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TMNT (2012 Series) S1Ep25-26 Showdown or Booyaka-Showdown Review

First of all I am a fan of the Ninja Turtles I grew up with the turtles (2003 version), and I was kinda excited when they announced the 3rd series, but then I found out that it was going to be made in CGI, and I got a little bit worried. So one day I decided to view 1st episode, and it was sure I still prefer the 2k3 series over this one but the series itself is pretty good.
Which brings me to the episode at hand, I've could have any episode they're not bad or anything they are pretty awesome actually in the end, I decided to do this one 1st because it's the best episode so far (in my opinion anyway).

So let's start the review, but before that I really recommend this episode, it's very accessible, and it explains everything so you won't feel left behind you could actually start with this one if you.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

**The Plot of Part 1**

The episode begins the Krangs getting contacted by Kraang Prime, and he announces the begging the of the Earth invasion and yes, he talks like the other Kraangs which I find extremely funny.

Donatello and April manage to overhear the plan on a device that the turtles got from the Kraangs in a previous episode.

Meanwhile, the other turtles are doing more important stuff like playing video games,reading and watching the final episode Space Heroes.Oh my god how will our Star Trek inspired heroes get out of this one ?
or whom?
But I guess that we won't find because  Donatello comes in and interrupts them.

And they start preparing to stop the Kraang invasion Splinter give his blessing and some advice to Leonardo.This advice is kinda out of character from this Splinter sure he is a wise and funny rat in this series but sacrificing one of them in order to save the world that doesn't sound like Splinter to me. 
and let's do a bad ass pose too

We get a montage of the turtles getting ready for battle.

And it seems that Raphael was the only smart enough to bring extra weapons for this operation that involves attacking the center of Kraang operations on Earth witch has you know a tone of security.Damn and though that Donatello was the smart one , okay  their gear is their truck.    
I am your father
After the Turtles leave April asks Splinter the most logical question ever:"Why aren't you going with then ?" Which is a pretty good question, but Splinter says that he's the teacher and is not his duty to fight alongside them witch is so stupid that even April points this out then he gets mad and leaves awesome sensei.
 After that delightful conversation with  Splinter her father (who is under Kraang's control was established in a previous episode ) says that the turtles are in danger, and they need to go out and warn them but faster than you can say it's trap she gets captured by Karai and her ninja friends.    

Meanwhile the turtles's Shell Raiser crashes into the TCRI building and is fired upon by a large squad of Krang droids. This attack is led by 5th turtle Metalhead sure he is being controlled by Donatello, but who know he might gain sentience.  
Mental powers don't fail me now
how do you your Kraang well done or crispy
But where are the turtles? You might ask yourself (and me because you are reading this) well they are not in the Shell Raiser they are outside promoting their new the Turtle Gliders also I think that Batman might sue somebody.
No, they weren't.
It appears that the turtles used the Shell Raiser and Metalhead as a distraction while they attack the main building.

Meanwhile, Splinter gets a message Shredder who wants to duel him to the death also he has April.

 Back with the turtles they infiltrated the Krang lair and their plan is pretty simple use the giant gun that they got in previous episode to blow up the teleportation device needless to say there's a complication.

And by completion I mean a force field that stops them from using blowing up the device.

And to make matters worse, they are detected by the Krang thanks to Donatello and to make matters even the Krang also have 1 giant rock monster that puke out lava.
So, since plan A flailed (btw when does a plan A ever works in fiction) Donatello has to hack into the Krang computer in order to stop the invasion.
oh that got to hurt
Meanwhile, we get to see Splinter in action by taking out like 20 foot ninja soldiers and on top of that both Dogpound and Xever or Fishface.

He goes to save to April, but Shredder reveals that he gave to the Krang.But before we can see the fight between Splinter and Shredder we cut back to the turtles so managed to turn off the force field but the portal came online and the Technodrome is our dimension and part 1 ends.

