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DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe 003 (2014) Comic Review

Here we go issue 3 of this mini series, sorry for the long pauses between issues but I'm back now.
The cover of this issue features Wonder Woman and Teela fighting witch doesn't happen in this issue maybe it will happen in the next one, but I doubt that.And what's wrong with Wonder Woman's outfit it's kinda revealing in the crotch and ass area.
Also, where are they fighting ? From what I can see in the background the buildings look kinda alien, so they are not on Earth? There's also a damaged tank behind Teela and its turret is blocking the text which is kinda annoying in rest, it's okay so let's move on with the plot. 

**The Plot**

So you issue begins with Superman lying dead on the ground due to a severe case of being stabbed in a chest with a magic sword.These cases are rare and deadly.

 The Justice League is in shock of what happened and they are right not everyday you see Superman die last guy that killed him looks like this:   
Oh wait, that's not longer in continuity, stupid reboot.

 The Justice League seems to be out of Skeletor's control, but they still blame He-Man and the Masters for his death. 

Even He-Man seems to regret his action. Constantine and Batman try to convince the rest of the League that they attacked 1st, but they don't believe Constantine because he lies frequently, and they don't believe Batman because.... The pilot said so.

After seeing what he's done He-Man decides to continue fighting, oh wait, he realizes that he shouldn't have killed him because he was hypnotized and surrenders to the JL in order to calm them down.

What a logical solution that will stop the conflict between the 2 groups quick kill it.
By your powers combined I'm Captain Planet
Of course that the Justice League doesn't believe him despite the fact that everybody says that they attacked first and plus dumbasses how did you get here? Ask yourself this dumbass.
And who is leading this onslaught of stupidity? Why GL of course he isn't in his book he is portrayed as an idiot and a dumbass.
So Evil-Lyn teleports He-Man, Teela and the rest to a safe place because she doesn't trust the League and Adam's judgement.

Meanwhile GL can't track the energies caused by the teleportation spell Hal what makes you think that you can track magic spells you that they use some form of energy, but have you done this before? NO then what makes you think that you can pull it off now, maybe they are still under Skeletor's influence. 

Superman's body disappears, and he's not dead what?This guy came back to life when they had a corpse and you expect me to believe that he's dead when there's no dead body really?

Batman tries to convince them that they are going after the wrong target, but they don't believe him despite the fact that he gives them super logical reasons to do so.See what I mean by Skeletor's influence nobody can be that Stupid and ignore this when it's said by freaking Batman and you have the proof right in front of you.Well Hal can be that stupid like I said before when he's not in his book he's kinda dumb.
Meanwhile, at the House of Secrets Black and Skeletor talk about the "death" of Superman after Black Alice sees it online.

That must be some magical internet at that house every time I tried to use the 3G internet in remote areas, it moved like crap so yeah magi-net totally plausible.

 Also, I like how they don't mention the location of the battle.

It appears that the battle took place at Wayne Manor and yet we the cop have no connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman.

What's that Frank there's a giant crater in front of the manor and inside the crater is a cave full of bats, and you can see some of Batman's vehicles like the Batmobiles.

Nope, still no connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman. Also, how can the people accept so easily that Superman is dead.So the most powerful being on this planet is dead okay where's the body? It magically disappeared. Okay, what the fuck did you guys do?
Skeletor says that he knew that his "nephew" would kill the Man-Of-Steel if he would be in a certain scenario.

Now that I think about it this was a pretty good plan makes the heroes fight each while you do something bigger.By creating this scenario here Superman is "killed" make the heroes hunt for enemies while he proceeds with his plan well done Skull-Face-Without-Lower-Jaw I'm impressed.  

Meanwhile in Eternia (which might be in another dimension or it might not the comic doesn't explain) Man-At-Arms , Stratos , MossMan and Roboto investigate the place where He-Man, Teela and Evil-Lyn disappeared.

Man-At-Arms manages to replicate the effect of the spell that done Evil-Lyn used in issue 1 and teleports then in Greenwich Village.

My only complain about this is how the fuck did he manage to do this ? Yeah I mean you can see magic as energy, witch can be channeled threw specific mediums and objects.
So the most powerful weapon in the universe can't detect energy while a handheld gadget can open a portal between dimension or space .
I don't maybe Man-At-Arms meet the Doctor once and studied his sonic screwdriver and copied it also he asks some random kid about the planet's protectors and they are off to find the Champions of Justice.
Meanwhile back on Earth oh we are on Earth because they crossed over let me rephrase that meanwhile somewhere else on Earth Constantine talks with the Justice League Dark.The team is made up of  Swamp Thing, Deadman,Black Orchid and my favorite Frank.The JLD doesn't believe Constantine about the He-Man situation, but Francis tells then that you know they need to do something.

Meanwhile yeah there sure are a lot of meanwhiles in this comic okay meanwhile the rest of the Masters meet with the Justice League of America they mention
He-Man and in the next page they fight.
for cheese
I would say that the fight is impressive with Stratos fighting Hawkman , Roboto fights Green Lantern ,Martian Manhunter fights Battle Cat and Green Arrow fights Man-At-Arms ,but there's only just one double page spread of the fight in this issue.Also Steve is nowhere in sight despite the fact that he started the fight.
Meanwhile (last one i promise) Skeletor talks about his master on how he managed to be overlooked by everybody and that he is in fact a powerful entity.

But fast that you can wonder who is this super being that has been overlooked by everybody in the Masters of the Universe franchise?  

An energy ball with a face appears and teleports Skeletor and just Skeletor despite the fact that Black Alice was right behind him.

And we finally see who is Skeletor's masters and it is are you ready for this Orko DUN-DUN-DUUUUN.

I have to admit that his caught me off guard I didn't saw this coming.
In my show the 2002 version was a bit annoying, but I don't remember much about him.

**Final Thoughts**

This issue is pretty good with He-Man feeling guilty about "killing" SupermanSkeletor and Orko's plan is pretty good and a good excuse for a hero vs hero scenario.I mean making Superman lose a fight in order to make the other heroes hunt for He-Man pretty sneaky.And plus I can't wait to see the fight between the JLA and the Masters.Also can't wait to see Mossman vs Swamp thing come on the Green of Earth vs the Green of Eternia that fight is going to be so awesome.

-Final Score:3.5/5 Twist Villains 

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