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Axe Cop Ep01 Night Mission Stealing Friends Back Review


So apparently Fox is out of ideas if they turned this into a series ,i am not mad about this i am just saying the obvious  i know that Axe Cop has a huge fanbase.
So i just watched the 1st episode and it was........ insanely fun i don't know how to describe it but i will try.
Watch or die
Apparently the original web comic was made Malachai and Ethan Nicolle  ,Ethan did the artwork while Malachai age 5(now age 8) did everything else  the stories and the characters.Even Dark Horse turned this into a series

It is kinda obvious that a kid  made this story it is filled with thing that I liked when i was kid for that the series is freaking awesome and Malachai if you are reading this you have my respect and you should get a freaking medal.

Warning Spoilers ahead!!

This is a great episode it is pure unspoiled fund give it watch. 

Now to the episode at hand  the title is great it describes the plot in one sentence and also tells you that you are in for a crazy ride .

So the episode  starts with the announcement that the action take place on Earth and Axe Cop refuses Flute Cop invitation to dinner setting up the lesson of the episode and he dresses in a giant cat suit and spots Warthog man(who looks like Batman) and finds out that his friends were stolen by the King of the Bad guys and then they have to go to another planet in order to get a dinosaur Horne in order to beat him and wow it didn't took long for logic and reason to leave to show did it now

looking good guy so we've got a batman rip-off a cop in a cat suit and that guy with the diamond on his head awesome

And yeah they get that extra guy and they jump a giant space ramp in order to get off planet just wow.
At the Dino store they argue about the buying or renting the dino horn and we get his guy origin story witch is pretty god damn awesome and silly at the same time but mostly awesome 

Army chihuahua just  Army chihuahua
Sergent T kind looks familiar
Btw that is his name Army chihuahua o and Sergent T died fighting a war with this thing

Chicken Head
So they get the horn and the chihuahua join the mission to honor Sergent T and they go to another planet (of they do)

So happened to the 1st planet

So on that planet they find the Bad King(BD from now on his name is kinda long as it is ) secret and they kill all the giant fly workers with free poison soda secret attack (say that 3 times fast) and there is just one fly who like juice more the soda and they find that BD ate Warhog Man 's friends sorry Bat Warhog Man 's frinds

So they find BD and they plan to use the horn to summon the dinosaurs to eat his brain

He is the King because he has a crown

Axe Cop tells Grey Diamond to be careful and they get captured and Grey Diamon tells his origin and talk about his BF
Grey Diamond
And they get saved by Liborg Grey Diamond friend witch is half lion ,half cheetah and half man

He looks awesome

So after they get saved Axe Cop uses the horn and calls the dinosaurs from the dinosaur plant of course what don't believe me check this out

the dinos start eating BD's brain and the gang falls into the stomach and there they find the missing friend (still alive) and they use the other hole to get out (not the mouth) so yack .
Then Axe cop says that BD is going to be a very dumb good guy from now on and then goes to Flute Cop to ask for some diner  (to go  he still needs to return the dino horn but gets the late fee )

Final Thoughts

This episode is pretty insane but entertaining a fuck
i mean the show has no rules anything can happen witch made this how pretty damn awesome i highly recommend it but you have to do one thing try not to think to much just sit back and enjoy the ride

Final Score d/5 funny origin stories


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