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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Ep02 Earth Fights Back Review

The problems continue with Power Rangers Super Megaforce.But 1st a short recap from the last episode the rangers got new suits with no explanation for the pirate themed suit or zords the show ignored the continuity of the series by "forgetting" the big invasions that happened before especially Countdown to Destruction.And to make matters worse...well take a look at the intro.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce Intro by thexdatabase
They keep saying that a full scale invasion of Earth didn't happen before which pisses me off to no end because it was done better In Space (the season not literally in space).The show is so far like an open wound, and that segment is like salt so every time I watch the show is like putting salt on a opened wound.Another problem that I saw in the intro is one regarding my favorite ranger the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
That silver stripe on the helmet was 1st seen in Dino Thunder in the episode Fighting Spirit in which Tommy was in a coma so it made sense he might have suffered brain damaged and imagined the silver stripe on the helmet. 

Now this wouldn't have bothered me too much if a new character would have found the Dragon morpher that Tommy's clone took with him in the past.This new character would have repaired the morpher and joined a team of different rangers like an older version Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger ,some Lightspeed Rangers plus the Silver Guardians and the 2 Red Rangers from Time Force and some other rangers that have been seen active in some team-up episodes like Adam Park the Black MMPR oh and their headquarters should be the Aquabase 2 from Lightspeed.

Okay that's enough fanfiction for now let's move on to the episode at hand.
Also, their zords would have combined;) (that's Dragonzord Q-Rex,Titanus and Artillatron). 

**The Plot**

So your episode begins with girls helping with Emma, Gia and Jake helping with the repairs of the shopping mall because when you think of strategic targets that will fall during an alien invasion shopping malls are your 1st item on the list.

This is kinda good because it shows that the alien attack had some impact on the people sure it's kinda of a small reaction but a reaction nun the less.I think that the people of this universe are too used to giant monsters attacks on the city among other things.

Meanwhile, the villains are surprised that the humans didn't surrender after some destruction and an stopped attack by the rangers.

At this point I don't know who are the bigger idiots the heroes or the villains.
Gia says that if they rebuild the show the villains that they won't give up yeah I'm sure that the villains will be like "OMG they repaired the damage that we've done I guess that he can't win so let's leave this planet alone".Sure rebuilding is useful but what about fighting back?
The villains are also stupid because they have a huge armada of ships and it's just sitting there also if you guys that the humans will surrender after an attack on a remote are you are mistaken.I agree that if you do some destruction they might surrender, but have to do set destruction don't give up after the 1st attack when you were stopped.
For instance in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes when Kang attacked Earth he attacked the whole planet with the strategic targets (military bases,superheroes and major cities) on top of his hit list and he managed to conquer some of the his set cities.

Meanwhile, Noah the nerd of the group is actually doing something smart he is studying the powers that Gosei gave them.I have to admit that this is a pretty smart thing to do, but thanks to him he get another continuity problem.Are you really that surprised? I know that I've talk about this in the begging, but this one it's kinda hard to ignore.
He is studying SPD,SPD takes place in the FUTURE so he can't be studying SPD because the team wasn't been formed yet.And if you think that this takes place SPD you are because in SPD aliens live in peace with humans and I don't know about you but I haven't seen that in Megaforce so far also due to some cameo that we will see down the line.
look leftover props from Star Trek TNG
Now I'm sure that this is just a mistake, and we won't see than using tech that hasn't been invented yet (also they did use the SPD powers in the last sorry for not reacting then).

Meanwhile, Troy is all sad about Roboknight and you can tell that he's because he looks sad? and because he's walking around aimless.By walking around he manages to stumble into the Armada who has an evil plan, and that plan is to launch missiles from Earth into Earth's major cities.

And they decided to do this because it is too hard to do an orbital bombardment when you have a fleet of ships that surround Earth.

So Emma calls Troy on his Gosei Morpher, because the new morphers can only be accessed in their Megaforce suits and blows his cover.So Troy starts fighting Armada and his friends assume that we wants to be left alone and he isn't attacked or anything. 

Troy calls Gosei in order to get the other rangers involved.

