Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Doctor Who Clara Oswin Oswald My Theory

Okay, this is me talking about my fan theory if you don't like this sort of thing leave if do let's continue and btw major spoilers ahead.

We all know that Clara saved the Doctor all 11 version of him maybe all 12 but we will sees about that.

But what she is exactly I think that she is a paradox and that the Clara before the episode the  "The Name Of The Doctor" was also a copy just like the ones in "Asylum of the Daleks" and "Doctor Who Christmas Special The Snowmen".
I mean when jumped into the Doctor's timeline she was split into different versions of her all across the time and space and judging by the funny meeting of her parents she is another clone.

 Even she said that she lived many lives where she was born lived and died and the saved the Doctor.
And she said that she already done this  (jumping in the timeline) and that she died when she did like the rest of the clones.

Now there is an interesting version of her the one that appeared on Gallifrey the planet of the Time Lord i think that was a Time.......Lady?
I mean only Time Lords on Galliyfrey so she was to be a Time Lord

Now here the kicker and the of the episode "The Name Of the Doctor"  apparently all clones have merged back into her because she retained  all the information about the Doctor she even says "I say all of you 11 faces" so does that means that she is now a Time Lord i mean it would make sense.
I think that a human mind couldn't process all that information all of those lives but a Time Lord mind could.
And why should she retain the Time Lord DNA if all the clones merged back into one?
Maybe after the Doctor dies (we saw his grave so he has to die) Clara takes his place as the Doctor (i mean to better to replace the Doctor she knows all of his secrets ) continuing the legacy of the name.
 And she would be a Time Lord so another 12 regeneration to go for a new series.

So this means that the Doctor is no longer the last of species(but we has never lost Jenny (The Doctor's Daughter) didn't die and there is River )  which is a good thing I never understood the kkeepingof the status quo.

Bring Her Back
Like i said before this is a FAN THEORY so treat as such.

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