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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising (2013) Movie Review


Transformers Prime had a pretty good ending with Deadlock, but I guess that the writers wanted to do a better ending so we've got this movie.

And with all the live action movies focusing on the humans this was pretty amazing to see.
There are no Humans in this one and paradoxically I wished there were because the humans from Prime are likeable unlike those from the live action series.  

One more thing before we go into full on spoiler mode the cover is a LIE that fight never happens in the movie.
Also, if you want to see the movie and don't want spoilers all I have to say is that it's better than the live action ones and there's a actually an good plot(s) in it.
*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

**The Plot**

The movie begins with the shot of a fully restored Cybertron while Optimus gives an brief summary of the Prime cartoon.
This also indicates that this takes place right after the events of  Deadlock(click here already).
But this gathering isn't all about past it's about the future of one specific bot.

Meanwhile Back on Earth two old threats come back from beyond and combine.
So Unicron and Megatron combine forming Unitron or Megacron also this isn't a partnership Unicron treats Megatron like a puppet while he's the puppet master.

I'm surprised that Megatron's body is still intact.Remember he fell from freaking orbit and the looks pretty okay except for that hole in the chest that Bumblebee made.

Meanwhile, back on Cybertron Bumblebee gets upgraded from Scout to Warrior by Optimus Prime. It's good to see that he gets an upgrade I mean, if you don't get a promotion for killing the enemy leader then your boss must hate you.

So they celebrate his upgrade by destroying Megatron's statue.

Then Optimus announces his quest for the movie's macguffin. Would joke more about this, but the reasoning that the hiding of the Allspark was pretty they were losing the war and the relic was too important to fall into Megatron's hands so hiding it was a good movie. 
So Optimus and Wheeljack head into space to search for the Allspark.

So far we have 2 plot thread, but that is not enough so comes number 3.
You came to the wrong neighborhood bot

While on  patrol Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus meet 2 new Predacons:Skylynx&Darksteel.

And since Predacons don't play nice you can imagine what happens next. They transform into beast mode and fight. 
The fight is amazing the Predacons are savage in their fighting while the Autobots are tactical and smart.

Ultra Magnus gets hurt and Smokescreen saves by using his toy (the phase shifter).
Damn Girl

Ultra Magnus is so hurt so bad that he is out of commission for the rest of the movie and Ratchet is back from Earth to help him.

They also decide not to interrupt Optimus's quest to save all of Cybertron in order to deal with 2 new beasts. 
So we cut to Optimus and Wheeljack.

Apparently Optimus send the Allspark to a dangerous region of the Galaxy so it wouldn't be found by Megatron, but wouldn't that be 1st place to search?

Meanwhile, back on Cybertron Bumblebee Arcee Bulkhead and Smokescreen have been tracking a royal Predacon.
This is a smart move on the Bee's part going to ask Predaking for help.
Yes, it's a normal stick.

Bee's speech is very good. I'm so sad that I can't show it to you, but trust me it's very good it clearly shows that this character was evolved and became wised unlike his live action counterpart.

Unfortunately he (Predaking) is still bitter for the destruction of his brethren on Earth, so he refuses Bee's offer.

Meanwhile, in plot threat 4 or 3 depends on how you count it, we see that Starcream and Shockwave are responsible for the new Predacons.
It's kinda strange seeing them on Cybertron because there were headed towards the zombie/vampire moon where Airachnid and Insections were teleported in a previous episode. 

Meanwhile, Optimus finds the Allspark and it's out in the open.
Okay, I understand that it's a very dangerous area of space really leave it in the open like this? Really? How about putting some decoys around you said yourself that is an important relic that Megatron doesn't need to get so add some extra security man.
To make matters worse a plasma storm starts nearby and Optimus need to hurry in order to save the indestructible relic that has survived horse oh wait I mean the Decepticons are after him, oh that's not it. Actually, there isn't a reason to hurry so just sit back and play it safe.
And things go from bad from worse when Unitron arrives at the Megatron's former fortress and find the Autobots there.

So a fight starts and the Autobots are doing pretty good and by pretty good I mean that they didn't get killed and managed to escape.
Main character shields activate
At this point the movie keeps going back and forth between plot A (Unitron) and plot B (Allspark). This shows the differences between Optimus's command style And Bumblebee's.

Optimus manages to save the indestructible Allspark and they plot a course for Cybertron.

Meanwhile the Autobtos are hanging for lives while Bee fights Unitron and he's going great.

He's going much damage to him, but he is fighting nonetheless, and not getting bonus points for that.

Because they can not harm they decide to run away and they escape for real this time.

Hey Smokescreen
That's my job.
They decide to contact Optimus and inform him of the situation, but there's a problem the plasma storm destroyed the transmitter on Wheeljack's ship and they don't know what happened to them but they still transmit the message just in case (smart move).

Predaking makes the beacon in order to call his fellow Predacons, but the beacon calls Unicron instead.

