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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S01EP02 0-8-4 Review

Now I know that I've lenient towards the pilot despite having many cliches and too many references it was overall pretty good but this episode goes a bit over the top and I decided to make this review.
Want to drink and don't have a reason here's a drinking game for you everytime they mention something from the cinematic universe ( like a character,an organization, the attack on New York,source of powers  or they show a clip from the movies ) take a shot and please use caution if you watch the 1st 2 episode you might get sick.

The episode starts with an explosion on their plane and Coulson hanging for his life then flashback to the past.
The teaser is pretty  good it leaves you with a lot of questions.

 Meanwhile 19 hours ago we see Skye getting on a plane and Grant  and Coulson arguing over her while May just sits there and watches.
puppy eyes
And I am with Grant on this she is doesn't share your views on things like hiding things from the people ,she worked for the organization that kept reveling things to the public things that you want secret and the cherry on the cake they don't know she is no really she doesn't appear in any database in the world sure trust her sound plausible.
BTW take a shot Stark is mentioned.

Then Skye brings her bags to the ship while Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons welcome her with open arms Agent Grant Ward gives her an evacuation map of the plane wow subtle dude and remember this is a plot point. 
And them Coulson comes and informs her about the mission and the 0-8-4.
And take 3 shots for an Asgardian,the Chitauri specter and the hammer.
Look at Coulson he almost winks at the audience he is like you know what i am talking about.

So they are off to Peru in order to investigate the 0-8-4 quick question what are the most stereotypical things that you I know or except about Peru if you said Pre-Incan Temple or just pyramid(sure looks like a pyramid),rebels and army.Congratulations we get all 3 of them. 
So get inside the temple and they find the object and I have to admit it looks pretty strange good job on that.The nerds start scanning it (Jemma  and Leo ) while Skye just watches this isn't her expertise so why did she leave the plane also Coulson gave her the job to come up with a distraction so that people won't find out the truth did mention that she did the opposite before her recruitment into this, Coulson is such a troll.
Now I'm sure that bringing 2 inexperienced agents field  agents  and 1 civilian in a area that you know is dangerous and it's housing rebels near by, sure this won't bite you in the ass Coulson.They say that the object has been there 1,500 witch will make no sense in the next scene.
Take a shot Germany is mentioned take it if you want but for me this is a reference it makes me think of Captain America and if it's German how can it by that old ?

Meanwhile Grant and May talk and we are giving more clues about May and also a running joke.
if looks could kill
I like May she is the Black Widow of the team a good fighter and full of secrets but faster that you can say "interesting" a fight breaks between them an army team  and we get to see how awesome May and Grant are, the situation is defused as fast as it started when it's revealed that the other team's leader is an old friend of Coulsons and not just friend.
Then another attack happens and unlike the previous one this one is made by the rebels and they have to retreat. Then Leo Fitz decides that this the perfect time to by dumbass when Skype tries to help with his flying mini-drones in order to get out faster from death trap that they are in he flips his shit because they need to be in the right order. The temple has only one exit and that exit is being attacked by rebels so a normal person  would want to get the hell out of dodge.This is how you made a smart character dumb. 

Grant proves how much a badass he is by taking the device out of the wall and beating all the rebels by using some sort of cold device if you call this character boring you get a punch from because he's awesome and plus he was the patience to deal with Leo ,Jemma and Skye give him some credit.
To make a long action scene short they make it to the airship but Camilla Reyes(Coulson's friend ) lost some extras i mean soldiers.

 And we finally get explanation for the object prepare your glasses
and he mentions gamma radiation so that's 5 shots if you are still awake after this let's continue.

We something that was predestined to happen the team fight from the begging there seemed some issues with this team and Grant  can't take it anymore even says that he been trained for solo ops so he can't handle this especially when they don't respect his orders and aren't trained for field work.Then Skype says this
and she's half right this team is a fucking mess they come from completely different fields and some are trained to work solo so obviously the clash (surely nothing will change the half hour or so).

What follows is an relaxing montage the nerds are working ,Phil  and Camilla are his room,Grant  and Skype are talking (they aren't using Skype),May is flying the plane and the soldiers are also relaxing.

Everything seems fine but Coulson and Grant sense that something is up and  what you know it the soldiers and Camilla betrays the team
So you planed for this from the beginning you knew that the rebels were going to attack and Coulson will allow you access into the plane you and your men know the schematics of a classified S.H.I.E.L.D. airship and knew the prefect time to strike without talking to each other.
But she makes one mistake she ties them up in the cargo hall together
according to TV show rules here the team puts aside all their differences and works together to a common goal even Coulson admits that she made a mistake.
The only reason that Coulson isn't  tied up with the others is the she needs his access codes for the route change.
So you know the drill they make a plan, May uses the car to bust the lab doors in order for them to enter ,they grab some gear and he finally catch up with the teaser and I have to admit the action in this part is pretty suspenseful they made a hole the plane with 0-8-4 in order to reach the level where Coulson is held as well the 0-8-4 there's fight in the cockpit as well as in the depressurized compartment and the plane is a head dive.
 Remember when I said the brochure play a big role well here it is.
Of all the papers in the compartment this one hit Skype in the face and she gets the idea to seal the hole with an inflatable life raft so the bad guys are captured the plane is wrecked they reached their destination.
And apparently the Slingshot protocol involves the destruction of the 0-8-4 witch is stupid this an advanced piece of human technology that is similar with Iron Man's laser and you are going to destroy it, after the alien attack you are supposed to search to advanced tech and study it not destroy it.BTW guess how are they going to get rid of it just one image says it all.
Yeah sure send that shit into space nothing dangerous ever comes from space.

Near the end of the episode Skype get a message from someone that knows she's inside S.H.I.E.L.D. , i think that this sets up another storyline for the show also she will be trained by Grant  in order to become an agent i am guessing that this will play with her loyalty .At the end she confirms her allegiance to the Rising Tide.
Stick to end  in order to see Nick Fury so this another thing that I can cut from my list.

**Final Thoughts**

This episode isn't that bad it has many enjoyable parts like the fights in the plane and in the jungle and the team fighting among themselves.
But it also has to many references (with a score of 10 shots watch with 1st at your own risk ) i kinda liked the in the 1st episode but here it's too much would mind if they something that wasn't appeared in the movie  something obscure from the comics or from the next movie.I want something unique and familiar from this series not recycling from the movies.  

Final Score:3/5  Pretty Entertaining 

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