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My Top 5 Things That I Want To See In Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

In preparation for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie I've read the 2 big events that lead to the team forming or rather reforming in 2008.For those of you who don't know those events where Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest also I've read the miniseries that lead to Annihilation: Thanos (2003-2004) ,Drax The Destroyer (2005-2006) and Nova(2007-2010) (the tie-in to Conquest).
And I've discovered that the universe in Marvel is full of interesting species and characters, and it has rich mythology.So I've made a list showcasing some things that I want to see in this movie that has Galaxy in the title.Also, there are some other changes done to the team and the characters but that's a discussion for another time.

  • Nova Corps Powers
This one kinda of a cheat because if you've read the wiki page of movie or watch the trailer you know that they are in the movie.

But I want something that they didn't show in the trailer and specifically their powers.

 The members of the Nova Corps have several abilities granted by the Nova Force:flight, super strength,energy blasts and the ability to survive in the vacuum among other powers.

Pikachu is that you ?
 The Nova Corps are an intergalactic peacekeeping force yeah they are basically the Green Lanterns of the Marvel Universe.

Also, the Nova Corps is made of many species of aliens from the Marvel Universe not just humans.

Also, if the are aliens how do you explain their similarity with humans ? This isn't Star Trek where you can say that.

Before the relaunch of the Guardians there was only 1 human Nova: Richard Rider.

So yeah if they will show aliens in the Nova Corps using their powers that would be great.  
  • Skrulls
One of the big empires of the cosmos this species must have a cameo in this movie.Since the Kree will appear in the movie why not the Skrulls ?

For those of you who don't know the Skrulls are a race of shapeshifting aliens who have or had a powerful empire in the Marvel Universe.They fought pretty much every hero/villain in universe their most famous story is Secret Invasion.
The Kree and the Skrull have been introduced as 2 waring empires so yeah you can't show the Kree without the Skrulls.It's kinda sad that some versions of the Marvel multiverse they have been replaced by Chitauri.In the Ultimate universe for instance the Kree are fighting with the Chitauri instead of the Skrulls so yeah they need to step back into the light.
  • Galactus and the Silver Surfer
I know that this one will be hard to do for several reasons.

Yes they will be to distracting but I think that they could work around this by just mentioning them or showing footage of their attack.  

The reason it that I don't know who owns the rights to the Fantastic Four.
It will be kinda sad that some rights will prevent the apparition of these awesome characters.  
  • Beta Ray Bill or the Korbinites
Beta Ray Bill is one of my favorite Thor powered characters.

There are some rumors that Beta will appear in Thor 3 witch makes me very excited about Thor 3.

The concept of Beta Ray Bill is fascinating to me.An alien manages to get Mjolnir a magical hammer from Earth mystical past thus combining the future and the past magic and tech.If they can not show this awesome character they should at least show a member of his species hell you can tie them in with Galactus and have a great lead-in to Thor 3.

  • Adam Warlock
First off I want to apologize if I ruined the secret end credit scene.Ruining the a secret from a movie that hasn't premier yet achievement achieved:supergeek.
The inclusion of Adam Warlock will make sense from a storyline perspective because he owns the Soul Gem.
And if you watch the Avengers (2012) and Thor Dark World (2013) you know that they revealed 2 of the Infinity Gems: The Cosmic Cube or the Tesseract and the Aether.

Also, Kevin Feige the Producer of the film stated the a 3rd gem will be present in the movie.

Plus his cocoon made an came at the end of Thor 2.
Maybe it's not his cocoon but all signs point to him making a cameo.

  • Thanos
Now I know that the title says top 5 and you are preparing to type something of the sort "can't you count?" + some bad words address towards me.

Some of the things on this are confirmed for an appearance in the film so I decided to throw this one for free ain't I great.

The reasons that I choose Thanos are simple:
  1. We need to see how powerful he is.We've only seen him at the end of Avengers they need to establish how bad he is in the cinematic Universe.
  2. He is the adoptive father of Gamora one of the members of the Guardins.      
I know that I've reduced some of these to walk by cameo, but they  kinda need to be that because it will show a bigger universe remember the cantina scene from Star Wars it could work in this movie as well.Those were some things that I want to see in the movie what are your favorite things? Comment Bellow.

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