Friday, 27 December 2013

Fairy Tales Movies of 2013 Review

Well it's seems that 2013 it's at an end and lot of things happened this year but one thing comes to mind when I think of this year.That thing is Fairy Tales , like I said lots of things happened this year but I chose something different in order in order to be unique ;) .  
Now back to Fairy Tales they seem to be on the rise whether they be movies 
or TV shows
or even comics
now i know that some of the properties that I listed started before 2013 some started 2012 while others started 2005 but they lasted up to this year and that's pretty impressive now a days.

Today I'm going to look at 3 different movies(you already know witch ones) witch represent 3 different approaches to fairy tales movies adaptations.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Happy Holidays from The X Database (2013)


Happy Holidays people it's been what some couples of moths since I started this blog and I want to thank you for the support and feedback.

Also I have an important announcement to make I will be taking a short vacation during the Holidays so I can enjoy them.And another vacation for my finals month which starts in January and ends in February.
I will still post reviews besides this I have another one in the works but they will be more rare.

Anyway I decided to do a list with my favorite Christmas Specials.
Please this is a list based on my opinion, and the criteria for this list was things that are Christmas related that bring me joy so sit and enjoy the list.
  •  Gokaiger Christmas Episode (Ep 44)
Gokai Christmas yeah just Gokai Christmas it's so silly that's fun I have nothing more to say.

 As much as I like this episode I think that older Toku fans will enjoy it more because of the references to a certain team.

  • South Park Christmas Specials
The South Park Christmas Specials are excellent and I couldn't chose 1 for this list so I put them all.

Although I do have one favorite among the specials ->

  • Batman Noel (2011)
It's basically A Christmas Carol with Batman and his friends/enemies.
Yes it has some problems but it's a fun read it's not like the re-imaging from Doctor Who but it's pretty fun the symbolism is still there and speaking of Doctor Who...
  • Doctor Who Christmas Special 
The Doctor Who specials are sometimes fun other times re-imaging of Christmas Classics and on rare occasions they are serious adventures featuring important events from the Doctor's life like regeneration.

Think about it for a minute we got to know 10th in a Christmas Special he also regenerated in a Christmas Special.
I for one I'm very excited about this year's special they talked a lot about Trenzalore in season 7 and there's also the hole 12 regeneration limit oh I can't wait for it. 
  • Home Alone (1990)
Yeah it's silly yeah it's dated but when I think of Christmas I think of this movie for some reason maybe because I watched it at a young age and I found it hilarious.

This movie still makes me laugh it's a little less than when I was a kid but that's because I realize how brutal the traps are , god it's kinda painful looking at the robbers getting hurt I think that they are immortal or something.

But nevertheless every time I watch it I get the Christmas spirit yeah beside the funny/horror trap the movie has a strong emotional arc with Kevin and his mom.

I also recommend the second it the same as the 1st one but it's still enjoyable the 3rd it's all about the traps and the convoluted plot and none of the Christmas spirit.The 4th one it's bad no I haven't seen it completely I saw some clips and I heard that it got some bad reviews the 5th one or The Holiday Heist or Home Alone Alone in the Dark it's basically Home Alone done in modern times and it's also bad.

That's all folks Happy Holidays.

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Friday, 13 December 2013

DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe 002 (2013) Comic Review

Here we go issue 2 of this miniseries/crossover, but first I have to make an apology towards you guys and galls.
There's something that I forgot to show you guys during my review of the 1st issue I even made the necessary edits in order to show it but I forgot about it sorry.
And without further delay, here it is: 
dat ass
Yes I found the wallpaper version of the 1st issue cover and then I put on my android tablet with the face tag on and this was the result.

Now let's get back to this issue, first of all the cover is pretty good with Skeletor holds Superman in one hand and He-Man in other this shows him as a powerful villain but too bad that we know that he's working for someone.

You know what would have been cooler than this image?

Skeletor in Lex Luthor's Warsuit come on magic + tech = awesome.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Detentionaire Season 1 (2011-2012) 1st Impression

So I've been watching this show lately and it's really good and I decided to make a 1st impression of the 1st season that I just finished.

