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The Transformers 01 (2009) Comic Review


This series is a direct follow from the awesome series All Hail Megatron where Megatron (duh) defeats the Autobots (sort of) and takes over Earth causing massive destruction and chaos.

So basically this series is the whole humans hate/hunt Transformers from Age Extinction and done much better.

I am not going to spoil that whole series naturally the Autobots come and save but the damage was already done and now Humans hate all Transformers.I have a problem with that scenario (for some very good reasons) but I will talk about when I will (eventually) review that comic series but now to the issue at hand.

Also,if you want to read the events from IDW'S Transformers that lead to this, here's a chronological order of the series. You're welcome.

There also this series,but I don't know here it fits perfectly

So let's start with the comic at hand, but let's analyze the cover. I'll keep it simple it awesome the Transformers look amazing.

It's even better than the movie ones (until Age) look at the detail on them.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

**The Plot**

The issue starts with the Optimus's speech witch they add in the movie "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" so you this to the pile of things that movies stole from the comics.

Then he explains in a two page spread what happened in All Hail Megatron and a very brief summary of the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons like they went to war they destroyed their planet.And yes the battle was that huge.
Maybe you shouldn't say stuff like that.
So here's the basic round down, it's been 2 years since Megatron wreck havoc around the globe the humans started rebuilding while the Autobots have been in hiding.
This is more tied to the ending of AHM so won't comment too much about it.

But yes, Optimus decision to stay on Earth and "protect" the humans is stupid as you will soon see. So yeah, as soon as Optimus finished his narration Breakdown wake up and starts wreaking shit because he's thirsty.
But his actions don't go unnoticed,Skywatch detects him almost immediately and sends a squad of 4 mechs suits after him.
Awesome, oh wait cool pun... Heads up

So the humans are doing so well that they take down that Decepticon in 2 pages and to top it off they have made a device that force a Transformer into it's ALT form and he can't move in that form.

This device is pretty interesting, I wonder how it will affect those who have a beast mode instead of a vehicle mode can they still attack also what about Sixshot?

He has 5 ALT modes he gets to chose one or goes, he get one at random?

Aside from the mech suits the humans have particle cannons witch can destroy a Transformers.

Prowl reveals himself ,he has disguised as a police car at the scene of the fight, in order to save Breakdown.

But turns out that it was all a trick in order to force one of the Autobots to reveal themself.
I don't know how they knew that one of them was nearby.

Where does the trailer go?
Meanwhile the Wheeljack manages to create a device that blocks the human's inhibitor.

The Autobots gather and discuss their current situation that they are stuck on Earth and why are they still here.Hot Rod points out that they aren't need here he also berates Prime that he is ''stuck''(i will get to this later). 

HR says that they should rescue Prowl from the Skywatch base, Optimus agrees, but he puts one condition, no weapons so that there will be no human casualties.

This plan doesn't go well because the humans panicked when they found out that their devices didn't work and resorted to lethal weapons, killing Ironhide.The reveal of his death was shocking and well done because he skipped ahead to the arfternath then he get a flashback of what happened.

After this event Optimus resigns his command of the Autobots and surrenders himself to the humans and the comic ends.   

**Final Thoughts**

Apparently the events of AHM left Optimus damaged.He isn't damaged physically, but mentally he feels a need to help the humans, despite the fact that they don't want/need the help this is why they stayed on Earth this is why they are in hiding and this why he imposed the no gun rule. 
If He hadn't put that rule Ironhide could have lived because if they had their guns they could have destroyed the bigger that the humans used.

He feels guilty for what he's done and wants to be punished, that's why he surrenders at the end.Optimus hopes that this will bring peace between the Autobots and the humans, but I think that deep down  that he feels guilty for what happened in All Hail Megatron(AHM).

I think that what happened in AHM was pretty from a universe perspective.
Megatron wrecking untold destruction to a planet and Optimus and his Autobots being beaten and unable to stop him.This idea makes AHM much more awesome and unique.

The reason why humans hate the Autobots also is explained in AHM if you don't want to know the ending skip this.

The Autobots came to the rescue Optimus offered the human peace, but humans refused, saying that the people of Earth you know the different between them and explaining to them the truth is too hard and they are too stupid to learn this truth.

Okay, maybe that last part didn't happen, but it should.

Educating the people should have been the 1st step so they discriminating a whole race because some of them did something while the rest of them came to the rescue.This so bad that it kinda draws similarities to something that happened in America a while ago.

And another thing what stoped the Autobots from going to the press and saying:"Oh sorry that the different ideological faction of your species that destroyed our planet too came here and wrecked shit but he come to the rescue so we're the good guys".  

Overall, this comic doesn't bad at all my problems with it stand from AHM fallout.The humans are shown capable and strong and given a reason to hate Transformers unlike the movie Age of  Extinction and they have proper means of capturing Transformers unlike the movie here they really on Lockdown.
The Autobots are showed a bit divided, but smart overall this comics is awesome.

-Final Score:5/5 Mech Squads
I don't remember the names of the mech suits or if they're even named in the series.

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