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The Tomorrow People US S01EP01 Pilot Review

Okay I am just going to say this series is like the X-Men but I think that his surprises nobody considering that the original series came in the wake of X-Men.Back a bit and let explain doing some research (by this i mean Wikipedia ) i found out that the 1st X-Men was launched in 1963 and The Tomorrow People tv show was 1st launched in 1973 so it obviously came in the wake of X-Men.

I am surprised that Fox didn't sue this show like it did with Mutant X yeah Fox cuz you did such a great job with the X-Men Franchise, I heard that they are going to a Days of Future Past movie can't wait to see how you screw that up Fox.
And we're off to a good start okay what was I talking about oh yeah Tomorrow People better start talking about or we'll be here till tomorrow.
So let's see how this 3rd incarnation of the show oh yeah there was also a series from 1992 man this was present every time superheroes got popular. 
*Warning Spoilers*

**The Plot**

So let's being the episode starts kinda slow with a narration made by our main character.It's boring it's just him describing his routine how he take meds , goes to school ,his old friends ,his house and how his ties himself to bed every night okay that last one was weird.
Hi Stephen
But that's all the time we get with that kid so moving on to hospital where someone is breaking and entering.A guard spots him but steals some medical records and teleports away but some guys teleport after him and they fight of course they use their fists what did you except them to use their powers don't silly man that not in the budget.
this is John
Okay the 3rd guy teleports behind John and they start fighting as a homeless person watches I am surprised that he didn't looked at his booze in a strange way. 
Then John meets with Clara who schools him for using his powers and he responds with the logical thing: he attacked and defending himself and see that the stolen medical record was about Stephen i was wondering when he will become relevant to the story.

BTW Ultra is the agency that hunts them down.
And speaking of Stephen he found him in bed with his neighbors having a 3way okay they don't that but that was one of the joke in the show it wasn't funny.
And I have a few questions regarding this:
  1. How come they didn't feel/hear him teleporting  i mean we know  from the last fight scene that teleportation makes noise that is weird and kinda loud.
  2. Usually in fiction when someone was this kind of ability and can't control it he usually teleports where he dreams about or where he fells safe.So he was dreaming about sleeping with his neighbour's wife or does he think she's hot (okay she is)
  3. Apparently he was been going to his house for a while now why ? what is so special about that house ?
see the kids agrees with me

 He hears the voice of Cara in head and wake up and he also wake up his neighbors.
The neighbor bring him back next morning of course nah he gave him a bed some milk and cookies then treatments them with the police.

Next day at the school he meets his last remaining friend Astrid and he bitches about his problems until Astrid put him in his place I like Astrid.

Then the school's bully take is medicine but he replaced he actual pills  with laxative one pretty funny and this won't make the bully made in no way.

Later that night Cara contacts him (telepathically) and tries to convince him that she's real kinda pointless considering that we know.
So he finally meets the  Tomorrow People.
welcome to the Xavier Institute i mean Sanctuary..subway yeah subway
They explain who they are and where they are and they show off some of their powers and explaining the  breaking out thing meaning the awakening of his powers. 
The powers that they get are the 3T'S like Teleportation ,Telepathy and Telekinesis and they get these powers because they are the easiest special effects do ah i mean they are the most common gene or the base set (imagine serious face).

And we have nice transition to the villains headquarters where we are introduced to the main bad guy (i think) interrogating a Homo superior the one from the subway fight.
Wait what ? they can't kill really how does that work no i really what's stopping them from killing somebody.What if he shoot him in the neck or chest he wouldn't have died right away but he would have bleed to death or somebody uses telekinesis to demolish a building in people what then do if powers stop if he doesn't know that they are inside he killed them unless his powers sense them somehow.
Why would evolution create something like this give them superior powers but limit them at the same time, look at all the animals on top of the food chain they are killers and have the perfect tools for the job this make no sense.I am officially dubbing this thing the pussy gene.  

