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New Warriors V4 001 (2014) Review

With Marvel's new titling strategy I'm surprised that this isn't called All-New Warriors, but New is already part of the title so it should be All-New New Warriors.Also, why are they called New Warriors ? Because they aren't "New" the should call themselves the Warriors.
The cover of the comic is great we have all our characters on the cover and plus in the background we can see the 2 letters of the name of the team NW combing and forming this cool new symbol maybe I'll do something similar with my name someday.
My knowledge of this team is somewhat limited.I've only read the 2005 miniseries witch went into Civil War and less I mention the New Warrios and Civil War the better and I'm currently reading volume 3 witch started with Initiative (also I'm reading the Initiative issues).Basically, they are like the Teen Titans teen heroes fighting crime.

Now let's play a game of how many characts can I recognize on the cover:let's see in 1 row we have the new Nova Sam,next to Nova on the right it's Kaine the Scarlet Spider,on Nova left there's Speedball who was Penance at one time.That's all that I know the guy with the cape looks familiar, but he's too young on the cover to be him.

**The Plot**

The comic starts with the killing of some human animal hybrids stay classy Marvel.

Then we cut to Speedball and Justice fighting Salem's Seven but it's revealed that it was all a misunderstanding and it's all Speeball's fault.

On which I call bullshit when he was Penance he outsmarted Doctor Doom and now he makes this mistake fuck off.
Next we cut to the Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird  in Mexico.Yes we moved from the USA to Mexico wow that a big distance so I'm guessing that our heroes won't be meeting each other in this issue.

They hear some people in trouble and Kaine almost doesn't help because he isn't Spider-Man he was all the power none of the responsibility.

I haven't read his series yet so don't know much about him or the girl that he is with, but I like that they included him here even if his book gets cancelled we can still read about him in this one.

Also, Hummingbird is a demigod witch I ask of witch Pantheon cuz there are a lot of gods also if this was explained in his series please don't spoil it for me.

Next we leave Mexico and go to New York and meet Sun Girl who is stooping a robbery.

I don't know anything about this character but the comic is smart enough and gave every hero that it introduced a small box with the heroes's name and a description of his/her powers.

This is a very smart thing do for new and old readers and more comics should do this especially crossover comics, but that's another story.

Also, I love Sun Girl powers and costume don't ask me why I just do her suit also resembles the ones used by Mach whose suit I also like.

Also, what happened in the second panel is that light part of her attacks because they look pretty massive.

Meanwhile back in New Salem Speedball and Justice are now friend with the Salem's Seven and we learn about the nature of the town.

It appears that the town is a safe heaven to people born to magic which is okay I guess, but what about the rest of the superhuman population the mutants the Inhumans or the Eternals or the atlanteans? Will they be protected in this town. 

Vertigo asks about the forming of the New team of New Warriors and mentions the Standford and incident that the last team did there.

No not the one from the Initiative the team the had its own reality tv show about fighting bad guys and helping people of small towns(witch is an awesome idea btw).

Anyway the NW fought Nitro in Stanford and blew up the town killing almost all of his inhabitants (including children because he was near a school) and this even lead to the superhero war know as the Civil War.

This tragedy prompted the registration of heroes witch wouldn't have stopped this tragedy.The War caused many more deaths, but the Civil War event is a story for another time.

Wow the review got depressing really fast to make it up to you here are 2 cute cats enjoy.  
The two share a cool moment were Justice comments that the NW will only be remembered by their deed in Stanford.

But before they discuss this any further they are attacked by those robots from the 1st page.

Good I was wondering when will they be relevant again.
But before when can see a cool fight scene we cut to Scarlet Spider and Hummingbird who are relaxing on the beach and I think that they are having a moment also when learn that Hummingbird is also a telepath and this fact isn't mentioned her introduction.

They get interrupted by a pile of corpses that turned the water red and Faira Sar Namora sitting near the pile asking for the location of heroes.
Okay I need to pause for a moment and talk about her name.

Why does she have Namora in her name can't you guys think of something better to call her.Why does every Atlantean hero need to have "Namor" in his name 
like Namor,Namorita ,Namora also there are 2 versions of Namora.  
Jesus I'm running out cute things to show you just a few sentences ago I was done talking about a massacre and now he get another one Jesus fucking Crist lighten up comic.

Meanwhile in New York Sun Girl is responding to a subway attack and we get to see that the robots are not only massacring the Atlanteans the Saleam creatures but also the Morlocks.

The Morlocks are mutants so yeah the mutants just got their powers back and now they are attacked by these assholes.

Also, we see that Sun Girl wasn't smart enough to include a gas mask to her costume. 

Next we cut to your final member Nova who is fighting an alien in New Mexico.
Samuel Alexander is the new Nova and yes this guy is the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon.

But before the alien can get him he gets by killed by those robots. 

Nova gets taken down and we get to see the mastermind behind this horrible scheme the  High Evolutionary.

Btw the robots are under his control and are called Evolutionaries wow so creative.

**Final Thoughts**

This comic isn't too bad, but it isn't all that great either.

This issue is like all of the new series from is   mostly about set-up introducing the characters and setting the conflict. 

Some might comment that there are too many characters,but I think that they can make this work and plus I like teams with many characters.

What I don't like about this comic is that it keeps showing massacres or keeps mentioning them.Jesus, remember when things were simple and fun.

There's no mention of the team from the Initiative a.k.a New Warriors vol 4.
Despite this comic's flaws I like some of the characters and this issue made me want to read the next one.

-Final Score:3.5/5 Massacres

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