**The Plot of Part 2**

So parts 2 starts and the Turtles panic at the sight of the Tehnodrome to be honest, everybody panic at the sight of a giant planet like object that appeared out of nowhere.

And they get some pretty funny jokes in this bad situation.

To make matters worse the Technodrome is loaded to the teeth with guns.

Meanwhile Splinter reveals to us (because the Shredder already knows this) his past life.

So they hate each other and end up fighting and the fight, it's pretty awesome it lots martial arts stuff.

But Shredder cheats by using a trap door moving the fight into a maze.

Meanwhile the Turtles are also In trouble.
Leo and Ralph get kicked out of the sky so they return to the lair to ask for advice from Splinter since you know this is a bit out of their league maybe the Justice Force should do something about this.
Oops, wrong show, but maybe the Mighty Mutanimals crap wrong again this team isn't formed yet, but this might make a cool spin-off (wink wink).
So close man so close

Anyway, back to the episode they get the mind control chip out of April's dad head and he returns to normal and explains what happened in the B plot the whole Shredder Krang alliance and that April is on the Technodrome you know the thing that they barely escaped from.Also the tv that informs them about the whereabouts the OZN and apparently it's in plain sight.
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.
Meanwhile, in the Technodrome Aprill meets Kraang Prime.

I didn't mind that the regular Kraang talked weird because, well, they are clones or something, but this guy, it's kinda annoying to hear him do that.

Also the uses the Kraang too many times.

It's revealed that the Kraang want her because and i'm quoting here her mental energy is uniquely attuned to our universe.

I have no freaking clue what this means and I read comics I guess that we will have to wait and see (also i've seen ahead and it get's more confusing).
Enjoy your nightmares seriously that face

The Shredder reveals to Splinter that he still has his daughter guess how she is?
 No, really, guess if you've seen the show, you already know.

Meanwhile the outside Shredder's tower the Krang are running wild abducting people in the middle of the day.

The turtles manage to steal a pod and get into the main ship (Technodrome kinda get's tiring after a while so from now on it's the main ship).
They also joke around about the weirdness of the ship, it's kinda funny watch and learn Ultimate Spider-Man. They get discovered in a funny fashion and an awesome fight breaks out in zero G and it's awesome too bad that you can't see that here.

So apparently Krang or Kraang Prime wants to mutate the population of Earth by using April as a conduit. How, you might ask?

 Don't know Dimension X science.

Also, if wants to mutate the Earth why doesn't he like the Turtles?

I know that they are enemies, but he can appreciate their DNA he is a genius right?

I don't know, maybe he likes other types of mutants if you know what I mean.

The episode kept going back and forth between the Turtles and Splinter fight with the Shredder.
I didn't comment on those because it's mostly awesome fighting with some taunts from Shredder.

But now Splinter is about to kill Shredder but Karai stops him and we get the shocking revelation that she's Miwa.

To be fair, there were subtle clues throughout the season regarding her identity.

So this is great right Splinter's daughter is alive, but she's raised by Shredder to hate Hamato Yoshi (yes in this version Yoshi got mutated into a rat).Yoshi can't fight his own daughter so he retreats.

Concurrently on the main ship the turtles manage to free April and this stoped Kraang Prime's mutation ray and now they are trying to escape.

Kraang Prime follows in his gigantic body and he looks okay his robot limbs look kinda flimsy.
So Leo heads Splinter's ''Advice" and stop Kraang Prime by sacrificing himself while the rest escape.

So the show tries to trick us into believing that Leo is for about half a minutes then we het the reveal that he is alive witch is done i a funny way.

The turtles return to their lair and celebrate that they've saved the world while it's revealed to the audience that the Technodrome is still active.

**Final Thoughts**

These episodes are amazing if you want to see the new cartoon and don't know where to start,start here.

The action is great, the plot is serious and it was some pretty funny moments.

I might biased towards the 2k3 cartoon because I saw when i was a kid but this is pretty good too.

But my favorite turtles are still 2k3 ones these guy come in close but are second.

Final Score:5/5 Krang Prime heads

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