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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special The Day Of The Doctor (2013) 1st Thoughts

This isn't a review it's just talking about the special and pointing out some special moments and recomanding some other things.
1st of all I have to say that this episode was very well received on IMDB.
So let's begin and I'll try  not to spoil the special.

First of all I have to say that the Zygons were well used as the bad guys of this special.

They aren't well know to the fans of the new series and from what I've researched they didn't appeared that much in the classic series.

So this makes them a perfect villain for the special if it were the Daleks or the Cybermen or something else it would have been too distracting and too obvious.

And plus they are interesting and they are not the bad guy they are here to set the piece for the final act.

Also I was very surprised on they way that they resolved the Zygon situation ,come one we all seen this situation aliens invade and it's an us vs them scenario with one side wining at a high cost and one losing/dying.

But Doctor Who writers said no,why can't we all get along.That is an excellent solution to problem and this is what the Doctor is best at finding another way a better way.  

Now let's go to a moments that I didn't like because it kinda ignores continuity and it's kinda a fun moments in the end.

No it's not 10th screwdriver was destroyed in The Eleventh Hour (the 1st episode of 11th's era). 

Now let's talk about the War Doctor (i like the name).Hands down I like this character he is just awesome and funny granted he is more serious as expected but by being that serious it's funny compared with the Doctor's normal behavior.

I also like the way he makes fun of his future-self.

I kinda wish that they didn't kill him so quickly I want more of him maybe the guys at Big Finish will do some stories regarding him.It could be what DS9 was for Star Trek a character acting outside normal regulation in an difficult situation.
Flying Dalek fighters awesome just awesome and scary
They could do more stories regarding the Time War, witch is showed is special in a fantastic way it's not fully explained but what we do see it's amazing. 

No the War Doctor Who isn't considered a Doctor.

Even he renounced the name Doctor in one prequel that I'm going to recommend.  

Clara doesn't do much in this special but she does it's amazing like reminding the Doctor what he does best and reminding all of them something they'd miss and it was right in front of them literally.

The Moment is an interesting device and it was mentioned in the End of Time special the final episode of the 10th era.

This special kinda together well with that but it also ignores some stuff that happened in that episode.

Like the Timelords final solution to the Dalek problem.

I would say that that special shouldn't be canon anymore but it's 10th final adventure and it leads into 11th era they are to well linked.

And speaking of 10th for those of you who are wondering about his time placement I have a solution for that I think that he is from between season 2-3 because the would the perfect time for his attitude he is too happy.This obviously take place after the departure with Rose and Before Martha Jones.Also the coat is big hint and might not matter in the end.

 One more things and I'm moving on to recommendations. The curator scene won't spoil it for you but here's a hint after you've watched it for 1st time watched it again and look in the background of the Tardis it might contain a clue also it's kinda infuriating because it kinda goes against the End of Time episode.


Now before you watch this special I recommend you watch/ some other things that tied in to this episode or have a similar theme.
  • The Name of the Doctor the final episode of season 7 why ? because it introduces the War Doctor and it's a led in to 11th regeneration how ? watch the episode also big reveal about Clara Oswald.
  • The Night of the Doctor the least I say about this episode the better.I'll say just this War Doctor pre-regenaration. 
  • The Doctor Who fan film How To Stop A Timelord.It's a team-up between 10 and 11 and it's pretty in fact they actually steal some lines from it for the Anniversary so it's that good.

  • The End of Time Special / The Eleventh Hour (optional) like I said before it ties with this one and it also shows the continuity problem and 10 anger regarding.... the spoilers.

  • The IDW comic Doctor Who The Forgotten it's and 10 adventure where the other 9 Doctors appear this is kinda optional but it's awesome.Also it is the 1st Doctor Who team-up of the new series.

**Final Thoughts**

This is an awesome special despite my gripes.The music is great , the Doctors are great.For me Doctor Who has the done a good spin on a popular idea like the us vs them scenario the ending to that subplot is best resolution that I've seen of that scenario.The Doctor is hero who doesn't care about the rules he will do what's necessary in order to save and this special is perfect proof of that.

-Final Score:4.9/5

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