Friday, 30 August 2013

Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part I


With the 21 season of Power Rangers under way and this month being the celebration when the first season 1st aired  I decided to make this list with ALL the powers/zords/megazords that have survived the show's long run. So with that in mind i've been re-watching the old seasons looking for thing that could apear in Super Megaforce.So I will start Mighty Morphin and go up until Samurai.

And yes i couldn't think of a better title for this list and if you find some spelling errors sorry i've made in a hurry in order to put on time.The connection between the  title and the list is that i want to see all the thing that have survived the end of the season like powers zords and so on.
During some events the Rangers lose their powers  and zords but in later episode(team-up episodes ) they have them back and i wanted to address the continuity issues and show when they didn't lose set zords and powers.

But 1st let's talk bit about Super Megaforce  yeesh the freaking name SUPER MEGAFORCE guess what the name of the current season just guess....well it is Megaforce who came up with this 5 year old ...come to think of it a 5 years old wouldn't be this stupid.I mean i kinda accepted it when they did with Samurai and Super Samurai.

From what i heard they will be merging 2 season (like in Mighty Morphin, season 2 uses mech from a different Sentai series ) why would you do this, I mean think of the characters they act completely different in the Sentai shows.
Or are they afrait that they will screw the team-up episode like they did with the movie Clash of the Red Rangers .
The movie freaking sucked only 1 of the RPM rangers showed up this wouldn't have bother me too much but they used footage from the Sentai footage contained also a team-up with ALL THE RANGERS AND A MEGAZORD TEAM-UP wow Saban from creating your own awesome team-ups to been out-shined by Disney.BTW this aired/was made when the company had some financial problems(from what i heard ) so who thought that this would be a good idea "we are having some financial problems so let's do a special episode that requires less Sentai footage and more actors to pay and more special effects".

I mean Saban actually did their own MEGAZORD TEAM-UP BATTLE and now when the have the footage they don't used awesome just fucking awesome.

If they got that super essay to adapt movie wrong  what  you think  that they will  do with this movie:
BTW is called Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle
That movie uses ALL OF THE SUPER SENTAI TEAMS in one gigantic battle and if that isn't awesome enough they also use all of the old Megazords in the final battle.

Now you know the most likely the reason for the merging of the seasons is that they don't have enough footage for the show.
Power Rangers adaptations started with Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger but in Super Snetai there are like 15 more teams that weren't adapted into Power Rangers and Gokaiger use them a lot (yes I know there is a preSaban adaptation of a show) so yeah they are to cheap to film new stuff.

But one day I saw this on

No comment because well be here till next year

Now you are probably thinking geez  you've been brutal towards the show give it a break it is a kid show after all.Good point but that doesn't mean it have to be stupid and cheap kids are smarter than you think  and good intelligent shows can develop their minds.
So if you are wondering why kids are getting stupider look no further.

Now back to our list:

Please don't get mad if i get some thing wrong i had to look into 20 season to find these things .

Monday, 26 August 2013

Ben Affleck as Batman 1st Thoughts


So i just heard that Ben Affleck is going to play Batman in the next Man of Steel and in the Superman Batman and probably in the Justice League movie.

 Now since this news was announced jokes and revolts have started on social media regarding this casting choice but there are some people that reminds us of a worst casting choice and movie
God that movie sucked
I think that people are worried because of the other superhero movie that he was in kinda sucked.But i think that his performance in Daredevil has good (i don't remember much of the movie :( ). The problems that movie had  are more related to the plot and to the action btw watch the Director's Cut is much better than the normal version and to some of the characters(Bullseye ,Elektra  and Kingpin  hint ).
When the movie first came out i kinda liked a lot the fight scenes where great and Ben was good a Matt Murdock at the time.My knowledge of the character came from the Spier-Man TAS cartoon that had  him in 2 episode and there where some similarities with movie like his origin.

And BTW the costume was okay it had the black red dynamic that was showed in the comics and cartoon

The other problem that i think that people have with this is that they don't see someone as Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne /Batman.
And even I don't see him in the role i don't know i just don't see him in the role but i think that this is the secret of casting a good Batman the person that you see as Batman is a good Bruce Wayne like for instance at Cristian Bale performance, looking at his Bruce Wayne you can tell that he has something to hide and that  freaking voice.

