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Max Steel 2013 S1Ep25 Earth Under Siege Part 1 Review

So yeah Max Steel (the early 2000s CGI cartoon) got reboot.I liked that show when was a kid but looking back the CG is kinda ...bad now.

Sure it look pretty impressive back then but now it's kinda outdated.So they decided to reboot the show which is an awesome idea but this is a reboot in name only.
They changed so much from the original show that they could have called anything else.

I might do a comparison between the 2 shows,but it's kinda pointless because they are 2 very different shows the only connection with each other is the name of the characters the story,origin of heroes /villains and Max's powers are totally different.
I would explain the basic plot, but let's watch the Intro because it does just that.

Max Steel 2013 Intro by thexdatabase
by luigiguy54 on deviantart
Actually, I kinda like Max Steel's new powers because they are so inventive and diverse in a way we can have all of a heroes's powers.

I wonder at some will he be able to combine some of his turbo modes into better forms like Strength Mode +Turbo Cannon Mode or Flight Mode + Speed Mode imagine the possibilities.

In some ways he is similar to Rex (from Generator Rex) they both use tech and they both have cool modes and gadgets I wouldn't mind seeing them in a death battle.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

**The Plot**

The 1st part begins with Naught (really, that's his name) finishing repairs to a device from a previous episode and goes to Dredd. Meanwhile Max's mom talk with Forge (no, not the X-men guy, but by the end of this you might see the similarities).

Anyway, they are talking about some major secret that they are keeping from Max and Steel.
Which they are in the process of finding out for themselves.
Is that a Real World?

Okay, before we continue there's something that needs addressing 1st this series is half episodic and half story arc.Meaning that some will be like villain of the week while the other will involve Steel's and Max's dad past or some object tied to that like the device from the begging.
So Forge decides to tell the truth, but an emergency appears (Dredd) and they have to do this another time.

So NTEK assembles a whole army in order to stop Dredd.
Meanwhile Dredd is interrupted by Elementor [(in air form)(yeah, he can change form but air is in charge)].

And I have to saw Elementor is the only one that resembles the one from the original show by being 4 beings, each with different elemental power that got combined into one form.
Yes, good question

Apparently Dredd is kinda happy that NTEK found them and you can guess what happens next we have 2 big armies on either side so it's war time.

Okay, that sounded bad, but they do start fighting.
C.Y.T.R.O to the rescue.
This looks familiar.
So they fight and fight Max Steel vs Elementor C.Y.T.R.O vs Dredd and Naught vs Forge over the remote that controls the missiles.

C.Y.T.R.O gets his ass kicked by Dredd and Berto is also in trouble.Apparently the remote that he uses to control C.Y.T.R.O work on a 2 way system if someones moves the robot's arm, he is forced to move his arm.This doesn't make a lot of sense because the arm was ripped off  the robot.
Go Joe Ops, wrong show.

Max Steel gets his ass kicked by Dredd and Elementor.

Dredd even got to absorb some of his turbo energy, Elementor wants to kill him, but he is saved by Forge.Also Dredd calls turbo energy the nectar of the universe interesting i'm sure that this isn't tied to Steel's super secretive secret.

Wow headbutting with a guy made out of
 metal sucks.Who knew?
The fight becomes a free for all for the key.

It's kinda hard to explain what's going on but like i said it's brawl between Forge , Max  ,C.Y.T.R.O,Naught and Elmentor for key it's fun to watch but hard to explain.
The sequence is well animated, entertaining and it was some funny joke in there, but it all ends when Dredd gets the key back and activates the missiles (spoil sport).

So our heroes decide that they best way to destroy the missiles is using Max's turbo energy and sending it to the missiles coordinates that Dredd left behind on his tech device thingy.

They do discuss possibles tricks that Dredd might use, but none of those are in play so they go to plan Steel even risking his remaining energy to help Max do it.

But it was all for nothing Dredd destroyed the missiles and the turbo heads for his targets, thus destroying them and going exactly what he wanted all along. 

And without the defense system Earth is vulnerable as a massive fleet heads to it and so part 1 ends.

**Final Thoughts**

This episode is pretty awesome it has cool fight scenes, some funny moments and a competent villain who manages to play with our heroes and tricking them into doing his dirty work form I really didn't see that coming.

The annoying part of the episode is whole telling Max and Steel truth, but backing out on last moment due to an emergency. God damn it a hate this cliche.
Overall, this isn't the Max Steel that I grew up with but it's pretty entertaining too.
 -Final Score:5/5 Dredds

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