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Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part VI

Welcome to the final part of my list and the most difficult since I haven't watch this series that much so I might get some facts wrong.If I do get some facts wrong please correct me in a respectful manner so no swearing thanks.

So let's start with Jungle Fury
The rangers still have their powers i think they didn't use them in order to destroy the main bad guy and plus they haven't got any team-up episode so it's kinda hard to tell although Sentai footage existed for team-ups damn you Disney.
These 2 on the other hand I really don't know they might have their powers but they aren't actually rangers.

The Zords in this series are spirit manifestations of the Ranger's spirit animals so yeah they still have the Zords because they are part of them(some of them).
 Also this series has many Zords and some Megazord combinations.
Red Tiger
Blue Jaguar
Yellow Tiger
Rhino Steel Zord
Now let's move on with the Jungle Pride Megazord and its different combinations.
Jungle Pride Megazord
Wolf Pride Megazord
Jungle Pride with Elephant Power
Jungle Pride with Bat Power
Jungle Pride with Shark Power

As the rangers evolved from student to master so did the Megazords from Jungle Pride Megazord to Jungle Master Megazord.

Jungle Master with Bat Power

The next Megazord is the Rhino Pride Megazord i think that they exaggerated with the "Pride" in these names.

I like this Zord because it can turn on its own into the Megazord form ,few zords can do that.

And now for the obligatory carrier zord configuration.

That's all for Jungle Fury now let's get in gear with Power Rangers RPM
The Rangers still have their powers.Okay not those Rangers because they returned the Morphers but the powers are still active.

The Zords are still active as seen at the end of the series and in the team-up episodes/movie.
God that team-up sucked i mean it has some good moments but compared with the Sentai counterpart it sucks plane and simple it would be that bad if they used original footage but they did use some from the Sentai.You have access to the Sentai and you didn't use the coolest parts like the team team-up and the Megazord team-up what happened to you Saban ?

Anyway back to our list the zords are still active as seen at the end of series and in that awful movie.
Eagle Racer
                        Lion Hauler
Bear Crawler
Tail Spinner
Wolf Cruiser
Croc Carrier
Falcon Coptor
Tiger Jet
Whale Zord
Engine Machalcon
Fun fact in the Sentai the Zords talked.If you think that that's weird in Gokaiger when they have an arc about Go-Onger 2 of the machine (Engine Speedor/Eagle Racer and Engine Bear RV/Bear Crawler) got married and had a son Engine Machalcon I wonder on how will they explain him in Super Megaforce(probably a prototype or something created by Doctor K).

Now that I'm done with the Zords and the trivia let's move on to the Megazords and their combinations yes they did it again. I'm not mad about this but it's always the same thing a new arm or a new leg try something new.

1st up is the High Octane Megazord.
High Octane Megazord
High Octane Megazord with Tail Spinner
High Octane Megazord with Wolf Cruiser
High Octane Megazord with Falcon Zord and Tiger Jet
Next up are the upgrades to the other Megazords of the series the ValveMax,Mach,PaleoMax Megazord.
ValveMax Megazord
                     Mach Megazord
PaleoMax Megazord
The next 2 Megazords are upgrade to the High Octane Megazord the SkyRev Megazord and the RPM Ultrazord.
SkyRev Megazord
RPM Ultrazord
The final Zord of this series is the Road-Attack Zord and yes it's similar with the  Warrior Wheel from Zeo.

Now let's leave RPM behind and return to our normal dimension with Power Rangers Samurai and Super Samurai.
No point in talking about their powers because they will appear in Super Megaforce.

And now for the final pair of Zords.I think that some of them were destroyed in the final battle with  Master Xandred.

Now let's move up with the Megazords 1st up is the  Samurai Megazord and it's different combinations.
Next up is the Samurai Battlewing and the Battlewing Megazord.The Battlewing gives the Megazord the power of flight and it looks freaking awesome.
The next 2 Zord are the Bull Megazord and the LightZord.The LightZord might be active but the Bull Megazord might be destroyed since it was used in the final battle.
Light Megazord
Combined with FoldingZords
Bull Megazord
And now for the Ultrazord of the series although it doesn't have Ultrazord in the name the  Samurai Gigazord but Gigazord sound pretty awesome.
Samurai Shark Gigazord
*Fun Fact* in this season marked the reunion of 2 funny I am talking about Bulk and Skull. 

Now that I'm done with this list there's one question that remains "Will any of these things appear in Super Megaforce ?" and if I have to answer this question my answer will be NO.Not all of these will appear but I wanted to show all the things that could appear. 

Take the Mechas or the Megazords for instance they won't do in Super Megaforce because some of the mechs weren't adapted into PR.
And plus there are some sings that Super Megaforce won't be as super.
For instance they managed to piss me off in the 1st 20 seconds of Megaforce by using the team-up footage from Sentai as a stupid dream scene are you fucking kidding me.

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