But let me tell you the story of how I found this cartoon.So I was checking the new episode list on one of my watching sites when I saw it and I thought to myself this sure looks interesting and I gave It watch but I realized that I had not clue on what's going on so I when to the beginning to learn you know the plot.
Not the actual episode that I 1st saw, but close enough 
So let's get started with the plot.But the intro, it's good and tell you a bit of the plot, but also they did the smart thing by not showing the intro in the 1st episode, well done guys that was actually smart.

Detentionaire Intro by thexdatabase

Friday, 29 November 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special The Day Of The Doctor (2013) 1st Thoughts

This isn't a review it's just talking about the special and pointing out some special moments and recomanding some other things.
1st of all I have to say that this episode was very well received on IMDB.
So let's begin and I'll try  not to spoil the special.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Game Scam / Steam Sucks Rant

So I just bought a game today nothing special it's a bit old but it's from a series that's dear to me.So I go home and try to install it 
But I notice that something's wrong ,you can tell by just looking at the installer.
And when I finish they installation I am greeted with this:
Okay I kinda noticed earlier that that's a Steam Installer."That's a nice bonus" i thought to myself but then I notice that there not actual game installer so basically I just paid good money for the Steam installer that you can download for free.WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT you know that better than Steam (in this case) THE FREAKING GAME THAT I BOUGHT YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG.

THIS REALLY PISSES ME OF so bassically I bought the case, the CD-KEY,the manual and not the installer for the game and speaking of the installer the disk contains only the Steam installer I checked 
Whoever came up with this idea needs to be BEATEN UP AND THEN SKINNED ALIVE okay maybe not skinned alive but at least beaten up and then he should replace Zod in his final scene of Man of Steel.Maybe Steam is a good system who knows but why are they forcing me into making an account maybe I don't want to use Steam I have the right of choice not nnooo these are assholes are forcing me into Steam.They are treating me like a fucking dumbass so you want to the play then use our fucking product you fucking dumbass.
So you know what I am going to do in order to get it ? that's right getting a freaking torrent.Some companies are complaining about piracy, maybe you shouldn't pull shit like this if you don't want piracy.I mean really you ARE FORCING US INTO PIRACY. 

This isn't the 1st time when I got tricked into buying a false product but it's probably the last why should I buy their products when they are full of shit ?
In the end all I have to say is watch out for these scams don't get tricked like me,the only that I have for keeping these games is that I want physical copy of the game it won't be able to install set game but it looks nice that's the only thing it can do: look nice on  the shelf.You might as well go to the store buy some DVD cases and print out the game cover and put it in and done you save some money.
I must go now my download is done and have to install the game wish me luck.

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Man Of Steel (2013) Review

 It looks like there's open season on Man of Steel and I'm joining the fun.Screen Junkies's Honest Trailers made fun of this movie Nostalgia Critic promised a review of this in his Dawn of the Commercials video.I've seen their work it's awesome but they didn't point out some things so I have to step up and point them.This movie was major problems so some things will sound similar if they do excuse me but there's nothing I can do. Also the series Renegade Cut addressed the hole Superman as  Jesus topic (he is also on

Friday, 22 November 2013

Justice League Rant

Originally this was supposed to be after my Man of Steel Review but I decided but make a post about it because I go a bit off the rails with the subject. Also I was sick all week so I couldn't write the review.
So let's see Green Lantern bombed ,the Batman in movie won't be the same one from The Dark Knight Trilogy(Batman Begins,The Dark Knight,The Dark Knight Rises),Man of Steel isn't a faithful representation of character and Wonder Woman's pilot sucked.

So God or Gods helps us all with the Justice League.Don't let this be another failure yes another someone else tried to make a JLA movie and fail so that's not a good sing.
Now what members do I want to see on the movie well here's a hint
Yes they should just adapt the 1st episode of cartoon Secret Origins it's pretty awesome.
Now if they want to change the members that's fine but Superman ,Batman and Wonder Woman are mandatory.
I would say that Green Arrow from Arrow should be on the movie but then it will be too similar with Avengers you know Green Arrow / Hawkeye.

 The only live action representation of a comic character that I kinda like (it sucked in the beginning then it got better) is Green Arrow from the Arrow tv show.

BTW what's with the hiding of the names in Dc movie and tv shows ?
The name of the show should be Green Arrow not Arrow actually they don't even call him that in the show they call him the Hood.
They did the same thing on Smallville with the Blur.I kinda forgive Man of Steel's name because it's been asoocieted with the character and there was a comic called Superman The Man of Steel (and I have to like something in the movie) so there some relation with Superman but the Blur has nothing to do with Superman.Also you gave Smallville 10 fucking season wasting 10 years and you throw it out the window with the reboot well done.
Stop hiding their names god damn it , it's bad marketing it's like hiding your product.

