max Steel 2013 Intro by thexdatabase

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

**The Plot**

So the episode begins with a full invasion of Earth.And I have to ask was the alien armada near the Earth waiting for the field to crash also the field is older than Max so yeah they waited for that long?

Being outnumbered and fired N-Tek decides to use the awesome plan of runway.

So they got away and Forge tells Steels that and get ready for this are you ready that he's an alien and his species is attacking.
Wow, this is so shocking is not like you've heard this before 26 episodes that have aired before.
Dear god I simply can't believe that there's a spoiler in the intro.
Anyways Ultralinks are attacking Earth and absorbing Earth's weapons and gaining humanoid forms. 
I wonder if this will lead to the creation of someone like Max.I mean the Earth is full of humans some of them cloud resist the Ultralink's influence.

Awesome 3 of them to repair.
MS (Max Steel) and Forge get in the main in order to disable its shields.Forge then explains why did he kept Steel's secret from him and the identity of the other Max Steel that they saw in a another episode.Meanwhile outside the rest of Ntek fights Elementor and the rest of the army.

They manage to reach the shield generator, but Dredd attacks them there. Meanwhile NTek was doing okay in fighting Elementor but them Fire and Air work together almost beating, but Max's mom saves them.
And to prove how badass she takes out Elementor with some missile loaded with and anti-Elementor something thus taking him down.

Dredd Kicks theirs asses.Dredd is one of the most dangerous villains of this show and of Max's.He can absorb Turbo energy.

Steels tricks Dredd into believing that he switched sides. This was so convincing that even Forge believes him.Of course Steel did this in order to distract Dredd and to throw him into the shield generator.
This works and Steel says that he'll quit because Forge doesn't trust him and faster than you can say something Steel gets attacked by a creature and gets saved by Forge.

So Ntek takes down the ship, but Forge is on the ship oh no.
Steel apologies because he thinks that Forge is dead I mean he was on the ship when it was taken down.
But nope, he is alive, he managed to escape, but he lost his arm. BTW, he lost his arm before the explosion when he saved Steel.So this managed to escape from a falling ship with no hounds amazing.Also the ship that they've taken down was just an advanced ship and not the mothership so the real fight begins in season 2.

**Final Thoughts**

Overall, this was a pretty good episode the fights were amazing. This showcases how powerful Makino is.

The "reveal" about Steel origin is freaking pointless. I know that this was supposed to be a shocking moment, but we knew this from the 1st freaking episode I mean, come on how do you screw this up. Did another team made the intro?
Thanks that the second reveal about MS is better.
 -Final Score:4.5/5 Spoillers in the Intro
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