The Cara and John show Stephen their advance computer yes they have and computer with and A.I. on it in and abandoned subway station how are you getting the power again,the order to show him a message from his father.
what does TIM mean ?
machine apocalypse
They want his help in order to find his father who apparently had powers lead them for while and then vanished looking for some heaven for them.

To make an long story short he refuses because he isn't ready and he has daddy issues.

He kinda freaks out when he see the message as you can see ->

 So he leaves them  he realizes that he was telekinesis besides Teleportation he tries to show this to Astrid  but fails geez maybe you shouldn't have left the ones who could have trained you dumbass and becomes a giant dick to Astrid.

Let the hate flow through you
Them bully from earlier by not liking those  laxative that he gave him and starts beating him Stephen gets mad and starts using his powers in order to beat him he goes as far as using his Telekinesis in order to choke the guy but them the pussy gene stops him from doing that.

So Ultra finds him and takes him in and he meets doctor Jedikiah Price (the main bad guy) and he starts presenting his case that he isn't the bad guy although we saw him kill somebody he present some kids that have done some major shit but what do you except they are kids it's not like they are responsible or anything they just got new toys.
BTW he is in a room where powers don't work.
how did you get this do you have a Cerebro or something ?
yeah sure
Meanwhile the "rebels" start debating on whether should they go save Stephen from Ultra but means that they will have to go in center of Ultra,John says no this stupid giving in to his pussy gene.
BTW John is Jedikia's son yeah know spoiler but come on it's kinda obvious they are both blonds and they know each other pretty well.

Jedikia tries to give Stephen a cure that will take his powers away (there's another nod to X-Men) but at the last second they hear security breach alarm so they obviously abort and leave him alone the that room were the powers don't work.
So the Tomorrow attack and fight the guards i am sure that they guards will with all those hits that get got ,John joins the rescue effort (what a shock) btw they need to save because he is the chosen one yeah i know roll with it.
So he teleports from the room that restricts powers (somehow) meets with the others Jedikia threatens and tries to kill John but Stephen stops time with his powers btw the hole building restricts powers to some degree and he did this in the room where nobody else could use theirs. 
see that distortion near his hand that is the time stop power.
Back at the abandoned subway station some are excited about his powers Cara and John talk he admits of being a dick earlier  and compares Stephen with Moses then make out Stephen view the message from his father and it's kinda emotional.    

Then he goes home and finds that he was an uncle guess who that is ?

And you know the drill he wants him to work from him threatens his family and his friends (he uses his family against him , it's implied that he will harm them) and show a video with his "father's death" (i am just going to say it ti's fake).

He meets with Cara and tells her that he is going to work for Ultra and they argue for a bit.

I want to punch him so badly right now , you have some pretty amazing powers and you and to get rid of them fuck you I would give anything(there's a limit so not quite anything) to have those powers except for those pussy genes but I have found a work round those as well.

So he joins Ultra and the show an montage mimicking what happened in the beginning  showing us his friends ,apologizing to Astrid ,throwing away his pills and his new job and boss.
I like how he shows Cara and others and "his friends" despite working for an organization that hunts them down and kills them yeah you are still friends.

**Final Thoughts**

Like I said this show is an X-Men Rip-off but it does some interesting things with the characters well the main characters he's boring as fuck and annoying at times i am talking about Cara ,John ,even Jedikiah  and TIM yeah the computer is more interesting that him.
I think that this show will be every predictable when they encounter these "mutants" because they only have the 3T's so yeah and plus the no kill thing is kinda stupid.
Remember when said that Agents of  is like any other sci-fi show but with some with some twists and elements that make it interesting and different things to hunt while here they will be hunting he same thing every episode.
Here are some alternative to this show.
They kinda have the same premise but the powers and things are unique in every episode.

The special effects are okay and the fights are pretty good.
I won't be watching this series at this time maybe i will give it a watch in the future(and review it of course) but i am not sure.
In this current status i predict 1 season max 2.   

Final Score:2/5  

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