Now when the Tim Burton version of Batman was produced fans didn't see Michael Keaton as Batman and send about 50,000 protest letters sent to Warner Bros. offices but Burton continued with his choice and we got one of the best Batman/Bruce Wayne performances ever if i had to make a top 5 best performances of the Dark Knight we would at number 1  he is just that good he Bruce Wayne is on screen you just don't see him as Batman you think that he is just normal guy with nothing important to hide.

Maybe that is the secret to a good Batman casting some you don't see as him if they do the Tim Burton approach to his character he will be good but if they try something different he will suck.

And maybe DC should do a short of him as Batman to calm the fans they could air on DC Nation
This could like a test if the fans like him after that keep him if not keep looking

Okay i put this here because it look freaking awesome
In the end all I have to say is give the man a change.
Maybe it was meant to be (conspiracy bellow)

Daredevil =Red Batman mind blown
Btw if there are in Marvel Universe how to they know about Batman ?


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Top 5 Things That I Want To See On Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Who else is excited about the new marvel TV series witch is in canon with the Marvel Cinematic Universe,.
I am sooo excited about the series  that i made this list of things that i want to see on the show.
I based this list on things that  S.H.I.E.L.D. had over the years in its long run the sources include comics,cartoon and movies.

The explication of how did Phil Coulson survive in the Avengers movie is too obvious that i decided not to included it in this list and they will explain (i hope) .

Friday, 16 August 2013

Axe Cop Ep01 Night Mission Stealing Friends Back Review


So apparently Fox is out of ideas if they turned this into a series ,i am not mad about this i am just saying the obvious  i know that Axe Cop has a huge fanbase.
So i just watched the 1st episode and it was........ insanely fun i don't know how to describe it but i will try.
Watch or die
Apparently the original web comic was made Malachai and Ethan Nicolle  ,Ethan did the artwork while Malachai age 5(now age 8) did everything else  the stories and the characters.Even Dark Horse turned this into a series

It is kinda obvious that a kid  made this story it is filled with thing that I liked when i was kid for that the series is freaking awesome and Malachai if you are reading this you have my respect and you should get a freaking medal.

Warning Spoilers ahead!!

This is a great episode it is pure unspoiled fund give it watch. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Transformers Prime and Transformers Go


 Transformers Prime And Transformers Go And Transformers Rescue Bots(there wasn't anymore room in the tiles for one more)

If you read my review of Deadlock you know that it was the series finale for Transformers Prime as a finale it is pretty good but i think that they could have done with the show.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters S3Ep13 Deadlock Review


First off i have to say that i freaking love Transformers and i will done more reviews on them  (i have like 3 film to rip to shreds thank to Bay ).
But i wanted first to talk about this series finale and the overall season for a bit.
Spoilers Alert

Btw this episode is pretty good go watch it

Watch it Here

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald My Theory

Okay, this is me talking about my fan theory if you don't like this sort of thing leave if do let's continue and btw major spoilers ahead.

We all know that Clara saved the Doctor all 11 version of him maybe all 12 but we will sees about that.

But what she is exactly I think that she is a paradox and that the Clara before the episode the  "The Name Of The Doctor" was also a copy just like the ones in "Asylum of the Daleks" and "Doctor Who Christmas Special The Snowmen".
I mean when jumped into the Doctor's timeline she was split into different versions of her all across the time and space and judging by the funny meeting of her parents she is another clone.

 Even she said that she lived many lives where she was born lived and died and the saved the Doctor.
And she said that she already done this  (jumping in the timeline) and that she died when she did like the rest of the clones.

Now there is an interesting version of her the one that appeared on Gallifrey the planet of the Time Lord i think that was a Time.......Lady?
I mean only Time Lords on Galliyfrey so she was to be a Time Lord

Now here the kicker and the of the episode "The Name Of the Doctor"  apparently all clones have merged back into her because she retained  all the information about the Doctor she even says "I say all of you 11 faces" so does that means that she is now a Time Lord i mean it would make sense.
I think that a human mind couldn't process all that information all of those lives but a Time Lord mind could.
And why should she retain the Time Lord DNA if all the clones merged back into one?
Maybe after the Doctor dies (we saw his grave so he has to die) Clara takes his place as the Doctor (i mean to better to replace the Doctor she knows all of his secrets ) continuing the legacy of the name.
 And she would be a Time Lord so another 12 regeneration to go for a new series.

So this means that the Doctor is no longer the last of species(but we has never lost Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter) didn't die and there is River )  which is a good thing I never understood the kkeepingof the status quo.

Bring Her Back
Like i said before this is a FAN THEORY so treat as such.