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All-New Ghost Rider 001 (2014) Review

Well, since we are near Easter this week I've decided to look at this comic because hey the theme of the week is resurrection.

The original Ghost Rider was Johnny Blaze, who made a deal with the devil to save his foster father then the devil kill him because he is the devil (Mephisto).
You probably know him from that Ghost Rider movie from 2007 with Nicolas Cage I would make a joke that the movie is bad but the sequel is even worse and it makes the original better.

He lost his powers several times, but recover them almost every time.

His last appearance was in last Ghost Rider series from 2011 were he was powerless and kinda of a mentor figure to the new Ghost Rider Alejandra Jones.

Unfornaetly that series only lasted for 10 issues (if you count  the 0.1) but it had a crossover with Venom, Red Hulk,X-23 in Circle of Four Google "we smash for vengeance" you won't be disappointed.

Anyway, that series ended with Johnny is getting back the Spirit of Vengeance, but Alejandra managed to keep a part of the power because the supercharged the Spirit of Vengeance or something like that.

 Now she seeks vengeance against Blaze because she lost her powers. 

And that's the end you might think we're all caught up with the history of Ghost Rider right? Wrong.

In issue 20.NOW of the Thunderbolts (the new team formed and lead by Rulk) he joined the team in order to stop someone magic based.

Got that all of that? Good throw out the window because this series isn't about Johnny Blaze it's about this new guy.

Also, JB joined the Thunderbolts in march of 2014 and this comic was published in may and in the may issue of the Thunderbolts he is still a member so how the fuck did this guy get the powers again ?
But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Okay, enough backstory, let's look at the cover let's see we have Ghost Rider ,Ghost Rider in human form and Ghost Rider's car collect them all.

Okay the cover isn't bad, it's quite well actually it's show everything that you need to know about this comic and I freaking love his skull in his Ghost Rider form.

**The Plot**

The comic begins and we immediately meet our main character Robbie Reyes , who is a mechanic and we also learn that we takes no bullshit.What is it with fire based heroes and the mechanic job the Human Torch was a mechanic at the begging of All-New Invaders.

Meanwhile, outside, we see 3 bullies taking the wheelchair from  a disabled kid who need it.And the award for most despicable people ever goes to these guys.

Robbie shows up and starts beating the crap out of one them.

He holds his ground pretty well that is until they pull guys and he gets his ask kicked and they leave with the wheelchair.
Foreshadowing or art error you decide

The kid ,Gabe, considers Robbie his hero.
Robbie doesn't think of himself as a 'hero' in this situation and to be fair, he did get his kicked only because those guys cheated.

 I hope that those guys get the penance stare.Also, Gabe is his brother didn't figure it before because the "bro" is a term that is used for nonfamily also.

They walk around the neighborhood and it's your typical bad neighborhood some murders around the corner.

Robbie sneaks out of the house and takes the car from the garage where he works.
peek a boo i see you
In this panel we see that he isn't alone in the garage.

You could argue that that's his reflection, but his eye are in the opposite direction also those eyes look demonic and there's another shadow right in front of him.

Also, what's in the fire tracks behind him? What is this car haunted or cursed ?

He bets his car in order to participate in a street race and win "50 grand".

I'm not a big fan of racing or cars, but these panels are beautifully drawn.

They are stylish and they convey so much movement that I can actually feel the speed, pretty awesome if you ask me.

Anyway he almost wins the race but then faiths say "hell noo" and the cops show up.

He tries to outrun the cops, but he ends up into a dead end.
He has a flashforward of what will happen to him if gets captured by the cops.

He surrenders peacefully and you think that we might go to prison, but think again, but we shoot multiple times in the chest.

And to make sure that he's dead they set him and the car on fire.God damn that's a bit overkill what's next blowing up the neighboring buildings ?

Also, the "cops" weren't after him, they were after the drugs on the car.

You might think that this is the end because we saw his face burning off, but nope, he becomes the Ghost Rider just like that no explanation no nothing.
This seems like that I keep running into lately.   
I remembered a funny joke 
So the comic ends with GR using his "magic" powers to repair and transform the car running after set "cops" while Gabe is sleeping unaware of what happened.

**Final Thoughts**

This issue is just about the set-up we get to know Robbie and how he got his powers and even that isn't too clear.The mystery of the drugs won't be too important because it's incidental if he hadn't stole the car he wouldn't have been shot, but it will an interesting 1st story arc.

His costume is cool, it's the basic Ghost Rider get up black with a few other colors.This helmet kinda looks tech-based witch led me to believe that he was going to be tech based, but nope he's magic (I think).
Also, I get a Día de Muertos vibe from the helmet what about you?

My problem with this comic is that maybe they should have called this something else like Blazing Skull what's that it's taken? Okay how about Skull Rider it's new and it will match his theme.

And plus there are too Ghost Riders there Johnny Blaze,Danny Ketch,Blazing Skull hell even Alejandra still has powers and now this guy.

The artwork is pretty awesome the race scene are incredible.
Our main character is likable and tragic so I can't wait for the next issue.

-Final Score:3.5/5 blazing deaths

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