Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Game Scam / Steam Sucks Rant

So I just bought a game today nothing special it's a bit old but it's from a series that's dear to me.So I go home and try to install it 
But I notice that something's wrong ,you can tell by just looking at the installer.
And when I finish they installation I am greeted with this:
Okay I kinda noticed earlier that that's a Steam Installer."That's a nice bonus" i thought to myself but then I notice that there not actual game installer so basically I just paid good money for the Steam installer that you can download for free.WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT you know that better than Steam (in this case) THE FREAKING GAME THAT I BOUGHT YOU FUCKING DOUCHEBAG.

THIS REALLY PISSES ME OF so bassically I bought the case, the CD-KEY,the manual and not the installer for the game and speaking of the installer the disk contains only the Steam installer I checked 
Whoever came up with this idea needs to be BEATEN UP AND THEN SKINNED ALIVE okay maybe not skinned alive but at least beaten up and then he should replace Zod in his final scene of Man of Steel.Maybe Steam is a good system who knows but why are they forcing me into making an account maybe I don't want to use Steam I have the right of choice not nnooo these are assholes are forcing me into Steam.They are treating me like a fucking dumbass so you want to the play then use our fucking product you fucking dumbass.
So you know what I am going to do in order to get it ? that's right getting a freaking torrent.Some companies are complaining about piracy, maybe you shouldn't pull shit like this if you don't want piracy.I mean really you ARE FORCING US INTO PIRACY. 

This isn't the 1st time when I got tricked into buying a false product but it's probably the last why should I buy their products when they are full of shit ?
In the end all I have to say is watch out for these scams don't get tricked like me,the only that I have for keeping these games is that I want physical copy of the game it won't be able to install set game but it looks nice that's the only thing it can do: look nice on  the shelf.You might as well go to the store buy some DVD cases and print out the game cover and put it in and done you save some money.
I must go now my download is done and have to install the game wish me luck.

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