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DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe 001 (2013) Comic Review

So let's begin DC Universe VS Masters Of The Universe first of all I was kinda excited when DC launched the He-Man and Masters of the Universe comic books then i got even better when they announced this crossover.
I know about He-Man  from the cartoon series.....the 2002 one  
now I haven't read the new He-Man comics but I'm sure that DC will explain everything for new readers and they didn't made this series just to promote their series (like they did in other stories so for )

So let's start with the cover:I like the cover it show the 2 teams fighting and the attention to detail it's extraordinary like Superman's heat vision deflect on He-Man's Power Sword,Wonder Woman fighting Teela.BTW the fight on the cover doesn't happen in this issue and Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Cyborg appear in this issue and pretty sure that it's a coincidence that the DC representative are all members of the Justice League they put them there in order to trick the reader or because they are popular and they need to make money.
So the story starts with a woman being attack by some weird rats but she is saved by a magic circle
She is teleported at house and meets another unknown woman (unknown to me at least ) and we learn that the circle was made by a John.

Then we cut to Eternia and we get the title the cut was so rough I mean there no indication if it is another dimension or planet or even a parallel universe it's that I turn of page.
And the dialog it's even worse it's not bad, but they are referring to an event that happened in their series a good crossover doesn't rely on things that happened in the past okay some do that, but here that event it's still happening so after this crossover ends you need to read the next He-man issue in order to get an ending and you need to read the previous issues in order to get the situation at hand.
Man it's like "you want to know happened, you wanna know,do you really you wanna know well buy the fucking comics you dumbass" this is treating your customer like shit.   

I don't know maybe I'm too young for this shit even DC said that they made comic for 45-year-olds so that's why I a 21-year-old find problems with this concept.
The next pages are fight scenes and are well done but 1st that confuses me more that it's already done
They are machines right so what they are sexbots in their spare time really? Eternia invented sexbots, but they still live like barbarians.And yeah Teela and He-Man bicker for a bit and we get some funny lines.

So they beat the sexbots and they investigate the crate they were  transporting and I get some more confusing dialog(confusing to me anyway) hurray.
I know I should have read the comics but come one there isn't even an editorial box explaining what happened in those issues or at the very least what issues to read.
Now Evil-Lyn and the gang talk over a camp fire also i think that Stratos is present at the camp fire he doesn't have any lines and talk about the Skeletor who apparently  took over Eternia or something and he put Evil-Lyn in that cube.

At the mysterious house the 2 mysterious woman talk and apparently the blonde's story is interesting and she wants to talk with John Constantine  about Skeletor he "walks the Earth" well of course he walks the earth what does he walks the air or water (i know that she means the planet)
 Then John shows up I guess he teleported in otherwise I don't see how she could have missed him.He asked about Skeletor and we finally get to him and btw bloodies is Marlena.

We cut to Earth Salem,Massachusetts wait a minute that scene with John and Marlena wasn't taking place on Earth a fucking it moving.
I find it interesting that Skeletor and Black Alice are at Salem they are both magic based and Salem has reputation to that but the dimension being weaker on Salem interesting.They are doing magic stuff so yeah it doesn't need explanation.
And I have to ask what's with Skeletor's lower jaw did they forget to draw or does he look like that in this version it's creepy as hell and what's up with those horns they look kinda silly.
Apparently Alice is used as a medium in order for Skeletor to talk with the Big-faced-energy-man ? I have no idea who this is and it seems that Skeletor is not in charge here this guy is .
Back on Earth or at least at the strange manor Marlena and John are discussing that bad guys plans witch are to train Earth of it's magic and I have this is kinda original.And they have to fight  okay they don't really fight, but it's kinda pointless Marlena says that John was disrespectful okay when was he ? now really when 1st of all he saved your ass at the beginning and now he is listening to you and story and he is a bit septic remember the is the reboot so that crap you know about him that happened in the Vertigo may not apply to this character so this is his 1st time dealing with this .
Okay look at that how the fucked did she manage to throw him like he was sitting down and she was in front of him but in the next panel the chair is behind her at to the side I'm pretty sure that this is impossible.
I like his reaction to this he doesn't give a shit and the rats from earlier are back then we cut to Skeletor and Black Alice.
Wow House of Secrets or Mystery you are really desperate aren't you DC (maybe we'll get a new series for these) for those of you who don't House of Secrets /House of Mystery are 2 comic books from the Vertigo Imprint of DC same as John Constantine.
Skeletor asks about Earth's Mightiest Heroes hey if the comic can pull those 2 reference so can I,Alice says that the Justice Leagues are the protectors of Earth.I said Justice Leagues because she mentions all of the teams except for International who got canceled.Remember when I said that Superman Wonder Woman And Green Lantern don't appear in this issue well I was wrong they get a small panel cameo it's not like they're important or on the cover.
still now jaw creepy 
And he finds out that Skeletor knows of Constantine and considered him a myth okay how the fuck does this work I mean  witch is the past myths usually refer to events in the past, but here we 2 guys from different points in time or dimension who say that the other one is a myth so WTF this is like paradox.

Back in Eternia He-Man ,Teela and Evil-Lyn are talking about the violation of the Pan-Dimensional Accord so Eternia knows about parallel worlds okay no comment btw they talk about this FOR 3 PAGES and they get  transported in last in page to Earth at the mystery manor near Marlena and John making those pages completely pointless.Wow you couldn't fill 3 more pages so you decided to waste time.
And shock of all shocks Marlena is Adam/He-man mom if you were a fan you knew this if you weren't you're shocked as me.
BTW even the writers seems confused about the location of this crossover.

**Final Thoughts**

This is a bad start to the crossover little is explained ,most of the characters are unknown ( to me at least damn you autocorrect i trusted you) and this seems like a marketing ploy if nothing else with events that happened in other issues and don't even get explanation for those.This comic would have been better if they include a character bios or something to inform the read about the action.Now I know what are you thinking come one this is a crossover you need to know something about these franchises you can't come empty handed or head in this case yeah good point but there's a saying Every comic book is someone's first and this has been done better in Battle of the Planets/Thundercats for instance when I 1st read I knew nothing  about those franchises but it was fun and made me wan to know about the characters and it didn't reply on too many past events in order to do that.
the one where G-Force goes to Thundera not the ones with the kids
 In the end all I have to say is that this is a bad Start to the crossover, but let's hope that they will improve.

Final Score:2/5 Wait for issue #2   

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