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My Top 5 Star Wars Comics Made by Dark Horse Comics


As you all probably heard Dark Horse lost the Star Wars license  to Marvel.

So I'm honoring their legacy by making this list of my favorite Star Wars comics made by Dark Horse.
So let's get a few things straight the comics on this list are ones that I actually read ,Dark Horse made a lot of Star Wars comics they've been making SW comics for about 27 years then Disney comes along buys Star Wars and shuts them down so yeah.
Another thing that I have to admit is that I haven't read any of the comics on this list so they are here because I've heard good things about them now that you're a little piss off let's begin.
  • Star Wars Clone Wars (2006)

A series of 9 VOLUMES detailing the events of the Clone Wars or so I think because I haven't read it yet (it's on my read list )

But I've heard lots of good things about this series and it appears on many lists about best SW comics so how I could I resist.

Also, this series was published right after Attack of the Clones unlike other TV show that I know.

  • Star Wars Legacy (2006-2010)
I have actually read some issues of this series I haven't finished it yet but so far it's pretty good.

This series continues a very awesome trend (in my opinion ) in the Dark Horse SW line it takes place after Episode 6 Return of the Jedi yeah it takes place several decades after that episode.

Now I suspect that DH did some other stories after that episode (and we'll get to that ;) ) but I think that they aren't set that far into the future.

  • The Star Wars (2013-????)
SW doesn't have many different universes in it's multiverse , but this story can't take in the same universe as the normal comics because all of the characters and story are based on rough draft made by George Lucas.

The Characters in the story are totally the opposite of what you expect from the normal SW one  for instance,  we get both Skywalkers yeah Luke and Annikin and Luke is the older one and now I will shut because of spoilers

I was reluctant to add this because the series isn't finished and they lost the license , but it shouldn't affect this series (I hope).
  • Star Wars Crimson Empire (1997-1998)
We all know that the Empire is evil , but here this story and it gives a glimpse of the other of the fight threw the perspective of Kir Kanos the last of the Imperial Royal Guard (you know the guys that guard the Emperor).

This story takes place after the Emperor's defeat in Episode 6 and deals with the ramifications of his "death" which is pretty interesting the Empire is

pretty big it would have been kinda silly for it to fall just because the Emperor died.

This comic was so popular that it got 2 sequels and Kir Kanos has appeared in other issues

The Force is strong with this comic.

  • Star Wars Dark Empire (1991)
The 1st DH SW comic ever is my favorite deal with it.

The story place almost immediately after Episode 6 but before Crimson Empire ( timeline wise ). 
It continues the Rebels fight against the Empire and Luke and Leia's development as characters and as Jedi.

This comic is an awesome example on how to do a Star Wars Sequel I wish that they adapt this into Episode VII but I won't maybe Legacy will have that luck.I would talk more about this comic that will mean revealing too much of the plot so yeah go read it and find out for yourself.Also this comic has a sequel and tie-in called Empire's End.

Now it's time for some honorable mentions,because I haven't read that many comics this ones are picked by their place in the timeline and their synopsis. 
Dawn of the Jedi is the earliest point in the in the SW timeline and it tells the story of how the Jedi come to be.If you want to know the origin of the Force look no further. Also the issues regarding Mara Jade and her relationship with Luke if you know what I mean.

The Infinities series are basically What If sort of deals they tell the story of the movies, but things went wrong, you could consider this another parallel dimension like in Sliders.
To be honest I kinda suspected that Disney will do something this ever since I read that they bought Star Wars but now I still can't believe that this happened DH did so many good SW comics why ruin a good thing?

At least Disney gave Dark Horse enough time to finish their storylines from the comics the rights will be handed to Marvel in 2015 so enjoy will it lasts but let's hope that this isn't definitive.

Another thing that I want to address is that Disney did something similar to Boom Studios.At some point they had the right to publish comics with their characters such as Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and Ducktales.
Apparently Disney gave them the rights.Boom Studios published them and they were awesome good (from what i've heard).
But then Disney took the license back and saying that Marvel will publish set titles well I haven't seen any of those tiles done by Marvel so I'm worried that they will do the same thing with Star Wars.

Another Important question is what will they do with continuity will they start fresh or continue on a strong foundation personally I would like to see a continuation of the DH universe, it would stupid for them to discard thousands of stories that enriched the Star Wars.
just ignore the no-Marvel and no-Star Wars characters ;)

Now for something positive what good  can come of this ?

Well , maybe we get a Marvel /Star Wars crossover that would be awesome.

The last crossover Marvel was Eminem/The Punisher yes , you read that right if you want to see how bad it was watch the AT4W episode.

So yeah Star Wars vs Marvel Universe, let's do this and speaking of crossovers maybe Dark Horse will do some of these in it's final year with SW.

That's all folks , let's enjoy it while it lasts and may the force by with us all till the end.

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