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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Ep01 Super Megaforce Review

Here we go Super Megaforce episode 1.Like I said before Gokaiger is a hard adaptation to do,yes it does have some footage that they could use but it also has many, many  scenes that they couldn't use because set team member was part of an unadapted Sentai team.   
Because of this I think that they decided to combine to 2 series into Super Megaforce.
Apparently they decided to use the Dairanger footage because...well they have so little footage so yeah.For those of you who don't know Saban used the Zords from Dairanger in the second season of MMPR you know the Thunderzords also they used the White Ranger costume from that series.It's funny how things that return and bite you in the ass later isn't that right Saban.Technically they could be considered 2 series but they have the same cast so no.
This worked in MMPR because nobody saw Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger when it aired in Japan so you couldn't compare the 2 series but now with the Internet we can compare the 2 series.I saw Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger when it 1st aired sure I didn't watch it all the time because it featured teams that I wasn't familiar with it, but I did watch it when some familiar faces or should I say masks popped up.

So yeah, I will be comparing Super Megaforce with Gokaiger in this review , you've been warned.

Even back then I though to myself "god damn this is going be hard to adapt imagine how much no Sentai footage that they will have to make sure".
To prove how much I knew that they will screw this up they used the giant battle from Gokaiger in a dream scene a f***ing dream scene
What you don't believe me here have a look.
So yeah well done you manage to piss me off in the very 1st scene of the episode well done.Also, what should I take from this ? That the giant battle with all the Rangers is just a dream that we won't see ? That's the metaphor with that scene.

Okay 1 more rant then I move on to the episode at hand.

From what I've read Saban will be skipping over Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters in order to adapt Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
I think that Saban is lead by monkeys at this point.
I mean come on jumping over Go-Busters the series that has the best mechs fights ever (from what I've heard)
and you are skipping it ? Why ? Are you stupid ? At least the name sounds better than Super Megaforce so that's one positive thing that I can say.
Sorry I didn't mean to go on that bigger of a tangent, but this series has really pissed me off so without further ado let's move on to the episode at hand.BTW the intro is the same to Megaforce it's not like this season is something special that requires a little bit of effort.

**The Plot**

 So the episode begins withe a recap of Megaforce and the attack of the Space Empire Zangyack oh i mean the Armada.Armada of what you might ask ? Nope just the Armada wow that's a scary name the Armada.
Oh the main villain from Megaforce was part of the Armada and leaves never to be seen again no really there isn't any footage of this guy in Gokaiger so we won't see him again.There's footage of him in the Gokaiger movie:Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle but they won't be adapting that or rather they can't adapt that why you ask well see for yourself.  
As you can see this is a full fledged invasion of Earth witch is pretty impressive but too bad that it won't matter by the end of the episode and don't tell that they defeated all of that  
<- in the episode because we don't see that.

Fuck you Gosei just fuck you
The Rangers do a little search and rescue and then return to the command center where Gosei and Tensou are waiting considering that Gosei in a face and Tensou is less helpful than any of the Alphas they can't do much.

Then Gosei proceeds to piss me off even further ,I kinda accepted the fact that he is like Zordon because the explanation that he gave was plausible.But come one "The World has never seen an invasion like this" really doesn't this short of shit happen in almost every freaking season ?
Also, Saban remembers Countdown to Destruction when the Earth was invaded by aliens from outer space and not just Earth every planet in the universe was attacked by the United Alliance of Evil and almost conquered and the Space Rangers save the universe.
Yes they didn't save just Earth they saved the Universe and these guys are the most powerful rangers ever, and they are going to save just the Earth that's freaking weak.
so Power Rangers Ultrafroce was the original title ?

Maybe that's why they want to ignore  Countdown to Destruction because some weaker Rangers save the Universe and these guys just saved the Earth like any other team.

