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Edge of Tomorrow (2014) 1st Impressions After Seeing The Movie


More from the category of movie that I've seen a couple of months ago, but only now I'm commenting them.

Sorry I kinda forgot that I still have to do posts and this week when by so fast.

Edge of Tomorrow is your basic aliens attack movie and humanity needs to defend themselves from the aliens.

So far I name lots of movies like this, but wait, there's a twist the main protagonist can time travel sort of.

The main guy Cage played by Tom Cruise can time travel by resetting the day when he dies.

And this is somewhat original the whole time loop scenario is often used in fiction the best example that come to my mind is Stargate SG-1's Window of Opportunity and of course Groundhog Day.

The POWER isn't explained very well in the movie when get the basics of it but not the rest.

Like for instance, when he dies, he resets the day, which means he goes back in time 24 hours so if he dies earlier in the day will he go back further in time?

Also, he got this power by killing an Alpha Mimic and bathing in his blood (not in the way you think).

Here's another problem, what if there are more of these 'Alpha' are the other ones aware that the day has rested or do they continue on their normal path.

The Mimics are of course the bad guys of the movie (Duh).

And they are basically like the insects from Starship Troopers loots of drones and one central mind, oh and they are made out of metal some reason.
In order to combat the Mimics the military develops Battle suits which are in facts powered exoskeletons witch look awesome and yeah they aren't mechs.

Like the aspect of them like they were made in a hurry and aren't fully developed.
Also for those of you who are curios they do exist in real life.

In the end all I have to say is that the movie is pretty awesome yeah the time travel method is a bit flawed but they have fun with the concept.

At times it feels like a video game, oh you fail the objective better restart. 
I can tell that this movie is fun and kinda funny and start at times, but I can't tell if this it respects the source material.

Edge of Tomorrow was adapted from the novel All You Need Is Kill written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Wow, I kinda get why they changed the title All You Need Is Kill sound hard to market.

Also the novel was adapted into a manga and there's also GN (Graphic novel) by Viz that adapts the novel.

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