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Star Wars Rebels S01EP01 Spark of Rebellion Review

When I 1st heard about this series I was a bit excited because it is a Star Wars series that is set slightly in the future.
Yeah, it's still a prequel, but at lead is not going to be like the 2 Clone Wars cartoons where you know that the main characters will survive.
This series isn't ahead in the timeline like Star Wars Legacy but it's past the prequel era.

This cartoon features a bunch a new and interesting cast of characters that we know nothing about.
Too bad that this episode doesn't do a great job of properly introducing them.I don't know, maybe they were saying whole backstory stuff for later, but would have liked to know something about new even if it was just word of mouth.They are a varied bunch witch is pretty awesome.
The cast from L to R Sabine,Jarrus,Ezra,Zeb and Hera.
Before we begin there's one more thing that you need to know this episode is actually a movie.It was the length of 2 episodes.

*Warning Spoilers Bellow*

**The Plot**

The cartoon/series starts with our main character under the shadow of a Star Destroyer. Subtle.
Then we cut to an aspect that wasn't addressed very much in the movie the treatment of aliens by the Empire.As we an alien treated bad by the empire Ezra saves him but at a cost.

After he helps the merchant, he meets with our main cast and senses something with Jarrus.Then he proceeds to steal something that you gang stole.Is it stealing if you steal from thieves?What I'm just asking.

hat followed was pretty awesome chase that I can't show it here because this is a text review :( anyway get attacked by TIE fighters so Ezra is forced to board the Ghost that the name of the Ship btw. What follows next is a space battle witch is again amazing.
and we have a title
So our heroes succeed in their mission despite the interference from Ezra so they deliver the goods and they are regarded as heroes even Ezra despite the fact he didn't do anything.

Overall a success, but maybe they have been too successful because the Empire notice their activity.
Meanwhile, our heroes discuss their next mission without Ezra, but he still manages to spy on them and he finds out their mission is to save some Wookiees that are about to be taken to slave camp and dear, that's dark.

And kinda awesome not the slave the whole cruelty of the Empire.But faster that can you say.....

Sorry I couldn't stop myself, it's Star Wars after all.

The kid goes and warns them, he succeeds, but the Stormtroppers attack, they fight their way out and Sabine blows up the ship (the small one not the Star Destroyer) but there's a problem Ezra got captured.

Cameo Time
Well done Plot convenience fairy.
While capturing Ezra managed to open a box that he stole from Jarrus earlier reveling the message from Obi-Wan, but that's Jedi tech normal people can't open it? Also what was Jarrus doing with (like you don't know) it?

Anyway Sabine blows stuff up (again) and they escape with some extra intel the location of the Wookiees.

Hey look it's Chewie
So they save the Wookiees, but the attacked by the Agent Kallus they guy who captured Ezra and made the 1st trap.

Now it's for the big reveal that everybody knew about since it was in the trailer:Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi.
And here's another shocked Ezra is also a force user.
When he saved Chewie he used the force jump ability in order to beat the Stormtropper to him.

Agent Kallus also figures this out but that's problem for another day, for now this is a victory for our heroes.
This guy looks familiar but can't tell from where.
Ezra leaves and everybody seem a bit sad, even Zeb.
But Kanan offers him a choice to keep his lightsaber that he stole (yeah, he stole that too that's why I didn't keep track of the things that he stole) or give back and train to become a Jedi. Both awesome choices, but training to develop superpowers and having a lightsaber is more awesome than having a lightsaber so he joins the crew.

Meanwhile, Agent Kallus contacts the Inquisitor regards the Jedi problem. Btw, before this scene they used Obi-Wan's speech from Episode III Revenge of the Sith witch is pretty awesome.

**Final Thoughts**

Overall, this episode (or episodes because it's a double feature) it pretty awesome.It sets up atmosphere, the time period and the power of the Empire.What it doesn't do too good is the characters I wish I knew more about right away but this is minor complain we will find more about them in some maybe this was the intention.

-Final Score:5/5 Mysterious Crates

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