He morphs into his Megaforce Suit and fight the foot soldiers and the monster of the week on his own, and there's also a time limit before the missile go off.And to make matters worse the other rangers are stopped by Xborgs from reaching Troy and because they have to move fast and reach Troy they decide to fight the Xborgs unmorphed wait what?
it's not if you're smart

The rangers mange to fight Xborgs pretty well that is until Prince Vekar decides to send more while bitching like a little kid who didn't get his candy.

The 4 rangers finally decide to morph into their Megaforce suits, but more Xborgs are on they way  btw I hope that you like the Xborg delivery method from the 1st episode because they used it twice in spam of  2 minutes.So the rangers decide to morph again but this time into their Super Megaforce suits.
So they fight continues in their Super Megaforce suits but since you haven't seen them morph in the last 5 minutes they morph again but this time into RPM they even say the catch phrase.

And I need to stop for second and talk about another continuity mistake man this show is full of mistakes.
or on this franchise for that matter
First of all RPM took place in another dimension this explained 2 SEASONS AGO in that horrible Samurai team-up.

Second of all RPM doesn't have a morphing gird they have a Biofield.

3rd of all how did Gosei get their info, they are in another dimension.
But Gosei did manage to break the timeline by getting the SPD powers so maybe he did the same thing with the RPM powers.
So the rangers morph yet again, but this time into the Dairangers suits a Sentai team that wasn't adapted into Power Rangers but they did used the zords from that series and the 6th rangers suit (MMPR White Ranger)

The Rangers beat the Xborgs while commenting that the new super mega powers are hard to use, and I can't blame them for that they are wearing 3 or 4 sets of costumes.
Troy morphs into the new costume beats all of the Xborgs in the room and destroys the control unit for missiles with one second to spare.The others join him but he already did all the hard work gee you could have done this earlier Troy but you got the Job done.

And guess what happens next okay you already know because I posted the images earlier.Yeah the morph yet again but morph is special it looks like the normal SPD morph.If you haven't seen Gokaiger you don't know why well this footage is from the tribute episode of Gokaiger towards Dekaranger. 
I'm no geography buff but that's not America

You know the drill monster grows huge the rangers summon zords, and they create another paradox by summoning the Delta Runner a vehicle that hasn't been invented yet i don't know maybe this vehicle was the inspiration.

In a surprising turn of events the Rangers start attacking the Armada directly.

Wait, what? Come on, that's not how this show works.

 You are supposed to wait for the bad guys to come to you not go after them in the second episode.
Anyway I'm sure that this won't matter in the next episode also, this makes the bad guy look bad.
The Rangers are already too powerful by accessing all of the previous powers and now they manage to beat the guys in the second episode.

They need to have a stronger villains someone serious, competent and vicious in order to match the ranger power level.  
After the fight the Rangers relax on the Gokai Galleon I mean Super Mega Skyship Zord who in flying above a city btw and contemplate today's victory and it is a pretty big victory most rangers do the most damage to the villains at the end or half way through the season.

Even the rangers admit the fight isn't over, but they decide to enjoy today's victory, meanwhile Troy is still sad about Robo Knight.

The episode ends with the reopening of the mall because shopping is the right of all sentient beings.

**Final Thoughts**

This episode isn't too bad it has some decent action scene and good character stuff hey, even the rangers do something smart at the end by destroying some of the Armada ships hey, I even toned down my Goakiger comparisons. The things that piss me off is ignoring previously established facts or just ignoring continuity like the In Space ,SPD and RPM.
 Also, the show doesn't explain how did  they got these new powers, why are they pirated themed or where are the old Megazords the ones from Megaforce or Goseiger because they weren't destroyed in Megaforce.
Also, the morphs in the show are way out the hand.Now I know that Gokaiger had many morphs, but they were fast passed.I think that they keep the Goseigers suits in order to spam out the morphs as long as possible.
I was kinda sad and happy that they didn't due an SPD tribute episode.It means that the show can go in its own direction and stop copying from Super Sentai, but I think that this need to happen later.Gokaiger a 2 crossovers with 2 different from Japan Gavan and Kamen Rider now you can't adapts those but wasn't there another franchise from the USA that had a crossover with the Power Rangers? Okay, there was also a crossover with the Beetleborgs but that was in comic form.I am serious about this they should bring the Turtles into the show it will boost the ratings.

-Final Score:3/5 Retcons

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