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Fairy Tales Movies of 2013 Review

Well it's seems that 2013 it's at an end and lot of things happened this year but one thing comes to mind when I think of this year.That thing is Fairy Tales , like I said lots of things happened this year but I chose something different in order in order to be unique ;) .  
Now back to Fairy Tales they seem to be on the rise whether they be movies 
or TV shows
or even comics
now i know that some of the properties that I listed started before 2013 some started 2012 while others started 2005 but they lasted up to this year and that's pretty impressive now a days.

Today I'm going to look at 3 different movies(you already know witch ones) witch represent 3 different approaches to fairy tales movies adaptations.

So let's start with the prequel of these movies:

**Oz the Great and Powerful**

The land of Oz is not stranger to adaptations or re-imagining for instance last year we'd Dorothy and the Witches of Oz and no I haven't seen it yet.
Like I before this movie is a prequel to the original Wizard of Oz so it tells the story of the wizard.
Brotherhood of Oz

The movie is full of tributes to original Wizard of Oz from 1939 from the opening scene which is in black and white until he reaches Oz this was good tribute.Another homage to the original is the gift scene.

The only thing that I don't like about the movie is the main character he is such a douchebag.
In one scene one the the witches tries to convince the other one that Wizard did the same dance with her (if you know what I mean) and I can't tell if she's lying or not so yeah he's that bad.

Towards the end he begins to be more likeable and in my mind he was kinda bad in the original I mean sending Dorothy in harm's way ? really .
He creates more problems than he solves before he came to Oz there were only 3 witches 1 good 1 bad and 1 neutral after this movie there are 2 bad witches so well done wizard.

And speaking of the witches let's talk about them for a bit.

that's a f***ing tear how come she didn't get burned
Theodora the Wicked Witch of the West was neutral before she meets the wizard but after his betrayal she turned evil by choosing not to feel after having her heart broken.
Her sister Evanora the Wicked Witch of the East tricked Theodora into becoming evil and she was unaware that Evanora was the evil one.

You that the witches of this world can only be killed with water well Theodora after learning that the wizard lied to her starts crying and her tears burn her skin.
Dear god I feel so sorry for her  it's so tragic that she become bad she started like a good person and it's all the Wizard's fault.

Overall this is a pretty enjoyable movie the action is good ,the story is okay and the special effects look great.They give the sensation that this is a magical land so in my humble opinion it's used well.

Now let's move on with a adaptation of a fairy tale:

**Jack The Giant Slayer**

This isn't a full adaptation of the story it changes some things but the story is still the same they don't  change the story like Jack and the Beanstalk The Real Story does now don't get me wrong it's still a pretty good movie.

So the movie focuses on Jack (as execpted) and his encounter with the giants which have been known to the world (well at least to Albion) for a couple of years now and we also get an explanation for the beans.
 The movie is an adventure plain and simple it moves kinda fast at times but that's okay for me.
Elmont,Isabelle and Jack

Like I said the story focuses Jack and Isabelle as well she is similar to Jack in many ways but very different for obvious reasons.
Our main characters are ALL LIKABLE sure they might be all bland but I rather have them bland than douchey.

The villains on the other hand are unlikable but that's to be expected since this is a fairy tale.

Accidentally there 2 types of villains in this movie humans and giants.
The giants aren't to impressive as villains sure they are big,powerful and hard to beat but they have been controlled at least 4 times in the movie but when the do get loses it's freaking scary because they are hard to beat.
Jack hold the record of kills he killed only 2 giants in the entire movie.

The giants themselves are just giant people they don't differ too much from each maybe just one is different the 2 headed one and no only 1 head has personality the other one is just for show.

Also there aren't any female giants so how are they born ?

Also why does the leader have 2 heads how did this happen ?

 There also a giant called Fumm like famous giant line "fee fi fo fum"  that's kinda smart also he's Chinese for the looks of it and I'll stop right there.
The CGI in this is bad but I grew up with worse and it didn't bother me that much but I can see how some people will find it bad.The giants look out place when they 1st tell the story they look bad but I can accept that because it's story and the kids are probably imagining that so it's suppose to look unrealistic but the rest is bad.

If you can overlook the bad CGI this is a pretty good movie.It's a fun adventure and we need some of those from time to time also beware there's an Asylum rip-off on the loose called Jack the Giant Killer.Wow they tired really hard why that name.    

If the CGI is bad in this I don't want to see that movie
Also Jack predates Attack on Titan with about 300 years so yeah it's a total rip-off.

**Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters**

Here's the final thing you can do with a fairy tale movie take to the next level.

These guys killed their 1st witch when they where still kids so yeah it makes sense for them to become witch hunters imagine the legend:" see those two they been killing witches since childhood the best of the best".
 The movie does reenact the fairy tales in the begging but that's mostly to show the audience the original story but they do skip some parts of the story like the breadcrumbs part but since they had to do it really fast I cant fault then for that.

Hansel is play by Hawkeye from The Avengers okay maybe not Hawkeye but maybe an ancestor of his.

If you liked him in The Avengers you will like here,he has basically the same.

The plot is pretty basic Hansel and Gretel are called into a town that has witch problems in order to do what they do best kill witches( last Marvel reference I promise)

The witches are half and half sometimes they looks really unique but other times they are the most stereotypical witches that you can imagine also they have more power than regular witches and they fight using their fists. 

I have nothing more to say about this it's okay the fight scenes are good ,the special effects are great and they story is kinda good.

But it does have some problem there's one scene where Hansel is having a good time with a lady ( if you know what I mean) and Gretel is about to get raped by some men.

And to make matters worse they cut back between those 2  so we get to Hansel having fun but then we cut Gretel beaten and in pain.BTW she is saved before they rape her and god for it.
Another things that bothers me is that witches can't use magic on each which is kinda stupid have you seen Harry Potter ?
In the end all I have to say is go watch it's okay also watch out for rip-off because this movie has plenty of rip-offs.
 I really enjoyed these movies well not the rip-offs I haven't watched them yet, 2013 was a good year for fairy tales let's hope the same for 2014 we already know 1 movies that's coming up so let's hope for more in the meantime we have Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and some another older tv shows.

That's all folks see you sometime in 2014 after I'm done with my Finals.

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