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Some Things That I Want To See On Super Megaforce Part V

Welcome to part V where the Disney era continues, here I will be talking about the powers and zords from SPD,Mystic Force And Operation Overdrive so enjoy.

So let's start in order so we don't get arrested by SPD
They still have their powers sure they roster of rangers has changed as seen in Once A Ranger.
BTW  Bridge Carson is only other ranger that had different powers granted it's not like Tommy (he got his from different series) I mean he started as Green then Blue and finally Red.

Btw Linkara mention the large number of rangers of this series but the Sentai had one more ranger that didn't made it and that is DekaGold(yes the  A-Squad wasn't in the sentai ).
And yes I do want to see her on Super Megaforce considering how much screen time she got in Dekaranger.

One more I've had some doubts on whether should I count him or not.
Boom the Orange Ranger or number 0 ? okay his suit was only in a dream scene but after the final battle I think that this guy deserves a promotion and plus he is a playable character in the DS version of  Power Rangers: Super Legends.
The zords in SPD are self made in this series so it doesn't matter if they survive or not they can be rebuild and improved like this maybe
Yes that is the Pat Strike from Gokaiger,I don't know if they will use it in Super Megaforce becaue SPD takes place in the future and it will make no sense continuity wise.

So let's start with the 1st Megazord of the series the Delta Squad Megazord it was destroyed but the Delta Runners where salvaged.

Next up is the Omega Ranger's zord the Omegamax Cycle.
And like all good Megazords the Omegamax Megazord can combine with the Delta Squad Megazord to from the Deltamax Megazord.
Next up are the S.W.A.T. Flyers and the S.W.A.T. Megazord.

And for the largest zord of this series the Delta Command Megazord.
There another zord that wasn't introduced in SPD and that is the the Blast Buggy.
BTW I found this that  is another nod to continuity both Sentai and Power Ranger alike.

Now I am curious on how will they be using the SPD powers and Zords since SPD take place in the future and using them will create a paradox but that wasn't stooped them before (Once A Ranger Hint)
And to make matters worse there a lot of footage of the Gokaigers using the Dekarangers suits and mechs.

Now let's move on with Mystic Force.
The rangers still have their powers and seen at the end of their series when they morph despite not having any magic left or did they because they where given magic and can only used it once ?
If you go by that logic Xander is the only one with magic as seen in Once A Ranger.

If the rangers still have their powers they have their Zords forms as well and their Megazords.

So let's begin with the Mystic Titans and the Titan Megazord

And have to admit the Titan Megazord pretty awesome and it's my top 5 favorite Megazords come starter Megazords can fly.

And for the horse themed ones so let's start with 1st one in the show and the bad guys main zord (he later become good ) Catastros btw he was never destroyed.
Centaur Mode
Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Catastros can also combine with the Mystic Phoenix and form the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord.

And speaking of the Mystic Phoenix it can also combine with Brightstar who is a unicorn and was appear in only 1 episode (it was not destroyed ) in order to from the Phoenix Unizord.

All aboard the Solar Streak.
With new powers comes new zords so when the rangers got their Legend Warrior power they also got the Mystic Legends zords.
Mystic Firebird
Mystic Lion
Manticore Megazord
That would be all for this series but I have one more thing to address the team-up between SPD and Mystic Force that was never made saban could made this team-up in order to pad out the season they even have footage that they can use the  Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger movie i am so mad a Disney for this and plus it had a Megazord Team-up battle wtf the world isn't fair.
The Dragon mode of the zords in present in Gokaiger

And now let's find your way with Operation Overdrive.
The rangers still have their powers they lost them in 2 episode of the series but got the back.
Mack did lose his Battlizer  when he became human (don't ask,Pinocchio sort of thing)
BTW everytime someone  mentions racism in Power Rangers they only talk about the original series and forget that the black rangers in this series is play by a black person although he was the coolest weapon in the show so there's that (this came out in 2007)
The Zords survived as well and plus they made the Zords so they can be repaired if damaged.
Dump Driver
Speed Driver
Gyro Driver
Dozer Driver
Sub Driver
Drill Driver
Shovel Driver
Cement Driver
Crane Driver
Sonic Streaker
As you can see there are many Zords and they form different combinations like in Dino Thunder and Wild Force.
So let's with the basic the DriveMax Megazord and its different combinations.
DriveMax Megazord with Rescue Runners 1 and 2
But this isn't the only combination with these zords there are also the Super DriveMax Megazord and the DriveMax Ultrazord.
DriveMax Ultrazord Rescue
There another Megazord combination that uses the Sonic Streaker as the main body the DualDrive Megazord.
Now let's talk about Tyzonn's Zords they guy get's 3 zords that form a Megazord 1st of all how can he control them all ?
This the Rescue Runners and the Flash Point Megazord.
And to make matters the Flash Point Megazord can combine with Drivemax Vehicles in order different combination mostly new arms.

And now for my second favorite Megazord of the series (besides the DriveMax Ultrazord) the Battlefleet Megazord.
It gets better the Battlefleet can also combine with DriveMax Megazord.
It's Sentai Counterpart had another mode that was given to him by AkaRed (and other rangers).
AkaRed's team
Burning Legend DaiVoyager

 And now for little side talk about Moltor his Sentai Counterpart did appear in Gokaiger.

I think that Moltor won't appear in Super Megaforce because he was destroyed in Operation Overdrive.

He was frozen by Flurious and them shattered to pieces.

I do want to see him considering that he have footage of him. 

And speaking of Gokaiger :
that is the sword from the DriveMax Megazord
That's all for this list next time the final part.

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