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Ms. Marvel 001 (2014) Review

I don't know what to say about this comic, it's not bad, but it's weird, so no elaborate introduction this week.
The cover is pretty awesome and symbolic it just show your main character Kamala Khan wearing the classic Ms Marvel shirt. She isn't fully in the Ms Marvel costume, witch because she didn't become she isn't fully worthy yet she is just staring out.
The other cover is a bit overkill in my opinion.
We have her in the Ms Marvel costume which she doesn't use.In the left corner and in the background we have Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel.

Now I've read that Khaaaaaaan (sorry, but I had to do it ) has 1st appeared in the Captain Marvel books but I haven't reached that far.

**The Plot**

So your comic starts with Kamala smelling a bacon sandwich.

She can't eat the sandwich because she's a Muslim.Those poor people bacon is delicious.

Her sister Kiki doesn't understand why does she keep doing while offering some alternatives.

While they talk and have fun Zoe comes in and tells them about a party.
Kamala can't go to set party because she needs to ask permission.
Kiki and Bruno( the clerk guy from earlier) say that Zoe is mean ,but I'm with Kamala on this one she seems nice.

With the plot point delivered they head out home and we get to meet her family.

In the next page we cut to a fight of the Avengers with some random monster on a random planet.

But it's revealed that this is Kamala's fanfic that she posted or she is posting online based on the next panel where she is seen typing.

Her mother calls her for diner and what follows is a universal truth no matter the ethnicity,religion or race this happens to everybody.
Her mother doesn't understand what her daughter is doing on the computer and is confused about the term.How many times did it happen to you ?It sure happened to me a couple of times.
She asks permission from her father to go to that party from earlier, but he refuses.Giving (to be honest) some logical reasons for not letting her go.

She starts complaining about and her father compares her to Bruno and situation escalates and she asks to be excused from the table.   

She starts complaining that she's treated different from the other kids at school by not participating in one class ,by having weird holidays and by having to bring pakoras (sound delicious) to lunch at school.

So she sneaks out of the house in order to go that party.I would have tried that in highschool only one problem I live in an apartment building at the 3rd level kinda hard to jump.

She arrives at the party and some jackasses give her alcohol.1st of all he's 16 and it's illegal to give someone under 18 alcohol yeah I know that in The USA is under 21 and that in some countries 16 is okay.Second of all she's muslim drinking alcohol is forbidden in their religion.

She gets exposed to the mysterious mist that engulfed half of the freaking city.

This might be a connection to Inhumanity where the Terrigen Mist spread across the Earth.
The mists give powers to humans, but they also kill then after a couple of hours.Only the Inhumans can use then without any major problems.What follow is a mindfuck moment just read.

So she faints on the sidewalk and then she hallucinates or I think that that's a hallucination I'm not sure anyway she sees Captain America,Captain Marvel and Iron Man.And to make matters weird okay more weird they look exactly like she imagined then in her fanfiction.

They at first talk gibberish and in Urdu.They say that she stands at a crossroads because of her action.
We get a pretty emotional moment when she says that she doesn't know who she is she was born in Jersey not in Karachi.This scene is pretty emotional she's just a kid who wants to belong.In the end she says that she wants to be Ms Marvel but with the classic outfit. 
So the vision ends the mist dissipates and she wakes up in a cocoon and bam she's the new Ms Marvel.

**Final Thoughts**

 This comic is awesome and weird at the same time.
The 1st part with Kamla and her family is well done they seem so real and so average.Her situation isn't totally relatable (being of different cultures) but I do like her and do feel for her situation.And plus she offers a great window of understanding to a culture that I don't really get.  

The second part of the comic when she gets her powers is kinda weird and wacky.I mean I've stranger origins like mutated turtles and rat or getting hit by a gama bomb and becoming the Hulk or kid creating monsters with a magic machine that got stoke by lighting(Creepy Crawlers).

Anyway the hole cocoon scene is strange with those guys claiming to be "Faith" and being ambiguous with the hole real or not.

What I do like about her origin story is her connection with the original Ms Marvel (now Captain Marvel) Carol Danvers.
As you might know Carol got her powers by being in contact with the Kree hero the original Captain Marvel or Mar-Vell.
From what I've read about Khan is an Inhuman a species created by the Kree who experimented on humanity.

Overall, this comic is pretty good the art is good, the story is a bit weird, but the cultural aspect is interesting can't wait for issue so we can see her powers.

-Final Score:IDK maybe 3/5 
     -Waiting for issue 2 to decide

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