Monday, 12 August 2013

Transformers Prime and Transformers Go


 Transformers Prime And Transformers Go And Transformers Rescue Bots(there wasn't anymore room in the tiles for one more)

If you read my review of Deadlock you know that it was the series finale for Transformers Prime as a finale it is pretty good but i think that they could have done with the show.

We are still getting a movie (i think) called  Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising that is supposed to be the true ending i mean the plot sound  great but i would have liked a Season 4 i mean they could have had crossover episode with G.I. Joe  or with M.A.S.K. i mean in one episode they actually mention M.A.S.K.

this was made by M.A.S.K.

But instead we get and anime that continues the story of Prime and it kinda is in canon unlike the other show yes you heard me there another Transformers cartoon that aired at the same time with Prime

Granted it was targeted towards children maybe it is not in canon but it is still aring so yeah we've had like 3 series this year insane man freaking insane.

Now Back to Transformers Go a saw the trailer and the animation on the human characters is anime like but the animation on the Transformers is CGI and kinda looks Energon and Cybertron it kinda clashes with the normal one i know somehow Prime did it better.

Our Main Characters !!!

see the similarities
Some people are already complaining about this but after Unicron Trilogy i've became kinda inmune to it.
Btw the why is it called the  Unicron Trilogy Cybertron isn't in canon like Armada and Energon.

So our main characters (the robots)  can combine in 3 different modes like in Energon (sort of ).

See only that there are 3 instead of 2
So let's talk about the plot of the series this is quote from tfwiki " It primarily follows two new Japanese-exclusive teams of Autobot combiners, three bots per team, who can each combine into three different forms of super-robot. These six warriors are tasked with hunting down the remaining Predacons on Earth after Optimus Prime and company have headed off into deep space."
So we have 6 Autobot combiners too bad that Prime didn't introduce combiners so +1 on the wrong direction and the villains of the show will be the Predacons nice ......wait a minute how come that they are fighting Prefacons should they be extinct i mean in the Prime cartoon witch Go is a sequel they killed-off all the predacon clones except for Predaking so how come there are living here.

Fuck off Continuity alarm the shows are canon they share continuity
So what i can tell from the 1st episode Team Prime leaves earth in order to fix Cybertron (proving that it is a sequel and there should be Predacons but whatever) and some kid find a disk or something the episode is on youtube WITHOUT SUBTITLES and it was kinda hard to understand and it think that this is the pilot and it full of past Transformers cliches (watch RID) unlike Prime.
Btw their(our main characters from Go) mouths don't move when they talk  creepy. 

Looking Good Prime ,Looking Good

And for the good thing ...... a new Transformers series i don't what to say it has problems but i am willing to give a chance.

I can only hope for a crossover between Prime and Go or a least quest-stars in Go from Prime  Ratchet is still on earth and Miko has that kick-ass armor and Agent Fowler said something about copying that armor  I expect great tings for this crossover.


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