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DC Universe VS Masters of the Universe 002 (2013) Comic Review

Here we go issue 2 of this miniseries/crossover, but first I have to make an apology towards you guys and galls.
There's something that I forgot to show you guys during my review of the 1st issue I even made the necessary edits in order to show it but I forgot about it sorry.
And without further delay, here it is: 
dat ass
Yes I found the wallpaper version of the 1st issue cover and then I put on my android tablet with the face tag on and this was the result.

Now let's get back to this issue, first of all the cover is pretty good with Skeletor holds Superman in one hand and He-Man in other this shows him as a powerful villain but too bad that we know that he's working for someone.

You know what would have been cooler than this image?

Skeletor in Lex Luthor's Warsuit come on magic + tech = awesome.

**The Plot**

So our story continues from here we left off
with the Masters and friends being attacked by some magic rats and in the parlor of Madame Xanadu.

Constantine and Evil-Lyn combine their powers and destroy set rats.

The title of the issue is kinda misleading I mean Justice Denied when did that happen in this story?

Nowhere that I could find so yeah.

Queen Marlena tells everybody the story of how she got to Eternia and she also explains how she got back to Earth.

This explanation part is good it give readers more info on the new He-Man comics something that I complained about in the 1st issue, so it looks like they listened to me but that's improbable.

Also, there an Asterisk pointing to a volume so you know here to start with the series.  

Queen Marlena also tells Evil-Lyn that Skeletor works with Black Alice now.
Yeah, that magic chick from last issue was Black Alice, sorry for not recognizing her, but they don't call her by name for the entire issue.

Okay, does Marlena know all of this I can accept that the felt Skeletor or whatever, but how does she know about Black Alice? Did she see her well we didn't see that in the last issue, so wtf. And speaking of Skeletor our characters ask about his whereabouts as well so we cut to the Justice League satellite.

BTW, that was a nice transition from the comic.

So yeah Skeletor battles the Justice League.He takes down Superman pretty easy witch kinda makes sense.

Remember Superman is vulnerable to magic and Skeletor uses magic.

So Skeletor summons some skulls magic things and Batman runs like a coward.

No, really, he teleports out  now I don't want to sound anti-Batman or something, but he runs at the 1st sing of trouble does that sound like Batman to you?

You saw those 3 pages with the League fighting Skeletor well that all you see about that fight no really, that's all 3 pages we don't even something that will play an important role next. 

Meanwhile, in Eternia Man-At-Arms, Roboto, Stratos and MossMan yes MossMan and yes, he is made of moss investigate the place where He-man, Teela and Evil-Lyn disappeared last issue.

And they think that they could use tech in order to detect the magic spell used in that place and plan to go after them.

Teela that's dark and kinda true

In the next page, we return to Earth and see that our heroes in the Batcave. 

WOW either they moved really fast from Greenwich Village to Gotham or more time passed since we last saw them, but doesn't make sense because Batman teleports in and in his previous panel he was about to teleport.

Also the Batcave looks pretty awesome with has all the elements that you expect from a Batcave nowadays like the dino,the Joker's giant card,the giant coin, the display case for the costumes and some Batmobiles.

And speaking of the Batmobiles there an interesting Easter egg you can probably tell from witch movies they are.

But I have to bash these eggs because of continuity. 
That was the Batcave from the New 52 and the more I compare this image with the one in the comic the more differences I find.For starters he has 3 cars and those don't look like other 2 from the comics also the display case for the costumes is different.
Must not make fap joke
Wow, Batman is kind of a douchebag in this, 7 billion lives at stakes and he bitches about Constantine for leting strangers into the Batcave (how did he knew the location again ? )
Purple eyes=evil

Then the rest of the League show up and they are under Skeletor's control doesn't Superman have some sort of mental defense against this sort of thing or is it magic and they don't have to explain it.

And isn't Cyborg half machine shouldn't he be in more control of himself and isn't Wonder Woman immune to mind control?
Also the ring is supposed to protect Green Lanterns from energy attacks.

Batman goes for the Kryptonite in order to stop him but gets tossed outside the Batcave for his trouble.
I don't know how did the others get outside and the other JL members wait. 

Wait before you look at the following images open a new tab on your browser and go onto YouTube or whatever site you want and search a rock song or a song that you like leave it playing and come back.
What follows is pretty awesome and I have little to comment about so enjoy the fight.
Finish Him
damn look at Batman's face
The fight between Superman and He-man is amazing, showcasing the differences in their  powers and it's apparent that Superman is stronger that He-man,I like that Adam is thinking about the situation that he's in and looks for a way out and considers the great good it's well done.

And you're probably furious that Superman got stabbed threw the chest ,like I said before Superman is vulnerable to magic and He-man's Power Sword is magical, so yeah also Superman is under Skeletor's control so he may not resist him completely but I think that at a subconscious level he wanted to lose in order to stop himself.

The whole brainwashing thing may seem a lame excuse to get our 2 group of heroes fighting but it works and it's fun to watch.

**Final Thoughts**

 This issue rocks !!! The fights are awesome the ones that you see all the way threw.I think that the problem with the 1st issue was that it was just exposition now I know that they need it to set up the plot and the characters but it also thinks that you're familiar with the new series which I haven't read and it confused the hell out of me.But they resolved some of those issues and it makes for a more enjoyable read.

It's nice to see a remake of this comic yes, there's another fight between He-man and Superman and no I'm not reviewing it.It's based on the 80's cartoon and from what I've from Nostalgia Critic's reviews that show was and it had some other problems regarding the secret identity thing.I don't want to insult the show now sure it was good at the time. I've seen some episode 90s series but favorite by far is the 2002 that one was awesome.

Final Score:3.7/5 +1 to the previous one if you're reading them back to back 

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