Monday, 26 August 2013

Ben Affleck as Batman 1st Thoughts


So i just heard that Ben Affleck is going to play Batman in the next Man of Steel and in the Superman Batman and probably in the Justice League movie.

 Now since this news was announced jokes and revolts have started on social media regarding this casting choice but there are some people that reminds us of a worst casting choice and movie
God that movie sucked
I think that people are worried because of the other superhero movie that he was in kinda sucked.But i think that his performance in Daredevil has good (i don't remember much of the movie :( ). The problems that movie had  are more related to the plot and to the action btw watch the Director's Cut is much better than the normal version and to some of the characters(Bullseye ,Elektra  and Kingpin  hint ).
When the movie first came out i kinda liked a lot the fight scenes where great and Ben was good a Matt Murdock at the time.My knowledge of the character came from the Spier-Man TAS cartoon that had  him in 2 episode and there where some similarities with movie like his origin.

And BTW the costume was okay it had the black red dynamic that was showed in the comics and cartoon

The other problem that i think that people have with this is that they don't see someone as Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne /Batman.
And even I don't see him in the role i don't know i just don't see him in the role but i think that this is the secret of casting a good Batman the person that you see as Batman is a good Bruce Wayne like for instance at Cristian Bale performance, looking at his Bruce Wayne you can tell that he has something to hide and that  freaking voice.

Now when the Tim Burton version of Batman was produced fans didn't see Michael Keaton as Batman and send about 50,000 protest letters sent to Warner Bros. offices but Burton continued with his choice and we got one of the best Batman/Bruce Wayne performances ever if i had to make a top 5 best performances of the Dark Knight we would at number 1  he is just that good he Bruce Wayne is on screen you just don't see him as Batman you think that he is just normal guy with nothing important to hide.

Maybe that is the secret to a good Batman casting some you don't see as him if they do the Tim Burton approach to his character he will be good but if they try something different he will suck.

And maybe DC should do a short of him as Batman to calm the fans they could air on DC Nation
This could like a test if the fans like him after that keep him if not keep looking

Okay i put this here because it look freaking awesome
In the end all I have to say is give the man a change.
Maybe it was meant to be (conspiracy bellow)

Daredevil =Red Batman mind blown
Btw if there are in Marvel Universe how to they know about Batman ?


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