Megatron tricks Unicron into talking to Predaking. But since Predaking hates Megatron for killing his brothers they end up fighting.
Predaking did so damage to Unicron (he was in dragon mode) but not enough and he is defeated and to make matters worse the learns about the Predacon cemetery.Poor Megatron is hurt both physically and mentally yeah Unicron can punish him without damaging his body.
Unicron uses his dark Energon power to resurrect the dead Predacons into a zombie army.

This is the best thing EVER for me at least.

I love dragons, I love mechs and I like zombies so this is like the holy trinity for me.
The Autobots figure out Unicron's plan after detecting that burst of dark energon.

He's planning to destroy Primus (duh) by infection the well of Allspark with his zombie army.
But the Allspark is missing so it shouldn't work right?

Bee decides to stop Unicron by using any means necessary, including the sip and the remaining relics.

And Arcee and Bee share what you might call a moment, but then Starcreen comes and ruins their moment.
Wow payback is a bitch.
Meanwhile Predaking finally meets with Darksteel and Skylynx and since they are kinda jackasses they insult Predaking and they end up fighting.

I think that Predaking needs to prove himself in front of these guys by kicking their asses.
They defeat Starscream's rebellion with help from Knockout who betrays him.

Also Bee manages to trick Starcream you know guys who tried to kill Megatron a couple of times, but is still somehow second in command.

Come on, that's my job, but it's a good name.
How about the guy how don't treat like a puppet
The fight is over populated with players, but you can tell what's going on and it's pretty amazing to watch.

Smokescreen slip and says that we almost become Prime in front Bee [it's a long season 2-3 (season 2 begging of season 3) story Optimus almost died and he was willing to make him a Prime].  
Badass group shot:check

Also, his reaction is priceless.

Also, I find it kinda funny that Knockout fought against vampires and zombies in throw out the series.

The Predacons join the fight, but unfortunately the ship goes down. The Predacons decide to take on the ENTIRE zombie army while the Autobots deal with Unicron.

And things look bleak for the Autobots, Optimus arrives.

Optimus 2.0 VS Unitron awesome just awesome kinda short but awesome

Optimus gets beaten by Unitron but gets saved by Bumblebee Snokescreen and Knockout.

Also, there's an error in this scene
<- Smokescreen voice is wrong almost sounds like Knockout's voice.

Optimus runs to get the Allspark way, but Unicron gets it and just you think, oh shit they are screwed, it revealed that it's a trap (sorry couldn't help myself).
Wow, that was really close.

So Unicron gets his Anti-Spark stuck in the Allspark container and all of the Zombiecons turn to dust before reaching the well.

And this works because they are tied to Unicronand he is contained so suck it Avengers ending when the alien die.
This was a really clever move from the writers have the macguffin server double purpose in the movie.
 It was explained before that the relic could contain the Allpsark and Unicron's Anti-Spark isn't so different from Primus's spark so this works perfectly.

But now there's one problem left Megatron is free.What will he do next?
Hey Predaking look a chew toy.

WAIT WHAT? I'm not joking this really got me off guard, I wasn't expecting to hear this from him.  
So he dispands the Decepticons and runs into space to parts unknown (he was a space drive).

Starscream tried to revive the Decepticons in his name but gets stopped by Predaking and friends.

Optimus reveals that he his spark is now one with the Allspark and he must sacrifice himself for the future of Cybertron more on this later.
He can also not give the matrix to another because it's fused to the Allspark so this is the end of the age of Primes (like the cartoon).

His speech is really good you should see the movie.It's kinda sad that the Predacons and the humans aren't present during the speech because they played a big in the final battle and in the series and this is Optimus's goodbye

**Final Thoughts**

If this ending isn't good enough for you, read Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters. This movie is awesome.

It's an awesome send-off the Prime crew if this would have been the end, it's an awesome end.
Wrong poster

But there's transformers go who uses toys that didn't appear in this movie oh, I mean it's a continuation of the show without any of the main characters.

But there's another show in the works that will air 2015 called Transformers Robots in Disguise but there's already a series called that.

And there's also a comic called that from IDW and there's another series called The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye yeah both they used both of the tag lines.

So apparently that series will focus on Bee leading a new cast of characters.

Which is awesome because this movie just showed how capable of a leader he can be.

This movie is basically Optimus stepping down (that's why he isn't in the majority of the movie) and Bee rising up. 
And speaking of Optimus this is my second favorite of his deaths (I know that this sounds weird).

He is doing this for the future of his race , a noble sacrifice.I like the Armada death better because he stoped a planet buster like weapon with his freaking body thus saving billions of lives.
Also, if this series is a continuation of Prime they should really change the style of animation I'm not asking that style should match prime 100%, but have it similar because right that looks more animated (TFA or Transfomres Animated).

Also, if Bee is leading a gang of "misfits" they should really add Miko in her Apex Armor or season 3 Sari Sumdac.
Or have something like Miko vs Sari that would be awesome. Okay folks, that's all for now.

-Final Score:5/5 Techno Zombie Dragons or Zombots

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