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Trick R Treat (2007): Halloween Review

Happy Halloween boys and ghouls I have a special treat for you on this night of treats.

Trick R Treat is an anthology of 4 Halloween related stories witch is an awesome idea I mean it's Halloween think on how many things could happen.For instant the barrier between worlds can be weaker on Halloween or I don't know something creepy and fun.

Now I know that another reviewer made of this and yeah 2 people reviewing the same thing what shock.I could have released this 1st by I wanted to release this on Halloween.
I don't get it I've seen many Halloween specials this month all before Halloween (like the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV episode) now I understand that you can't air exactly on Halloween but can you at least keep it in the same week as Halloween.
Maybe the Halloween celebration isn't for just one day anymore maybe it's the hole month of  October ?

Okay back to the movie at hand.

**The Plot**

Like I said before this movie is an anthology of different stories but they do have one common element:Sam the spirit of Halloween and it's an abbreviation of Samhain witch is a festival and not a person.

So the movie starts with an old video explaining the rules of Halloween but it's interrupted so we don't get all the rules. 

Then we get a couple returning home and the wife/girlfriend wants to remove the Halloween decorations but the husband/boyfriend says that it's bad idea because of the "rules" while they are talking about this we get a POV shot of someone watching them.To make a short intro shorter she gets killed.   

Then we get the intro and it's amazing everything about the intro the images the music they all blend together to create an awesome felling of fear and suspense ,it lets you know that you are in for a wild ride. 
When I 1st saw this I thought that this movie was based on a comic and it's not,  there's actually an adaption of this movie in comic form.

The 4 tales are linked together you can't say that the 1st starts here or 3rd one starts here they movie keeps cutting back and forth between stories and some elements from a story appear in another story
 You can tell here they end and that's all Sam kinda helps you in that regard.

Now I've decided not to spoil the whole movie for you so I will be giving a short synopsis for each story and some funny moments that I like.
  • So let's start with the Killer Principal story.

    As you queses it's about a killer principal now I would think that he's bad but the kid he killed tonight was douchebag anyway and broke some of the rules if the principal didn't kill Sam would have done it.

    to the left the Neighbor story to the right the Principal story
    Remember Sam killed someones for removing the decorations earlier and this kid was destroying them so yeah he was a dead man walking. 
     The charm of this story is the suspense of not getting caught.
     Some kids come by trick or treating (they are from a another story ) his neighbor almost finds out btw the neighbor has his own story and we get to see things from his perspective and some of the scenes will make sense.
    •  The School Bus Massacre Revisited yes this is the name from Wikipedia I couldn't think of anything else to call it  and this story ties in with the last one
    The kids from the Principal story + 2 extras kids visit the place where the School Bus Massacre happened and we are told they story threw a flashback and Sam is in the flashback.
     The strong aspect of this story is the flashback and the twists.

    Yes you read that right there are multiples twist in this story.
    I would say more but spoilers you know.
    • The 3rd story is the Party
    see they pass by the couple from the beginning
    The 4 women that have appeared threw-out the movie (from the beginning) finally get their own segment.

    The less said about this the better there also a killer and a little red riding hint.

    All of have to say about the Party is that it's killer.
    • A Halloween Carol
    And with this final story the movie returns to the setting of the 1st story this is a nice way to tie the beginning and the end of a movie.

    The Principal's neighbor is the Scrooge of Halloween and he is visited by Sam in order to change his heart about Halloween or kill him whichever comes first.

    fuck this guy is hardcore don't mess with him

    Up until this point Sam was been only an observer never interfering or hurting(okay he did in the beginning of the movie but technically and chronological that's the end )
    That's all folks the movie returns to it's beginning  and while in the beginning the camera didn't show us the character's faces now it's does.
    Now we get why Sam killed the chick from start of the movie she broke the rules.
    already made this might as well kill her

    **The Music** 

    The music is pretty okay it help with the mod of the movie but I did found a song that I think it's out place it's in the 3rd story the Party.

    **Final Thoughts**

    This is an awesome Halloween\Horror movie.The stories are good and linked together and don't seem random the twists within the stories are surprising and good.

    Sam is an interesting creature we won't warm you if you respect Halloween but won't help you either. 

    His design is awesome and creepy at the same time I like it.
    If you don't have something to watch on Halloween watch this it's pretty good can't wait for the sequel if it comes.

    Thanks for reading this and Happy Halloween
    And remember  to respect the rules or else Sam might get you

    -Final Score:4/5

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