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Detentionaire Season 1 (2011-2012) 1st Impression

So I've been watching this show lately and it's really good and I decided to make a 1st impression of the 1st season that I just finished.

But let me tell you the story of how I found this cartoon.So I was checking the new episode list on one of my watching sites when I saw it and I thought to myself this sure looks interesting and I gave It watch but I realized that I had not clue on what's going on so I when to the beginning to learn you know the plot.
Not the actual episode that I 1st saw, but close enough 
So let's get started with the plot.But the intro, it's good and tell you a bit of the plot, but also they did the smart thing by not showing the intro in the 1st episode, well done guys that was actually smart.

Detentionaire Intro by thexdatabase

**The Plot**

So our story focuses on Lee Ping a student from  A Nigma High get it Nigma mystery okay moving on.
Lee get's blamed for the biggest prank high school history yeah get used to this line because he says it at the begging of every episode up to season 2 (I am currently up to season 2).
Now have to ask this Is he relatable? And this answer is (in my opinion) no.

I mean he is kinda too perfect in 9th grade, he got all A except for 1 lousy C we did, you get all A in high school, I sure as hell didn't, I wasn't the worst student but I was average I exceeded in some things and I had difficulties in other areas.
Lee entering the gym after the prank
But this guy is too perfect his C was is the only bad grade he had.

He gets the blame for this prank and get a whole year of detention thus the name of the show. So he sneaks out of detention every day in order to prove his innocents.

BTW, is not hard to sneak out of detention because the supervising teacher is either asleep or dead I like to think that he's asleep because you kids show or is it?
So basically he breaks rules in order proof to that he didn't break any rules awesome.
Another thing that I like about this show is that they don't show too much of the prank unlike another show that I like and it's related to pranks.

Also, whenever they show new images of the prank it's amazing you see it from different perspectives get new clues of what happened and it's pretty good.

If you looked at the images you would have noticed some strange things and that's why I used those images ;).

The guy with the eye patch is  Wendell Barrage he is the new principal of the school and he's a cyborg.

Yeah, you read that right, he has a cybernetic eye, arm and leg also he is ex-military and treats the students like solderers.  

He wears a sweater?
 Another weird thing that you might have noticed in those images is well a weird creature.

Well, that creature is a red Tazelwurm/Tatzelwurm I've seen it spelled both ways so yeah.

The Taz as the students call it, is a cryptozoological creature from the Alpine folklore for those of you who don't know it's from Europe and he's the school mascot awesome.
So let's recapitulate, we have a cyborg for a principal and a cryptic for a mascot
Wow, this school is freaking weird and there's more to the weirdness of the school, but I won't spoil it for you and yeah Lee's investigation reaches these places and I think that when he finished with the prank investigation and clears his he will have more interesting things to investigate.

Now let me introduce you to some 'normal' characters:

 Camillio Martinez
 Holger Holgaart
 Biffy Goldstien
1st up is Camillio Martinez or Cam for short, he is Lee's best friend since like ever his shtick is that he tries to be cool and sometimes fails there's more to him but spoilers. 

Next up is Holger Holgaart or Holg he is an exchange student and friends with Lee and Cam he is an actually funny character he is so random at times and speaks his strange native language that sounds ridiculous that it most be fake.
Is that a pack of cigarettes?

Next up is Bifford "Biffy" T. Goldstien he is also friend with Lee and he helps Lee with investigation by giving him the idea of sneaking out of detention.

This guy is the opposite of what you expect from him, he might seem a bully at 1st but he is actually a nice guy.  

Also Barrage commands the Cleaners who do a various things around the school and they don't report Lee when they see him out of detention.
Also, I am the only one who doesn't understand them sometimes I get what are they saying but other times I can't make out the words.

Did that I mention that this school is weird? Oh yeah, I did. Moving on.

**Final Thoughts**

This show is pretty awesome the story is great and the characters might not be relatable but they are sympathetic want to see Lee win because he is wrongfully accused and it's...wrong.
 If you like shows like Gravity Falls, this is for you. Sure, there aren't as many clues as in that one but there are some if you pay attention.

You may notice something about the animation style of the show and yes, it's made is flash and I know that some people don't like cartoons made in flash but flash is just a tool the person who uses it should be responsible if it sucks also there are good cartoons in flash and flash cartoons are still kinda new.
The show is also a Teletoon original series like What's With Andy.
And now for the rating and I'm having some troubles because the 1st season is kinda the set-up to a bigger story and we don't any definitive answers this season we get only clues and because is from Lee's perspective we can play detective and help also season the season ends on a cliffhanger.   

-Final Score:3.5/5 Interesting mystery

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