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Astro Boy (2003-2004) Anime Review

Astro Boy from 2003 was one of the anime that made me aware of the anime genre it along several other.
Sure, I wasn't aware that I was watching an anime at the time.In my mind (back then) it was just another cartoon but can you blame me?
 During the 2003s there were many cartoons that blurred the lines between anime and cartoons (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2002,Teen Titans 2003,Batman Beyond,Martin Mystery,TMNT 2k3 etc).

Recently I've got some free time on my hands, and I have watched all of the episodes from the 2003 series (damn you prognostication )and it still holds up today.
So I've decided to make a small review regarding this great anime.Don't worry, I won't spoil too much of the series for you because it's that good with that in mind let's look at the plot of the series.
But 1st let's look at the intro. 

Astro Boy 2003 Intro by thexdatabase

**The Plot**

that nose
The plot is about Astro (duh) who is awaken by Doctor O'shay in order to improve relations between human and robots.

In fact, in order to reactactivate him, they had to divert the city's entire energy supply.

The series is pretty episodic, with some plot threats like an anti-robot group that has a plan to destroy/ban robots.Another common plot for the episode is some bad guy using or manipulating robots for evil intentions.
There are some other episode that don't contribute to the overall theme of the story arcs.For instance there is the obligatory shrink ray episode,the one that involves DNA collectors from the future, but the rest focus on human robots relations,the creation of a new robot or just Astro and his friends having fun or solving mysteries.  
Despite all the fillers there are some story arc in the show the 1st is also the longest and it involves Doctor Temma testing Astro or Tobio as he calls him.

It's unclear if Doctor Temma transferred Tobio's memories into Astro.When he created Atlas it was revealed that he can do this sort of thing.
Another story arc that is present in the series is the between humans and robots.
And when it starts it's pretty awesome, trust me, but that's that's enough plot for now maybe down the line I'll review more episodes from this series.

**The Music** 

The music in the anime is pretty okay it's not bad but outside from the main intro song can't say that I remember any other ones.
The music is full of techno songs witch help with the atmosphere of the show, but most of the time I don't pay attention to them.The music from Japanaese version is better.

Believe it or not I do have complains about the anime.
The 1st complain that I have is a screw-up from the dub yes, they aired some episode out of order.

You're probably saying "right, so what you said that the stories are episodic".And you are right ,but some episodes gave new characters their episode in order for the audience to know them.
For instance Astro's sister Zoran had her own episode explaining her and her powers, but that wasn't her 1st on screen appearance was from another episode that had the same number as the Japanese one. So imagine my confusion when I 1st saw her I thought that I skipped an episode.
Another complain that I have with the series is that all other robots look so...well robotic and high tech.Now I know that Astro was built to be human, but he doesn't look too human.He will blend with the humans of the anime because they also don't look too human (those noses).

I am not saying that I don't like the designs of the robots there are pretty good, but when they are next to Astro it makes them feel about of place like they are from Mega Man.  

And speaking of Astro's body in one of the last episodes of the series (the last story arc)  Doctor Tenma created a new body for him which looks freaking amazing.I was so disappointed when he refused it okay in story it made sense for him to refuse the body, but come one look at that body it looks so manly not the cute body that he was.At least he should have used as armor yeah like Iron Man imagine how awesome that could have been.
The rest of his design is pretty good he is too cute for my liking, but that's a minor strike against the show.It could have been worse much worse.
 And speaking of crossovers and Mega Man I want to see a fight between him and Astroy (you know what show can do this).

**Final Thoughts**

Overall, this anime is pretty awesome if you are into robots sci-fi and animation give this show a watch,but keep a list with airdates of episodes from Japan if you
want to watch the show in order. 

Final Score:4.8/5 Arm Blasters

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