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Captain America 2 The Winter Soldier (2014) 1st Impressions

going to say this right from the start I haven't (currently, it's on my to read list) the Winder Soldier story arc from Captain America Volume 5.At this point I don't know if it follows the story.
But I think that it doesn't because this storyline came in the wake of  Avengers Disassembled and some of the characters weren't introduced and there's was another element that was in the Avengers and now it's in Asgard and I'm a huge nerd that went on a tangent.
 Now I know that I haven't looked at Captain America The First Avenger (2011) and I'm not saying that it's a bad movie,but it's mostly just a trailer for the Avengers. Don't believe me? Check out Honest Trailers ...trailer.
Also, how can he be the First Avenger if the team wasn't built yet?

He should have been an Invader like in the comics, Captain America The First Invader yeah that sounds much better and more accurate. 
Maybe I will do list of things that should  have been included in that movie like the Invaders,Namor or Wolverine. 
 This movie isn't just a trailer for Avengers 2 Age of Ultron or for Captain America 3 its a stand alone story that's so good it compensates for the flaws of the 1st one.

It appears that all of the movies from Marvel's Phase 2 movies are better (except for Iron Man 3 it's okay but I still can't forgive it for the Mandarin).
Okay it's time to wrap-up this spoiler free section of the post if thought that the 1st movie was bad, go see this movie if you enjoy conspiracies go see this movie.

This movie has a pretty strong plot so far I can't think of any plot holes at this time I have some problems with some characters but those are super-minor.

If you have the courage to click on the read more it will take you to the spoil zone, but I will try not to give away the big ones.   

The main plot of the movie involves Captain America,Black Widow and Falcon discovering a conspiracy involving S.H.I.E.L.D. and I should stop right here before I spoil too much of the movie.

There's also the mystery behind the Winter Soldier which I have me guessing for a quarter of a second.
I think that everybody who read the comics or watched Earth Mightiest Heroes know him ,but props to them for trying to keep it a secret.

But enough talk about the villain let's talk about Cap.
A minor plot thread of the movie is Steve's adaptation to the modern world hey he even got a list of things that he needs to catch up to.

Some of the best scenes of the movie are with seeing his impact on the world.

And apparently the filmmakers realised that his costume from The Avengers wasn't too great heck the 1st movie had a better costume so they gave a new costume.

His new costume looks exactly like the one that he wore in the Heroic Age event.

The banter between Captain America and Black Widow is extremely funny.

The more I think about it the more I realize how apposite these are characters are.BW is a spy specialized in infiltration and a good liar ,CA is a soldier that mostly fight on the front line and he usually doesn't lie.  

I was hoping that they will become a couple like in Next Avengers, but that didn't happen in this movie.

 Falcon on the other hand gets along with Cap pretty well,I mean they meet only twice and he will fight for him.

I also like his "suit" it doesn't look like his comic book counterpart,but it fits his origin in the movie as a military prototype.

BTW needless to say he is a better character that the "Falcon" from Avengers Assemble.

I was kinda disappointed that Hawkeye wasn't in this

Captain America and Hawkeye always argued in the comics and that would have been fun to see in this movie ,but I guess that It was already too full with characters.

Jasper Sitwell mentions Stephen Strange when he explains the "situation".This doesn't make any sense to me I know that they are setting up his movie but how to they know that he's a threat? I mean his movie will be an origin story right ? So currently he has no powers so why would he be a threat ?
Also in Thor (2011) we saw the Eye Of Agamotto in Odin's vault.So how can they make a Doctor Strange when he doesn't have his strongest weapon.

The Eye Of Agamotto should with the Ancient One right now and this guy will train Stephen
and give him the Eye because it's a legacy weapon bottom line it can't be in Asgard and dear God did I went off topic.

Okay 2 more things and I'm done if you've watched the movie you should also watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1Ep17 Turn, Turn, Turn its the obligatory crossover with the movie and it's done pretty well.

In the movie we didn't get to see how the damage done to by the "threat" but Agents explorers this in a pretty good episode you see how it affects the people.But warned if you watch the episode 1st you might get a major spoiler regarding the "threat" of the movie.

I did a list a while back of things that I want to see on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I called 4 out 5 okay maybe 3 out 5 one of them is kinda of a cheat.

The next thing is minor and it's kinda irrelevant to the plot, but I find it funny. Remember the douchebag senator from Iron Man 2, he gets arrested at the end of the movie and it's revealed that he was a bad guy

Overall, this is a pretty awesome movie its stand alone, a great story and it isn't just a trailer for the next Avengers movie(there's and end credit scene for the next Avengers movie) so give this movie a watch.

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