 Also the Wonder Woman from the pilot was darker than Batman and The Hood is darker than Batman come guys Batman is dark and awesome not you guys.
No wonder that they are going to make Batman the founder of the team, he used to be dark but compared with these guys he seems pretty tame.
If DC want to do the same things that Marvel did with the Avengers they shouldn't use Batman as they guy who brings them together , the team should form naturally over the course of the movie and they should have like mini team-up during the movie and in the final act the team comes together and beats the bad guy.
Also I think that DC should do another show witch leads into the Justice League.

Yeah I'm still sick :( sorry for the short post next week I'm doing Man of Steel I promise.
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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Rune VS Venom (1996) Comic Review


I have to honest for a minute since a read this "crossover comic " I've always wanted to review it ,I mean it 's that bad and I am surprised that guy with the hat and the magic gun from that 4 wall show hasn't reviewed it already (you know who i mean).

Now let's start  with the basics the cover ,it's the 1st thing you see on a comic and it may convince you to buy it.

The cover it's pretty basic for this sort of thing  we have our villains fighting on the cover Venom is drooling like he has rabies (which wad a trend with him in the 90s from what I hear) and it looks like that Rune has also got the rabies or is that Venom's blood but why is it green ?
And that the heck is this stuff:
I mean it kinda looks like  a part of the Venom costume like it was scratched but Rune's hand doesn't have a scratching pose so yeah WTF.

Overall it is an okay cover since they are villains, it makes sense for them to be so violent in their fighting.
Now let's introduce the characters :

I believe  that everybody knows Venom but i am going to explain him to you guys.
Venom is (well this current version) Eddie Brock a tragic character that after some major bad luck is his life he redirected his hate towards Spider-Man and after he (Spider-Man) rejected the Venom Symbiote.It bounded to Eddie drown by his hate for Spider-Man.
Venom is one of the most dangerous enemies of Spider-Man he was all of his powers and then some.
Now Rune he was a one the villains of the Ultraforce cartoon and an enemy of Prime no not Optimus Prime minute(going to wikipedia and comic vine) now that's everything about him(not that hard considering the short pages on wikipedia and comic vine ) let's go on with the origin but 1st a little history  lesson about Malibu Comics and the Ultraverse.

Malibu Comics were a comic publisher that had (at the time) the best coloring system and launched the Ultraverse witch was pretty popular.They even made several tv shows based on their characters
i don't remember was this show good ?

So they were bought by Marvel and Marvel tried to keep it a flout but Marvel had financial problems at the time (from the own stupidity i might add) and the imprint has gone and forgotten by Marvel ,there have been rumors about a revival but nothing concrete.
BTW during the time Marvel owned Malibu they have made several comic crossovers using their main players Avengers/Ultraforce and others
This comic has produced in that time interval.

Now let's talk about the origin of Rune he has at 1st an alien but then he found the Star Stones that gave him immortality among other powers but also cursed him with a hunger for blood and life force energy to power the Star Stones .
So he is an immortal alien vampire, Dracula eat your heart out.
Now that I've introduced the main characters let's get on with the story.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part VI

Welcome to the final part of my list and the most difficult since I haven't watch this series that much so I might get some facts wrong.If I do get some facts wrong please correct me in a respectful manner so no swearing thanks.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Trick R Treat (2007): Halloween Review

Happy Halloween boys and ghouls I have a special treat for you on this night of treats.

Trick R Treat is an anthology of 4 Halloween related stories witch is an awesome idea I mean it's Halloween think on how many things could happen.For instant the barrier between worlds can be weaker on Halloween or I don't know something creepy and fun.

Now I know that another reviewer made of this and yeah 2 people reviewing the same thing what shock.I could have released this 1st by I wanted to release this on Halloween.
I don't get it I've seen many Halloween specials this month all before Halloween (like the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV episode) now I understand that you can't air exactly on Halloween but can you at least keep it in the same week as Halloween.
Maybe the Halloween celebration isn't for just one day anymore maybe it's the hole month of  October ?

Okay back to the movie at hand.