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Ultraman Ginga Ep01 Review


Ultraman Ginga Ep01 Town of Falling Stars Review

Ultraman Ginga is 50th anniversary of the Ultraman franchise and Tsuburaya Productions decided to take the Gokaiger and Decade with this show you can deice for yourself if that is good or not but for me this is a good idea because they can use old suits without bringing their  human actors if they don't wanna come or worse but Ultraman isn't like Sentai and Kamen Rider humans don't become Ultraman an Ultraman turns into a human or uses him as a host when needed (at least i think that it works like this ,I've seen this in the Zero movies).

Now the big question is how to turn into old heroes
keys ? other ?
No, action figures as the base of the power and a device that turns the hero into a superhero.
Because you know toys sales will go thru the roof (I've had to steal this joke).
Now the only problem that I have with these figures is that they are too big for real life they are okay but for the story perspective they are too big the kid won't be able to carry to many of them.What if he needs a specific toy in order to win the battle.
They would have been better if they did something in the style of Marvel Battle Dice come on you remember these. 
They are small and easy to carry.
Now let's get back to the episode at hand.

*Warning Spoilers*

**The Plot**

So the episode starts with narration or exposition dump make by our main character Hikaru Raido he just got back to his hometown sounds kinda normal for this time of year.
hint hint
But fast that you can say ...anything really a girl in a baby stroller come down hill (god i wish that i made that up)
And some people say that the baby chase scene is Power Rangers is goofy. So our hero saves her and it turns out that she is an old friend of his Misuzu and he makes fun of her for getting in that situation and to be onset I would have done the same it's kinda funny.
 Them we get this mysterious part regarding Hikaru

more on that later we have to meet the characters 1st.

They talk and we find out that a shrine got struck by  a meteorite
btw the name of the Shrine was Ginga (name drop much? ).

He visits the shrine and it's aperent that he has a crush on Misuzu also he meets more of his childhood friends there who will be main characters.
Later that night he comes back and visits the shrine to look at the idol.
He grabs the idol who is the Ginga Spark btw and receives a vision for it about a giant battle between Ultras and their allies and monsters and a mysterious shadow figure using a Ginga Spark in order to turn them all into action figures.
This flashback is very well done in my opinion , it shows very little and it also show every much at much at the same time for instance yes there is little fighting showed but you can guess what happened like the legend war and that Shadow.
The Shadow is bigger than an Ultraman as you can see and Ultraman aren't small they're giant as big as a mech from Sentai or Power Rangers and that guy makes them look small.
Also I can only speculate on this but I think that they wanted to kept the rooster secret because there different universes of Ultramans there is an Ultraverse if you will.
wrong Ultraverse god how many are there ?
Oh yeah that mark appears on his hand and Ultraman Taro explains that is the mark of the savior.
If you've noticed the mark makes several appearances before it's debut.Taro tries to get the kid on his side by using his thirst for adventure.

Meanwhile the villain of the show makes and appearance ans showcasing his action figure collection and turns one of the figure into it's real form (I think because he is human sized ) also I like the fact that they don't show the main bad guy's face we only see those arms.
The next day Hikaru walk threw the forest at Taro's request and to convinces himself that it wasn't a dream and frankly i believe this if my toys started talking I would have a hard time believing.

Then Taro give even more exposition regarding the henshin  /  morph of the series and the use of the Ginga Spark the good one anyway.

But when we are about to see the effect and a possible transformation Misuzu show up and Hikaru being the manly man that he is tries to hide the "toys" from her and decides to drop the test run with Taro and decides to help her.And this is pretty believable for me so let's hot girl or sentient toy (granted he doesn't know that he will get superpowers) hot girl wins almost every time.
damn look at the balls on these guy they throw away their junk near a no dumping sing
So they walk threw the forest and .....sigh we an environmental message granted it's kinda subtle.Hikaru tries to prove to Misuzu that he's a badass confronts these guys so let's see 1 kids vs 2 adults yeap this will end well.
Needless to say he get his ass kicked.Then the police shows up or rather 1 guy on a bike and the douchebags have a car  so yeah he won't be catching them too soon.

In the commotion Hikaru drooped his device and Misuzu notice it, meanwhile the human jerks escape (what a shock) but they are greeted by the monster from earlier who is dancing in the middle of the road and he turns then into monsters because they have darkness in their souls (subtle with that environmental message) meanwhile Misuzu reveals that she knows Taro and they story so this makes that scene from earlier when he tried to hid it entirely pointless.
They try to use the Spark on Taro but it doesn't work much to Taro's disappointment.While Misuzu try to cheer Taro up Hikaru discovers the radar function on his device and finds a monster action figure. 

that sounds awesome

He decides to try the trick on his new toy (btw the name of the toy is Black King ) and it works pissing off Taro even more.
He grows to giant size and he can talk in that form and like any kid he was some fun in that form.
 But he gets attacked by a monster who is formed by those jerks from earlier and only Hikaru can see the true nature of the monster I think that it was to do with the thing that they are both transformed also i think that the monsters are people in suits witch is awesome.He gets his as kicked again by the same guys his the savior because ?

Like I said he get his ass kicked until he unlocked his fighting spirit ? and the Ultraman from the title appears
also he find out that this Ultraman confronted that Shadow from the earlier flashback and Taro doesn't recognize him.
So yeah Ginda kicks their asses with now effort and we learn that when you defeat a monster the opposing team losses set monster and the human return to normal.

Don't forget to stay after the end credits in order to get a funny bit with the toys and a preview for the next episode.

**Final Thoughts**

This is pretty good episode it sets up the world but he still don't know in what universe this takes place ,it builds up mystery with the villain and with the war.I like how real the kids seem they do thing that I would do ( or have done) in that kind or situation
Overall a good episode.

Final Score:3/5


If you want to get up to speed with Ultraman I can recommend these 2 movies.
The the 1st one explains the Ultramen who they are , what they do among other things the seconds one is just a standard adventure but it did introduce the concept of the Ultraverse.

Maybe we'll get to see Ultraman in the next Super Hero Taisen.
I can already imagine the titles: 
  • Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Ultraman : Super Hero Taisen Max
  •  Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff × Ultraman : Super Hero Taisen
  • Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff × Ultraman : Super Hero Taisen Ultra Max
Say those titles 3 times fast. Also I've heard a rumor that they will be making set movie but I can't confirm or deny this  also Ultramen are pretty big and Kamen Rider can't grow to giant size except for J and Wizard.

There's also a Kamen Rider / Ultraman crossover called Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider it was made in 1993.

So if they did it once they can do it again. 

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