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X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) 1st Impressions

 Hey, I'm finally done with my exams, I pasted some fail others, but for the moment I'm free and that's all that matters.
Hey did any of you saw the trailer to X-Men Days of Future Past ? If you didn't a put a video bellow so you can watch it :).
This trailer is amazing, it got me curios and pretty excited about the movie.
I think that is so good because it doesn't show anything too revealing it's like a mystery.Sure you know the basic plot, but I think that there's more to that then again I've been wrong before.

Another thing that I've noticed in this trailer is that they don't show the Sentinels, but they appeared in other promotional materials  and one most wonder why they didn't show them in the trailer in answer is simple they Sentinels look terrible. 

It doesn't look that bad, but it lacks the fear factor when I look at this I don't think "oh my god a giant killer robot run"  i do think " oh  my god it's so cute with that hole thing in the chest and the visor over his dumb looking face".

The reason that I want the Sentinels to look menacing  and creepy is because in Marvel 2099 and other stories they've beaten the X-Men, the Avengers,the Fantastic Four and pretty much every superhero in the Marvel Universe.   
Weapon X Days of Future Now
 There's been some good reimaginings of the Sentinels in the X-Men cartoon series. They've appeared in every cartoon series from TAS.
The Sentinel from Evolution had a goofy but the rest of him look intimidating his arms turned into 2 giant weapons and the prototype beaten has both the X-Men and the Brotherhood at once.

 The Sentinels from TAS were a bit silly, but then again, that's a 90s cartoon, but even those aren't as bad at this new model. I don't witch design is worse the one from the 90s cartoon or the one from 2014 million dollar movie.
And for my favorite version of the Sentinels the ones from Wolverine and the X-Men.
 I like this version more than the other because they look possible (and yes I know that they're from a series that involves mutants aliens and time travel ) i mean some mad  scientist could create these bad boys If he wanted.Also, they look scary and intimidating look at those faces and plus they are pretty tall proportionately you're a bit bigger than their head. 

Even the one from the Last Stand look menacing in the cameo that it got in that movie.
Dear god did I just compliment Last Stand ? If I do that again shoot me.

Now that I finished bashing the normal Sentinels let's move on to future sentinels.
Unlike the normal units this model actually looks creepy it seems bigger than the normal ones and it sappers to be made from smaller pieces like nanites or something.
Now lets looks at some other future Sentinels models and see what else they could have done with the concept.
 As you can see we have variations in the Sentinels design some are awesome and some are creepy.
I hope that they will include some human size Sentinels like you see in the Wolverine and X-Men cartoon.

I've heard some rumors /theories that the Future Sentinel is Nimrod.My reaction to that rumor is no, no and no.That design for Nimrod no, it might work for a generic Sentinel but not for 1st of all he was no face and Nimrod need a face in order to look scary and second of all Nimrod IS HUMAN SIZED.
Now that I think about it The future Sentinel look like a member of the Phalanx species than a Sentinel.

It's kinda amazing on how they got the Sentinels backwards you must be trying really hard to fail.

Now you're probably wondering why did you spend all of this time talking about the Sentinels well because they are the main bad guys and they need to be cool ,scary and menacing because and like THEY'VE KILLED ALMOST ALL OF THE SUPERHEROES FROM THE MARVEL UNIVERSE

Now let's look at some other Characters from the Dystopian future
And what do I see Superhero costumes in X-Men movie ? Dear god the end times are upon us cats and dogs and living together mass hysteria.
Maybe I'm exaggerating, but after 6 X-Men movies we finally get superheroes costumes and no the alternative ending to The Wolverine doesn't not count.

The only thing that I find weird is Bishop and his gun that thing looks like something out of the Tron Universe.

The last costume that I want to talk about is young Magneto's costume it looks great close to the comics and yet realistic enough in order to by take seriously.

This kinda makes wonder why doesn't future Magneto wear this as you can see it's kinda like body armor and wouldn't want to wear body armor in a war. 
Dear god it's that Quicksilver ?

Do I need to say anything ? Just look at him, he looks nothing like him.

When I first saw him I thought to myself "is this a new character ?" Then I thought about him at little more and asked "Quicksilver ?" And some Google research I found out that yes It might be Quicksilver.

 First of all I understand the practicality of the goggles but Quicksilver never whore goggles and second of all they could have at least chosen a different model,they are so distracting the 1st thing that pop-up in my face the goggles.The rest of the "costume" is okay the X-Men film franchise never had actual costumes so seeing something that remotely looks like a costume is a good sign.  

That's all the things that I had to address about this movie at this point if it sucks aspect a review of it if it doesn't aspect a review.
Now if you want to watch some awesome stories regarding the Sentinels and a doomed future watch TAS's episodes regarding Bishop or watch Wolverine And the X-Men. The 1st season arc is about Days of Future past, the second season was going to be about the Age of Apocalypse, but they cancelled the show because who needs complex stories.

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