Friday, 22 November 2013

Justice League Rant

Originally this was supposed to be after my Man of Steel Review but I decided but make a post about it because I go a bit off the rails with the subject. Also I was sick all week so I couldn't write the review.
So let's see Green Lantern bombed ,the Batman in movie won't be the same one from The Dark Knight Trilogy(Batman Begins,The Dark Knight,The Dark Knight Rises),Man of Steel isn't a faithful representation of character and Wonder Woman's pilot sucked.

So God or Gods helps us all with the Justice League.Don't let this be another failure yes another someone else tried to make a JLA movie and fail so that's not a good sing.
Now what members do I want to see on the movie well here's a hint
Yes they should just adapt the 1st episode of cartoon Secret Origins it's pretty awesome.
Now if they want to change the members that's fine but Superman ,Batman and Wonder Woman are mandatory.
I would say that Green Arrow from Arrow should be on the movie but then it will be too similar with Avengers you know Green Arrow / Hawkeye.

 The only live action representation of a comic character that I kinda like (it sucked in the beginning then it got better) is Green Arrow from the Arrow tv show.

BTW what's with the hiding of the names in Dc movie and tv shows ?
The name of the show should be Green Arrow not Arrow actually they don't even call him that in the show they call him the Hood.
They did the same thing on Smallville with the Blur.I kinda forgive Man of Steel's name because it's been asoocieted with the character and there was a comic called Superman The Man of Steel (and I have to like something in the movie) so there some relation with Superman but the Blur has nothing to do with Superman.Also you gave Smallville 10 fucking season wasting 10 years and you throw it out the window with the reboot well done.
Stop hiding their names god damn it , it's bad marketing it's like hiding your product.

 Also the Wonder Woman from the pilot was darker than Batman and The Hood is darker than Batman come guys Batman is dark and awesome not you guys.
No wonder that they are going to make Batman the founder of the team, he used to be dark but compared with these guys he seems pretty tame.
If DC want to do the same things that Marvel did with the Avengers they shouldn't use Batman as they guy who brings them together , the team should form naturally over the course of the movie and they should have like mini team-up during the movie and in the final act the team comes together and beats the bad guy.
Also I think that DC should do another show witch leads into the Justice League.

Yeah I'm still sick :( sorry for the short post next week I'm doing Man of Steel I promise.
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