I can't understand how can you run an anniversary season that in theory is a celebration of all the events that came before, and you ignore one of the best moments ever you do you do that I can't understand I simply can't. 
Just don't ask me about then cuz i know nothing

And for those you who are saying that Gosei was offline, and he didn't have the means of knowing about past events. Really, he has access to the Entire Morphing Gird and managed to duplicate powers without any problems (ask the White Dino Rangers clone how hard that is) but he doesn't have any info on set teams background information? Give me a break use could have used the Morphing Grid in order to get that info, it worked with Dino Thunder.
oh hi civilians from Gokaiger

So the Rangers get their new morphers which makes me wonder , they have 2 now ?

I mean when they 1st morph into the Gokaiger suits they are still in the Goseiger suits it would be kinda silly to see them around with 2 morphers.

hyper mega super ultra extra meta
The Rangers turn into their new costumes and start combating the Armada. 

But to my shock I see that the civilians are actually standing up for themselves sure the are unprepared for this thread, but they aren't waiting to be rescued speaking of which where are the Silver Guardians and the people from the Rescue Ops ?
where are you hanging from ?
So the Rangers battle the Armada, and it's pretty awesome to watch mostly because it's Gokaiger footage it looked awesome then it looks awesome.But there are some problems, I know shocking right.1st of all in the  in Gokaiger the already have the ship or GokaiGalleon so it makes sense for then to be hanging from the sky, but here they don't have the Zords so it looks like they're hanging from thin air.
Second of all consider the personalities of the Gokaigers and of the Rangers don't see it let me explain for instance Jake has been showed to know some martial arts, and he is football play now he is acting like a buffoon the Don the green Gokaiger was a tech genius with little combat experience.Noah is the tech master of the group so I guess that he isn't a martial arts expert Joe on the other is a weapons master.

It's weird looking at this knowing what I know the nerd is acting like a sword master and the guy who knows some form of martial arts is acting like a buffoon. 

The Rangers finally use the Legendary mode.

I like how they do their battle before they morph into a team it's kinda funny and awesome.
Also, I like the fact that when they morph into an another Ranger they set Rangers morph sequence.

It's kinda nostalgic to see.

In the end the use the Gokaiger final strike and destroy the monster I like that they kept the name.

If they would have changed the name if would have been:"super mega ultra strike".

What follows next is the fights from episode 2 of Gokaiger I am not kidding.
really that line really
they are still one team dumbass
I guess that they need a giant mech in the 1st episode in order to promote the toys building suspense and mystery what's that.

The Rangers defeat another monster, but this time they use the all red attack.

buy me!!! i'm awesome
The Armada presents their method of growing giants by shooting them from space with a laser.

This doesn't explain how did the monster pull himself together, but f**k it I accept this.

The Rangers waste no time and summon their Zords in order to combat the giant treat  that's destroying the city oh wait did I say waste no time I mean they go to the moon assemble the Megazrod then come back to fight the giant monster.I'm sure that is still intact by the time you come back. 

I'm sure that the people behind that giant fucking explosion agree with you

Look at the extent of the damage that the invasion caused -> pretty horrible.

By the end episode we less and less effects of the Armada invasion.
I mean no bases on Earth it's pretty big planet you won't be detected by Gosei.

**Final Thoughts**

probably in storage 
So far I'm not impressed with the series it's all stuff that i've seen before in Gokaiger even the plot is similar they should have done and original story like they did in Space.  

Also, I'm being extra hard because this is in essence an anniversary season, and it should be able to bring in older fans.
One good way to bring older fans back is by having mature and complex stories.
Also, the show have a unique plot tieing multiple elements of Power Rangers history maybe a return of Z story or the origin of the morphing gird and 1st team of rangers something like that.
There another reason that i'm being harsh toward that is because it has potential and I want it to be great.

-Final Score:2/5 Super Mega Ultra Morphers

*ignoring continuity
*some stock footage doesn't make sense and it creates plot holes
*2 series at once

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