Friday, 21 February 2014

Robocop (2014) 1st Impressions After Seeing It For The 1st Time

I have to admit that I went into the movie with my hopes pretty low, but after seeing it can tell you that it's not that bad, and you should go watch it.
I will try to avoid spoilers in this post, but I need to talk about something regarding the movie  so if you want to avoid spoilers don't click the Read More button.

 You're still here ? If yes, let's continue for those of you who thought that he's wearing a suit I can safely say that he's not.He might have more biological components than the original but lost a lot of things.

Also, if you are expecting the brutal death from the original well are not getting it this one is rated PG-13 don't expect major gore in it, but there are some pretty awesome action scenes in it that are a more awesome than the original.
Unlike the original the new one starts with his memories intact than becomes more machine than he re-learns to be man yeah it's like down-up-down-up the original more linear.His family does play a bigger role in this one reminding him to be human.
Now let's talk about the design. 

I like the new design a lot , it looks fast and for all intents and purposes it's fast and it can jump.

The original has kinda .... slow  and when you of the police you don't slow.Even the Alpha Commando cartoon tried to give him more speed by giving him rollerblades I' not joking and you what's funny what was the most sensible gadget that he had in that show. 

Even like the black version of his "suit".It's no like he didn't get a back Robocop we got that with RoboCable in Prime Directives, and he was awesome. 

Plus I like what they did with the 2 "suits" when he is in control he is in blue and black when he isn't he is in black nice symbolism.

**Final Thoughts**

In the end all I can say is this if you're a fan Robocop give this a movie a watch it's pretty decent.There's more to this movie than meets the eye , it has more themes than robot policeman, some of those themes include:politics ,media,profit by any means and manipulation.But these are topics for some other time.
I will compare the remake with the original when it comes to DVD or Bluray but so far I like it.If you are not going to see this movie because it's not like the original you should see it, it's not that bad. If you aren't going to see the movie because of the PG rating yeah you're right it's weaker in that department there's just 1 scene with some gore in it if you can call it that.

Now maybe we can get these crossovers regarding Robocop:

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